Common Law: Already Cancelled? No Season Two?

Common Law not coming back for season 2?It looks like Common Law won’t be back for a second season. While the TV show hasn’t been officially cancelled by USA, the signs are all there.

Common Law follows a pair of LAPD detectives — Travis Marks (Michael Ealy) and Wes Mitchell (Warren Kole). They bicker but their talents mesh so well that their commanding officer, Captain Sutton (Jack McGee), orders them into counseling to keep the team together. The series also features the talents of Sonya Walger, Elizabeth Chomko, Alicia Coppola, Nora Zehetner, and Reed Diamond.

The first season averaged 2.13 million with a 0.6 demo rating on Friday nights. It was the lowest-rated original scripted series on USA this summer, performing worse than Fairly Legal, the sophomore series that also aired on Fridays.

According to Deadline, Common Law’s fate seems all but sealed. The options for the entire cast have expired so those contracts would have to be renegotiated for a second season to happen — if the actors aren’t committed to other projects. In addition, the show’s executive producer and showrunner, Craig Sweeny, has been hired as an executive producer on CBS’ Elementary series — a new take on Sherlock Holmes.

What do you think? Would you like to see a second season of Common Law? Why do you think the show didn’t catch on with a bigger audience?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Reign says

    If we the people have the right to choose. My choice and Dollars go to give Common Law a fair chance. If Fridays Didn’t work try another day. I am just as much of USA as anyone else so my opinions should count. I was very much looking forward to another season of Common Law. I loved it.

  2. says

    I’ll be the contrarian here. I didn’t like it at all. The first few ads made it look like they were um…”artistic” guys that were also partners at work and went to a marriage counselor. Then they changed the ads to show them as rough tough cops that were forced to go to a marriage counselor because they’re work-partners.
    So I thought what the heck, let’s give it a shot.

    It left me bored. The dialogue was weak, the jokes were toilet humor or just lame, and the story line was long and droned on. It was just a weak show.

  3. JOANN says

    How USA can renew Psych and not Common Law is BAFFLING. I really enjoyed Common Law but could not sit through a whole episode of Psych and even got tired of Covert Affairs. Common Law had mystery and humor and more enjoable than most of their dramas. I am still hoping their is a season 2!

  4. Catressa says

    A better time slot for them. I love the show but often do watch it on dvr. I can’t stand Royal Pains (sorry guys) love micheal ealy and Warren Kole (not in that let me stalk them on twitter and fb way either lol. You have a great thing going with this and Covert Affairs. At least in my age range (38 mumble). I don’t do reality tv, really what are you leaving us with?! You went thru this whole “character, voices” concept. Well we are speaking USA listen up. Don’t allow the other channels to dumb us down :( I’ve stuck by you since you started. But if I lose one more show? I’m done. Truly.

    I have enough movie channels. I can “quit you” lol (wait this isn’t brokeback mtn haha)

    Keep them. Take care guys and Lady. (She’s wonderful as well)

  5. Buff Bill says

    I think they need to put common law in a better time slot. It came on at 10 pm where I live. 8 pm or 9 pm would be much more suitable. Putting a new show on at 10 pm that isn’t a remake pretty much gives the show a death sentence.

  6. Bobbie Askew says

    PLEASE PLEASE KEEP COMMON LAW!!!!!! Give it another chance USA it’s a good show with great characters. Kept a smile on our faces.

  7. Julz says

    Another good show they are just gonnna cut, I watch this in Australia even tho it isn’t released here and I can’t get enough of the show, I have been searching up on the net to see if and when the 2nd season will come out but nope, There is no more. There was so much I loved about this show and I have watched the first season 3 times already and I still love the episodes but just another good show you people axe :(

  8. Brandon says

    KEEP THIS SHOW!!! There are so many lame shows on about the same types of characters, topics, etc. This one is unique and obviously it has caught on, in a way, with bigger names such as Matthew Perry with his new NBC show, “Go On” which has a similar premise. This show didn’t do with ratings because they debuted it on the worst day of the week, Friday, when most are not watching tv. It needs to be placed in the middle of the week or on Sundays. Give it another shot in a better day & time slot. It needs to be given a chance so we’re not tortured by more STUPID shows such as Survivor, The Bachelor/Bachelorette, and Big Brother.

  9. pfyre says

    While I enjoyed the show and really loved Warren Kole’s character ‘Wesley Mitchell’ and I was intrigued by the bromance of the main characters, all too often the scripting hit clunkers and sour notes. It didn’t take long for the audience the completely understand and sympathize with Wes pulling his gun on his partner, Travis. Hell, more than once I wanted to headslap Travis into the next decade. As much as Wes was OCD and a stck in the mud – I completely supported him in wanting to shoot his partner.

    The season finale held a note of hope that the pair might have made it past a major point of contention but now we probably never see them working past their issues. I’ll miss the show. I’ll miss the dynamics of the partners and their bromance. I’ll miss Warren Kole’s portrayal of Wesley Mitchell.

  10. Marge says

    I hate to see Common Leave the air. I reaaly like it. It’s a much better copy of Pysch. Pysch had too much slap stick but Common Law had good humor and much better acting.

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