Chuck: NBC Orders Additional Episodes for Season Three

Chuck TV showWhile some NBC viewers may still be reeling from the news that Trauma has been cancelled, there’s good news for another Monday night show, Chuck.

Chuck, which stars Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, Joshua Gomez, Adam Baldwin, Sarah Lancaster, and Ryan McPartlin, was barely renewed last season because of soft ratings. But, in part because of a passionate fan campaign, NBC decided to bring it back. The fan victory was bittersweet though because the network said that they would bring it back for 13 episodes and wouldn’t start airing them for almost a year.

At the time, NBC had great confidence in their 2009-10 schedule. Now that the new shows have debuted and the network is in worse shape than ever, the execs are thinking more kindly about Chuck.

With NBC’s recent cancellation of Southland and now Trauma, the network is in need of some additional programming. As a result, they’ve upped their Chuck episode order by six, bring the season three total to 19.

NBC hasn’t officially announced Chuck’s return date but it’s expected that the network will bring the show back in January and then take a break for the Olympic games coverage.

What do you think? Do you think it’s better for Chuck to return in January or wait until March so the season can run uninterrupted?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. PO'D says

    The sad thing is many people miss a very important thing. IT IS THE ADVERTISERS ON ANY SHOW will determine if it continues NOT THE FANS…
    The bottom line is if advertisers do not buy spots on a series show to advertise they get canceled period..
    The talk is about “soft” ratings? Really with the fan base screaming for Chuck to come back and other popular shows – soft rating my butt…

    HEY, How about this? You like a series show pay a dollar to watch it – like pay per view; that would REALLY then make it FAN BASED… I would pay for a good series like CHUCK..

    Remember Star Trek? It also was canceled due to “soft” ratings; but look what happened to this series – multi billion dollars generated…

    • Ruth says

      I wondered What happen to that show. I got into that one better then Mercy and the others ones. I miss trauma. But I LOVE Chuck. I was worried they were not going to bring him back. I’m SO glad they did. I have to buy Chuck dvd sometimes.

  2. Will says

    Compaired to TRAUMA, Chuck, oh wait it does not compair. Chuck is slow pased and who really cares about a computer nerd/geek who works for the government. It is totally unrealistic. TRAUMA on the other hand, while it is slightly unrealistic, things that happen on that show are taken from real experiences, not some made up crap show. Bring TRAUMA back. It was actually interesting and it hooked me as soon as I watched the pilot!

  3. Morris says

    See people we can make a difference I signed four petitions on the web to bring back Chuck and now it is starting in January, we did it with Chuck, so we can do it with Trama if enough people get involved with it!!!! BRING BACK TRAMA and DO NOT CANCEL CHUCK AGAIN.Dump that reality CRAP like that loser Survivor or that other swill of TV!!!!

  4. Danyle says

    My family loved this show. Why do you make shows and then take them away. My son is so sad that this show is gone. We would love to have this back!!!!!!

  5. Tim Null says

    I can hardly wait till it starts again no matter if it is chopped up or not. This is one show that I enjoy so much I to take control of the tv for that hour. I would watch the reruns if they were showing as there is nothing else as enjoyable on tv as far as I am concerned. Great show keep it coming.

  6. KateS says

    I’m quite frustrated by the increasing tendency to chop show seasons up. I’d very much prefer to see the full season uninterrupted. That’s a big sacrifice, since I love this show, but I’d much rather stick it out another couple of months if it meant the season’s episodes could be shown without interruption. Just an opinion.

  7. Nathan Austin says

    Personaly i wish that chuck would start right now. I personaly purchase every tv show series that i watch. But this show is by far the funniest and most interestion show out. Everything about this show is perfect. I have been waiting forever now to see a new episode. But Itunes didnt say anything about what was going on. Well that about sums it up.

  8. Diane says

    BRING CHUCK BACK IN JANUARY!!!!!! I love and NEED my Chuck, miss it terribly! “Stay in the car Chuck”…not! Such a great show, a breath of fresh air…a spirit lifter after a hard day!

  9. Doug says

    MORE CHUCK !!! THE SOONER THE BETTER !!! I hope this season is a hit so we can have a season 4 , 5 …etc. THANKS FOR BRINGING CHUCK BACK !!!!

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