Chuck: NBC Stars Optimistic About Season Five; Are You?

Chuck season five?It’s a familiar story for fans of NBC’s Chuck. Once again, the show is on the bubble and could easily be cancelled or renewed. If the series was on one of the other major networks it surely would have been cancelled years ago but, because the rest of NBC’s shows do so poorly, Chuck has squeeked by.

So far this season, Chuck has been averaging a 1.9 in the 18-49 demographic and 5.51 million viewers. That’s pretty terrible but it’s as good or better than Perfect Couples, The Cape, and Harry’s Law. Considering that a fifth season would help Chuck in syndication, it seems likely that Warner Bros. will make a good deal with NBC to bring it back one more time.

E! Online recently spoke to series stars Adam Baldwin and Yvonne Strahovski and they’re pretty optimistic about the show’s future.

Strahovski noted, “I think [the chances] are pretty good… I will be surprised if we don’t get a season five.” Meanwhile, Baldwin said, “I feel cautiously optimistic. Until you hear the go sign, I just remain cautiously optimistic.”

What do you think? Will Chuck be renewed for a fifth season or will it finally be cancelled?

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  1. Marc Shapiro says

    This is one of the TV series my late wife and I always watched togther. It was better than any else on TV. If NBC replaces Chuck, I will find other networds to find shows that are as interesting, relazing, and have a wonderful chemistry with must members of the cast. Also, I and my family would love the show to be sydicaed, which means it needs atleast one more year. To us, it is a clasic that compares to MASH.

  2. j im says

    Chuck is fun to watch. Reality shows are all staged. Once there is a mic and camera nothing is origina. Very tiring and boring. Chuck is great because it is relaxing and the chemistry really works. Please stay away from drams in hospitals, murder mysteries, and reality — they are really boring. Keep up the great work on Chuck. Also the hi tech toys are fun to see.

  3. jiphner says

    I have watched Chuck since the beginning. LOVE IT!! I wouldn’t be surprised if NBC cancelled…networks don’t really seem to keep shows worth watching. I agree with a previous reviewer that the extra’s don’t help the show. I realize they need the buymore cover for the storyline but WOW I am tired of Tweedle Dee and Dumb! Hubby got sick of watching chuck because he never seems to really use the intersect. He also complains at how easy it is to remove and create the intersect. Surprised there aren’t more of them. I like the way the show ended..I will still watch if they have another season as I am curious what they do with removing the CIA component and having money to fund their missions. There are a few holes so I hope they can plug them! On a side note…we don’t have cable. I hope they don’t move it to another network.

  4. Anonymous says

    I hate having to hear that Chuck may be cancelled!
    As a viewer outside of the United States its awful knowing that Chuck has such a loyal fan base over here, who can’t do anything to add to ratings!
    If Chuck aired regularly on Australian Free to Air TV at the same time as America, its ratings would be much higher!
    As it is, Chuck fans have to live with sporadic airings on Fox8, and maybe an occasional midnight episode on free to air channels like GO!.

  5. Tamara says

    I agree, NBC has done a TERRIBLE job of promoting Chuck. I am so sick of prime time consisting of mainly 14 different types of coroner’s dramas. It’s all the same!!! ( Hey, by the way, are there any male coroners?) It’s great to have something different on TV. Chuck has it all..action, comedy, romance…character development (and no coroners)! We only watch Chuck and The Event on NBC. What is wrong with you NBC? Keep it on and syndicate it! Like others said–it WILL pick up new viewers that way. It is an awesome show with a great cast with great chemistry! Don’t screw it up! It offers something different!! Keep it on!

  6. The DRQ says

    I just want to say two things

    The smartest thing they could do is make sure it gets that next season so it reaches Syndication Status. I believe once other people get to watch the old episodes that they probably just ignored to watch different shows, then this show will get a brand new fan base. Look at Supernatural (another great show and I am speaking from the United States) It was a show that skated along the Cancel/Renew line it’s entire existance until TNT picked it up for syndication — It may not be making billions of dollars but it is now a gauranteed safe return. I think the same thing will happen if Chuck can reach Syndication.

    The Second thing is I believe this show would do so much better on a different network. Someone up above on the forum said that Mondays at 8pm est is a terrible time slot and he/she is absolutely right. The show would probably be more successful on a cable channel like TNT, TBS, or even The SYFY channel

    With all that said — DON’T YOU DARE CANCEL CHUCK NBC — we love it!!!

  7. Tired Fan says

    It’s pretty silly, making comments about ratings and lifetime of the show past a fifth season, or discussing how far the show has to go and using that as the reason why Chuck will be canceled after season four. It amazes me that so many people have faulty logic chips.

    Consider this, Chuck is going to be 22 away from the magic 100, and anymore 90 episodes seems to be acceptable for syndication. WB will practically GIVE NBC the show for another season to make it, and then that’ll likely be it. Chuck doesn’t have to work to last two, three, four or more seasons…. it only needs one more, and when the WB already invested so much money, you’d better believe that they’d do anything to get one more season.

    As for disliking characters or newer plot twists on the show, it’s time to take two Lyrica and get over it. Of the 5.5 million viewers, those complaining are not likely of those viewers… or at least not likely constant viewers. Everyone that works on that show seems to know what the fans like: a show in the same vein as A Team or Sliders or Lost — team shows that sometimes include love interests and (aside from Lost) shorter story arcs. These shows don’t usually make it past five or six seasons and typically level-off with a low, but deeply loyal, fanbase.

  8. Lael says

    If Chuck has such low ratings then why does Hulu have Chuck VS Dexter for the Best shows on TV? Sorry, there a very few shows that I watch and Chuck is one of them. It must stay!

  9. Kyle says

    Im a major Chuck fan and i would love nothing more than to have it get another season. But financially and for the fan base i believe NBC should pick it up for one more full, but final season. And if for some reason the ratings do rise they can change their minds. Otherwise i hate the dread of knowing or not if its going to be renewed.

    Also if i become a millionaire i will keep the show on air forever, or make a Chuck movie… Your Welcome.

  10. says

    Wow Rebecca, I can’t tell if your a fan or the axe murderer waiting to chop Chucks head off!!! Chuck is centered around Chuck, Sarah, & Cassie, they are the show…..the others are bit parts to break up the spy stuff. As for the mother coming in to the picture I believe they will pull her out as they did the dad. I think the show is by far superior to the reality crap and all the court room and police drama’s. Shows like the office are tiring, and now they are making other stupid spin offs of it. Chuck is funny and touching and action packed…..what more could they be delivering??? It is better now that Chuck has full use of his powers….his bumbling was getting old. I for one can’t wait for the next session to come. I own all the DVD’s and watch them in between the times Chuck is not on. If NBC reads these comments I want you to know Chuck is the only thing I watch on TV….. and we do not have cable. Cancel Chuck and I will have no need for a TV. Oh wait the kids need the TV for the Wii and we do watch rental movies….so I guess I’ll keep the TV!!

  11. Rebecca says

    It has been mentioned on other sites that “Chuck” just won’t draw in any new fans from this point on…its fan base is pretty set already, and lots have stopped watching. I actually like the scenes they do with Buy More staff, Jeffster, and Morgan – they’re the only ones really providing the comedy lately in what would otherwise be a spy drama. Chuck himself was funnier when he didn’t have all the spy moves down pat. I like some of the comedic moments between Morgan and Casey, and I look forward to Sarah and Chuck’s wedding and hope it’s before the end of this season (with no cliffhangers and no interruptions!).

  12. Grandizer says

    Chuck has all the tools necessary to make it a hit in place already. This is shown from the first 2 seasons. There have been very little cast changes and very little drama on the series.
    The key is to bring back the original flavor and dump the mom returning and dad showing up storylines.
    The newest shows with the drama with AB’s daughter and their problems, and with her dating Chuck’s bud, and the singing duo, and the return of the BuyMore original manager and so forth has brought the story down. Plus I think it lost a lot of appeal when Awesome and Big sis were unaware of his agent status…

    I think what is needed to keep the show fresh is a major kick in the ass…
    Maybe Voloff’s daughter gets an intersect, and Chuck learns that his Intersect needs to be unlocked to reach a higher potential to deal with her new found powers.

    I think it will add something to the show…

  13. Rebecca says

    Chuck has actually had very low ratings all season – but I think they had good ratings when they premiered on a Sunday night. If they do get another season perhaps change the night it’s on? Sunday. Not Friday because Fridays are show killers. If they’re in their final season now (we’ll find out May 16th from NBC if not sooner, and that’s the night of their season finale) I hope we’ll see more Buy More up until the end (lots of Jeffster, too) and of course Sarah and Chuck’s wedding with no interruptions. No cliffhangers! NBC didn’t promote Chuck very well at all, and besides Chuck the only NBC shows I watch are the Thursday night comedies (except for Community – never could get into that one). It’s just so tough on us Chuck fans wanting them to squeak through and get renewed each season (stressful! lol) – it’s time to let Chuck go if things don’t improve (new night, shorter season).

  14. Coffeemarc says

    I think Chuck has survived due to a lack of something better to replace it with, plus that some NBC execs have gone on record that they really like the show and would like it to succeed. But likes don’t pay the bills, and if they feel they can replace it with something more successful, they will do it. ON the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with maintaining status quo either. Production costs have to be a large factor, which is why ratings for expensive shows must be better than “ok”. I think Chuck is going to survive another year as long as it’s current ratings don’t drop. That being said, it won’t surprise me at all if Chuck is finally canceled. Disappointed, yes. But not surprised.

    • Brian says

      Monday @ 8 is a bad time-slot for Chuck. I can see it performing better on a Tuesday Night. Putting Chuck up against Dancing with the ***** (I mean Stars) is a tough gig. Especially when there is NOTHING following it to keep you interested (till possibly Harry’s law @ 10. To say the monday @ 9 series were terrible would be an understatement. As for me…. I’m in the minority, 30 with a kid and a wife, Chuck, Big Bang Theory, and Harry’s law are the only shows I care to watch weekly. But, with Big Bang theory having sucked lately, and Harry’s law only having 13 eps, I find myself not watching TV.

      NBC, if you renew Chuck, I will personally go and get a nice Subway footlong to toast it’s renewal. :).

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