Chuck: What Did You Think of the Last Episode?

Chuck series finaleAfter five seasons and narrowly escaping being cancelled several times, Chuck has come to an end. Tonight, NBC aired the final two episodes of the underdog TV series that got a true series finale — one that you’d hope that any beloved show could get.

As promised, the finale hearkened back to the early days of the series and provided more than a few references to the early episodes. Chuck was determined, in his old geeky way, to bring Sarah back to her senses. He did but she still didn’t have her memories.

A bomb that was attached to the General’s chair at the opera house would go off as soon as the musical performance (thanks to Jeffster and Morgan conducting) stopped. Given the choice to use Intersect himself to diffuse the bomb or use it to restore Sarah’s memories, Chuck of course makes the hero’s choice. He saves the day, at the cost of losing what he’d built with his true love.

For any longtime viewer, it would be tough to hold back tears as the trio disbanded, first Casey and then Sarah left Chuck standing alone.

Still, there were plenty of happy events. The Jeffster guys are offered a big record deal with a German music company. Subway (a longtime Chuck sponsor) buys out the Buy More. How fitting. Morgan moves in with Alex. Ellie and Captain Awesome move to Chicago to work at a hospital. Casey goes after Verbanski.

The series ends with Chuck finding Sarah on their beach, still confused. He tells her that he’ll always be there for her, whatever she does and wherever she goes. She responds by asking him to tell her a story. And he does, recounting the events and details of their time together over the last five years. They share a lot of laughter and tears.

Chuck then says, “Morgan, has this crazy idea… He thinks that with just one kiss, you’ll remember everything.” She asks, “One magical kiss?”

He says, “Yeah…” Sarah quickly responds, “Chuck… kiss me.” And he does, and they kiss over and over on the beach, as the camera pulls back and the scene fades to black. End of series.

What do you think? Were you satisfied by the Chuck series finale? Was there anything missing?

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  1. says

    Just finished watching season 5, the series finale (yes, I’m a bit behind). The ending was a bit sad indeed, but I don’t think it was as disappointing as some of the other commentators here are making it out to be. True, Sarah does not have all of her memories back; but there were already hints that some of her memories were coming back. Also, her willingness to ask Chuck to kiss her in the final scene– and more importantly, for her to continue locking lips with him long after the first kiss had been completed — shows that (1) she trusts him & (2) she believes in her own gut feelings & instincts that regardless of what she might or might not remember, Chuck was the man she fell in love with, and she was willing to try to make their relationship work.

    & of course, it leaves things somewhat slightly open-ended for a potential movie some day to truly wrap things up… 😉

    Just my two cents. I’m sad the series ended, but I won’t complain too much about Sarah’s memory loss, cause the geeky underdog does indeed still get the most awesome love of his life in the end…

  2. So sad says

    We were avid fans of Chuck and watched most every episode. We purchased all 5 seasons so we could make sure to see them all. We absolutely loved the show up until the last few episodes. Why did you have to let us down like that? You knew the show was coming to an end and we all knew it was coming to an end so why couldn’t you let Chuck and Sarah have their beautiful ending? Everyone else got happy endings. It’s a show…make believe…an escape from real life! We wanted closure! You harped on and on about how much you love and appreciate the fans…stupid way to show it! I’m so very sad I invested so much of my time getting to know the characters and the storyline to have it end in such a poor way. It’s like watching one of those really stupid movies late at night that is so poorly written and you keep watching just knowing nothing can be that bad…just waiting for things to get better and then it ends suddenly in such a stupid way and you hate yourself for staying up so late for nothing. So, with that in mind, writers of chuck, thanks for NOTHING!!!

  3. Thomas says


    Just saw the final episode.

    Bought all 5 sessons.

    I am so sad.

    This series is a love story.

    Why did they not give us a fullfilling end???

    PEASE fix that with a finishing movie!!!!!

    Where can i try to ask for that?

  4. Glen Border says

    I did not like the ending. I am pissed off about the ending. Did not expect that ending. I expected the ending where Sara did not lose her memory. What I don’t get is how everyone got their happy ending, but how is Sara losing her memory a happy ending for the show? UNACCEPTABLE!

  5. Chris says

    Ok damn good show but the ending no way first this and bio ware fucked up mass effect there’s no hope left in the world

  6. says

    Chuck has Sarah’s spy will. He can show her the picture from Bullet Train about them starting a family. He now has to find her Mother and Father and (sister) Molly to help her remember her childhood. Since he has the pristine Intersect, he can work with Ellie to rebuild new intersect glasses to restore Sarah’s memories sooner. Fulcrum is still alive and active in the shadows. This could be the beginning of the “Chuck” Movie if it ever gets made.

  7. Anonymous says

    Does anyone knows what happened to the picture that Chuck drew in the train in Japan???? Sarah said she would never forget that, and after the scene that chuck left the picture on the table, it never came up again… Or did I miss something??

  8. Anthony says

    I really hate that the show ended. But the last episode was beautiful and poignant. It really did a good job of wrapping up everything. But like so many good finales of good shows, it left you wanting more. A good show creates characters that the audience bonds with. When you make a connection to a character like ones on Chuck, it’s hard to say good-bye. As a fan of Buffy, Angel, and Firefly, I love that those series continued in comic-book and novel forms. It would be nice to see a Chuck comic or read a Chuck novel. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking. But that ending…really makes you hope for more…

  9. GreenLyon says

    I really TRIED to like the finale. Chuck was my absolute favorite show. I watched the last four shows over again trying to convince myself that I’d missed something that would undo the sense that the last five years had just been flushed down the toilet. No luck.

  10. Joel says

    I thought the ending was quite beautiful and moving though a bit bittersweet. Both Yvonne and Zachary were in top form and gave performances of great depth in the final scene. I can’t recall Chuck ever being more sincere, and Sarah exuded a softened yet radiant beauty. It was a precious moment that captured their relationship perfectly.

  11. Stephen says

    I believe I did enjoy how everything did not follow such a predictable cliche ending, to which we all probably thought would have happened, with Sarah’s memory returning. And instead left us thinking if Chuck and Sarah would ever get back to best loving spy couple ever.

  12. thayne182 says

    i think that the actual Episode was a good one but they sould not have ended chuck they should have continued with the show insted of ending and cancelling it

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