Chuck: So How’d the NBC TV Show Do Last Night? Awesome?

ChuckAs fans of NBC’s Chuck are painfully aware, the show is on the bubble for renewal. The peacock network’s entire Monday night line-up has been struggling this season. Heroes has declined the most significantly but Angela Bromstad, NBC’s Entertainment President, has said that the network plans to renew the sci-fi show for season four.

With Jay Leno’s new show set to take over the weeknight 10pm timeslot next season, NBC has far fewer schedule positions available for other shows. That’s really bad news for series like Chuck which has often landed in fourth place for its timeslot.

Last night, with its second-to-last episode of the season (or series), Chuck had its best opportunity to shine in the ratings. Rather than the very popular House, FOX opted to air an episode of less-popular Bones. On top of that, CBS’ The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother were both in repeats. In the past week or two, there’s also been a huge amount of online support for the show from blogs like our friend Kath at Give Me My Remote and numerous TV critics. That equates to lots of free publicity and valuable word of mouth for NBC and the show.

So essentially, if Chuck was going to have a breakout night in the ratings, this would be it. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Chuck attracted a disappointing 6.05 6.11 million viewers and a 2.3/6 2.4/7 rating/share in the 18-49 demographic. That’s fewer total viewers than last week but the same a little better in the targeted demo. It was also once again in fourth place for the timeslot.

How does this bode for Chuck’s future? Not very well. This performance essentially shows the network that, under the best of conditions, the show’s audience isn’t getting much bigger.

On the plus side, the network isn’t doing very well on the whole and the execs supposedly love the show. They have fewer timeslots to fill but Chuck is at least getting some attention. Though 18-49 viewers are what really counts, the network might be willing to take what it can get. They also co-produce the show which doesn’t hurt.

Unless NBC makes a decision sooner, we’ll have to wait until mid-May to find out their Chuck plans for sure.

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  1. Christine says

    Please don’t cancel Chuck. It’s the best show i had ever seen. I couldn’t stop watching it. I even bought the season 1 DVD set even though i already watched all of them. It’s an enjoyable family show. Chuck shouldn’t be cancelled because they are a lot of other bad shows that get to stay on. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!

  2. Kathy & Cisco says

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t cancel Chuck!!! It is such a fun and refreshing show and there’s SO MUCH garbage on TV right now. We pay an incredible amount to Direct TV and watch about 5 shows. . .Chuck, American Idol, CNN, Science Channel, and Discovery Channel. There is so little on television that is clean, family friendly, fun, and worth being a couch potato!!! We sincerely hope you keep Chuck on for many more seasons.

  3. Ramona H says

    Hopefully. they won’t bump “Chuck” out to put another reality show in. It is so hard to find a good funny, but not idiotic, suspenseful, but not to gory, family show. Please keep “Chuck” on!

  4. JenS says

    NBC you can’t cancel “Chuck”!!!

    Like everyone is saying on every website I’ve found about “Chuck” this show is one of the most enjoyable on TV. My husband and I make a date every Monday night. We get home, cook dinner, and watch TV while we eat.

    This show is fun for everyone. I don’t have to worry about my niece and nephews walking in on something inappropriate for their age on the screen. This show keeps us coming back for more, and I know this would be one home that would be sadly disappointed in the network if they took this show off the air.

    Please consider carefully how many family shows are on the major networks and how many a family can actually sit down and watch together.

    If Monday night is struggling, then move “Chuck” to another night. This would be a great anchor show for another night. Keep family time alive!

  5. Nelson says

    Please don’t cancel Chuck! Although I didn’t watch Season 1, I started with saeson 2, loved it and bought the Season 1 DVD set. This is a very enjoyable show with characters who eventually become like (strange) but beloved family members. I’m not a big fan of “romance” in my TV shows, but the whole Chuck and Sarah thing is great. If the series is cancelled, I hope there is much work for these actors. Love Sarah.

    Please renew!!!

  6. Lisa says

    This is one of my favorite shows. I actually follow it more religiously than Heroes.

    Have these networks never heard of DVRs? Easier to use than VCRs ever were, I find myself recording a lot of shows and watching them later, either because I have other obligations or other shows at the same time.

    I’ve already lost Pushing Daisies. I’m not willing to lose Chuck.

  7. the patersons says

    Please save Chuck! the whole family watches this show and loves it , the show has all the elements of good entertainment , Action , Comedy , Drama , Romance and More , there are not very many shows on now, or that are coming that I have seen, has we just finished 10 new pilots , and they don’t have all that Chuck has. Thank you for the save the Chuck chance. NBC.

  8. mitchell says

    awesome show, save chuck. If its not getting good ratings,” witch i don’t believe everybody i know DVRs it and watches it”. Then maybe try and move it to another day in the week. but you cant get cancel it

  9. Jo-Ann says

    I rarely watch TV, hate the reality shows (I watch TV for entertainment) but I love Chuck. My husband and I tape it and watch it later when we can sit back and enjoy the show.
    Keep it on!!!!

  10. Anonymous says

    I really like Chuck and Life and I’m hearing bad gossip for both these shows. NBC must be run by morons. Reality TV sucks. We all live reality – why would we want to watch it too. I don’t get it at all.

  11. Mark says

    Our whole family watches Chuck, and we were really excited to see that the episode was a Season finale and not a Series finale… we would really love to see the show continue :)

  12. Anonymous says

    save chuck!!!!!!!!! i will seriously cry for weeks if this show doesn’t get saved. It is the only show I watch consistantly and actually buy

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