Cold Case: Kathryn Morris Not Ready for Show to Be Cancelled

Cold CaseThough the ratings for CBS’ Cold Case this season seem to be dooming the series to be cancelled, series star Kathryn Morris isn’t ready to say goodbye to the unique crime drama just yet.

Cold Case is unique in that each episode begins with an unsolved crime from the past. The scene then flashes forward to the present day and a group of homicide detectives try to piece together what really happened, using old evidence and new interviews. The series stars Morris, Danny Pino, John Finn, Jeremy Ratchford, Thom Barry, and Tracie Thoms.

In an interview with the LA Times, Morris says that her role as Lilly Rush is still interesting for her to play, even within the confines of a crime procedural. She said, “Lilly has evolved from being this little beat cop to this hungry cold case detective to a person who has expanded her sole capacity. Not just with the suspects, or the victims. She has really evolved into a person that is as real to me as a relative of mine. It’s a pretty cool thing to have for this many years.”

Though she’s been doing Cold Case for seven seasons, Morris feels the show is still going strong. “I’m in talks for a couple of great independent films concurrent with Cold Case, but the show is having its best season ever if you ask me. To me when actors get restless on series, I find them to be a little on the lazy side. I’m still looking to be a better actor, and I’m grateful every day.”

TV show supportIn terms of the show’s ratings struggle, Morris says the series’ viewers are unique and that the writers are doing their best to attract the target demographic. She said, “Well, we have fans that have followed us wherever we go. And our audience actually watches the show when it airs, they don’t DVR it. That’s a big difference. We are trying to do more cases aimed at 18- to 49-year-olds, though. Like we just did a skateboard episode, and a fight club episode.”

What do you think? Will Cold Case survive to see season eight or is it time for the show to be over?

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  1. Conrad says

    Cold Case is a very good show; however, CBS gives it no respect and then complains when the number of viewers is not large. It is on Sunday nights at either 9 or 10PM. Many times it does not start on time because of earlier sports events lasting beyond the time given to them. Once when it was on at 10PM and previous shows were late, it did not show at all in the New York area. I called the producer in California the next day who was not aware that the show did not air the night before. It was aired the next week. It is difficult to get high ratings when the show is treated in this manner.

  2. amanda says

    Cold Case is a fantastic show. The time changes have been annoying. i don’t know why NBC/CBS/FOX/NBC/CW all fight to have their best shows on at the same time. You have to record them or you will miss them and there is so much “dead air” time throughout the week with bad shows or no shows to watch. Cold Case is unique and wonderful. The only thing I can say that’s frustrating, if you don’t watch the first 5 minutes it’s hard to watch the rest of the show and with sports causing delays and shows running over by 2 minutes to annoy dvr users, I miss the show and I really want to watch it. Thanks for the other commenter who told me the episodes are online. It’d be great if NETFLIX carried the show.

  3. says



  4. Nancy maldonado says

    I started watching cold case 3 years ago and have not stopped since. I enjoy the recollections and how it all comes in place and at the end I am crying when they show the victim and closure for their families left behind. So please do not cancel this show!! The cast is excellent…

  5. Serena says

    I LOVE COLD CASE!!! i’m going on 27[june] and can NOT stand: American Idol, the biggest loser, medium, the desp. housewives. Cold case is amazing!!! I started watching cause of Morris and soon fell in love with the stories and Morris’s character, Rush will not let one case not be solved. To me, Cold Case is the best show out there!! Cold Case is my enjoyment on tv- i have lost respect for tv, without Cold Case, my tv would NEVER be turned on. If it’s cancelled, it’s a promise that it will be put BACK on tv for it is a MUCH LOVED SHOW & the cast is much loved as well. Take the other JUNK off and LEAVE cold case ALONE!!!

  6. says

    Keep this excellent drama on – the ensemble cast are great and believable – they all seem like everyday people – raw and gritty – like their stories. The stories are always engaging and I like the music that goes with each story.

  7. JS says

    With all the JUNK on tv why in the world would you even consider cancelling
    cold case. At least the writers of this show seem to have a brain and some imagination, unlike so many of the other or “new” shows. Also, the cast is great!! Keep this show on.

  8. says

    I really hope that Cold Case does not get cancelled. It is one of my favorite shows. It is a very different detective show. I find the old cases being reopened and how the detectives work to solve them very interesting. I also like the cast of the show very much. Their personal interreaction is good. Hopefully, if CBS doesn’t have the good insight to keep it going, then maybe one of the really creative networks, such as USA or TNT will save it.

  9. Tami says

    Cold Case is one of the BEST shows out there!!! Is there any way CBS will change their mind???? If so what can I do to help others do that??? My mom & I both LOVE the show!!

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