Cold Case: Kathryn Morris Not Ready for Show to Be Cancelled

Cold CaseThough the ratings for CBS’ Cold Case this season seem to be dooming the series to be cancelled, series star Kathryn Morris isn’t ready to say goodbye to the unique crime drama just yet.

Cold Case is unique in that each episode begins with an unsolved crime from the past. The scene then flashes forward to the present day and a group of homicide detectives try to piece together what really happened, using old evidence and new interviews. The series stars Morris, Danny Pino, John Finn, Jeremy Ratchford, Thom Barry, and Tracie Thoms.

In an interview with the LA Times, Morris says that her role as Lilly Rush is still interesting for her to play, even within the confines of a crime procedural. She said, “Lilly has evolved from being this little beat cop to this hungry cold case detective to a person who has expanded her sole capacity. Not just with the suspects, or the victims. She has really evolved into a person that is as real to me as a relative of mine. It’s a pretty cool thing to have for this many years.”

Though she’s been doing Cold Case for seven seasons, Morris feels the show is still going strong. “I’m in talks for a couple of great independent films concurrent with Cold Case, but the show is having its best season ever if you ask me. To me when actors get restless on series, I find them to be a little on the lazy side. I’m still looking to be a better actor, and I’m grateful every day.”

TV show supportIn terms of the show’s ratings struggle, Morris says the series’ viewers are unique and that the writers are doing their best to attract the target demographic. She said, “Well, we have fans that have followed us wherever we go. And our audience actually watches the show when it airs, they don’t DVR it. That’s a big difference. We are trying to do more cases aimed at 18- to 49-year-olds, though. Like we just did a skateboard episode, and a fight club episode.”

What do you think? Will Cold Case survive to see season eight or is it time for the show to be over?

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  1. Turkster says

    It’s 2012, 3 years since the show has been cancelled and people on almost every major site, especially Youtube are still begging for it to be brought back, yet, CBS does not listen and take the opportunity to skyrocket its ratings by returning Cold Case for a new season.

  2. says

    I have lost track of the show the past 2 years or so due to schedule and life changes but ive always, ALWAYS loved Cold Case and still try to catch it when i can.

    I last saw it in season 6 early on and to me…it seemed just as fresh, exciting, gripping and intelligent as ever! Its one of the few shows on Network TV i follow or watch. The cast and the crew/writers should be proud as this is was a pretty ground breaking series and they have done what I hate about todays ” me, now” society Cold Case NEVER has pandered to just get ratings!!

    CBS..get smart bring this show back!! its only been a year….It’s shows like Cold Case getting the axe while still being watched, that have made me go to cable only or movies!

    Thank you to the producers, crew, writers and the AMAZING cast for a show that touched our hearts, souls, made us think, laugh, cry and 100% entertain us all in ways no other show could do!

    I miss you already….

    Martay Fitness in Chicagoland IL

  3. Abby Ohms says

    I have been a dedicated fan of “Cold Case” and as others do, I watch all the reruns on TNT. I absolutely loved this show!!! I DVR them also since there are no DVD’s out there that has full seasons. Please bring back the series I miss this show tremendously and there needs to be at least a series finale. Wish CBS would bring back COLD CASE!!!

  4. says

    We love Cold Case,the stories ,the music,the actors, a great more unique show,please don’t cancell.We even watch all the reruns.Think again,Thanks.

  5. Mike and Judy says

    Cold Case is one of our favorite shows. It is too bad that it has been cancelled. We watch the re-runs on TNT network in the afternoons. Hopefully it will come back. I am not sure why the ratings would be that bad. It was very interesting to watch. There are several cold cases here where we live and it always puzzles us how so many can be unsolved. It reminds us of the old Unsolved Mysteries show that Robert Stack used to have. We will keep our fingers crossed and hopefully CBS will re-consider and start it up again. A lot of times it is just the time slot conflicting with other shows. We thank all of the cast for making it such a good show all of these years.

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