Chuck: Could There Be a Follow-Up Movie?

Chuck reunion movie?Now that the Chuck TV series is over, some are no doubt already wondering if the Buy More gang could return one day in a reunion movie. It’s way too soon to tell but the idea has certainly been suggested.

Amidst the series finale coverage, Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, and executive producer Chris Fedak were all asked about the possibility. Here’s what they had to say:

USA Today: As for whether this is truly the end for a show that wouldn’t die, Levi says he could see a continuation via an online film. Again, it goes back to depending on the fans.
“I genuinely believe that our fan base, if given the opportunity to spend $5 on an hour-and-a-half Chuck movie to buy online and keep, I think they would,” he says. “That would be a really fun thing to do.”

THR: What are the chances of a Chuck movie?
Yvonne Strahovski: There are always more stories to tell. I’m sure that if that idea came up, I’m sure most if not all of the cast members would probably be up to doing something like that. We love each other. We’re such a close-knit group and the crew as well. So, it’s a real community that we’ve created amongst ourselves and the fans. So, I think if it was in the cards, I think we’d all be up for it.

Huffington Post: Is there really going to be a Chuck movie? Are you guys thinking about it? (question submitted by reader “chuckfan15″)
Chris Fedak: There are no plans at the moment, but it sure would be fun. We could blow up so many Crown Victorias.

What do you think? Would you like to see a Chuck movie of some kind or do you think the series finale should be the true ending? If you’d like a movie, how long should they wait to do it? What should it be about?

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  1. Lee says

    I love chuck. Please do it. I was left at a cliffhanger because it just ended. I need to know what happens to all of them after the end of the 5th season.

  2. AT says

    Do somebody think that this is a trick to get us fans more upset and more will look at the show if it start aigan? I hope that beacuase i really really love it!

  3. dusty hayes says

    But another things that would help is to talk to WB and NBC to see if they can get more adiences and sponsores to help by making a purchase to any of the companies that sell shows merchandise which goes to helping keeping the show going. And by the networks advertise the merchandise on commerical or on the show itself it would help with the ratings, thats why Dr Who has lasted as ling as it did and its a great science fiction series and Chuck was or still is the best spy series it puts tom cruises mission impossible to shame becase he liked killing people chuck didnt he just tranked them and thats what made it unique so chucksters all out there speak your peace and let them know who you are and what you want at leat theres a Chuck and Sarah and more of the characters out there in all of us just look st facebook we got a person that every so often that tells the story after the series is done and he is doing a great job just take a look on facebook there are chucksters all over the planet bring back chuck bring back chuck bring back chuck thanks for listening

  4. dusty hayes says

    So they put the memories she has lost and her marriage to Chuck and the dowloas is done and its ready for Sarah to put them on so she put on the glasses and sees the images and download is complete and the glasses have smoke coming from them Sarah smiles and hugs Chuck and kisses him and says i remember everything and Chuck i have something to tell you I’m pregnant and Chuck smiles and says thats great Sarah and kisses her and Casey grunts and says great I’m happy for you but we need to take care of Grechen. So they suit up and Sarah apologizes for the way she was and Chuck says nothing to forgive your my wife and thats why i love you and Casey says sorry to interupt your reunion but we need to go… I have more ideas that this could lead to a better adience and another tv series and better ratings and to find out more about the baby or babies Chuck and Sarah are going to have is it twins…

  5. dusty hayes says

    I believe if it makes a movie now at least another series of it being called the carmichael Industries Inc. From the a last season the finale it had to chuck had the intersect and he was on the beach with Sarah and they were talking about their story and he told Sarah that the Morgan has this crazy idea that if you kiss a special someone that they’ll remember everything about themselves and all the missions and her marriage to chuck. If you make movie that’s right needs to start from and to make a were Chuck along with Ellie to develop an intersect to bring back to her memories and everything she knows. Then Sarah remember something from the other missions with Quinn and they go on another mission but what they don’t know is Quinn daughter is Verbanski and she never knew that. Chuck figures this out when he flashes, she had her memory wiped and replaced with a new one and finds out that he made another intersect glasses which was called Intersect 5.0 allowing the person to not only to do what the other intersects do but to rule the internet and claim world domination with one password which is a secret but its locked into Grechens mind Stephen(Orion) Bartowskei put it in there before her father wiped her memory. Quinn was after it but didnt know how to get it. So they find Quinns base of operatis and Chuck sees a familiar symbol and flashes its the Orion symbol Stephen put there for someone to find that wasn’t his enemy. Chuck says its my dads symbols so when he flashes he knows what the assword is, its Chuck so he uploads it to a pair of glasses and Grechen and Casey show up and tells her to wear them but leaves out the certain things so she can get her memory back which does the same for Sarah. This makes it to where Grehen is your new enemy and they escape and John says things Chuck why did you go to do that just in case you forgot she is a trained assassin and she is after you and who gets in her way. So they get out of there and take the glasses with them, they are in the new base and Ellie helps Chuck to upload Sarahs memorys into the intersect glasses for one last time because its the last upload it was only good for two uploads. So y

  6. Anonymous says

    A movie would be great. I think if they were all shown doing there own thing at the beginning (chuck and Sarah together obviously) and the Beckman calls the back into action for a huge, world threatening situation, that would be the best plot for the movie after the way season 5 ended. They really need to do something, a series with this intro would be captain awesome. I feel like begging for something more!

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