Copper: Cancelled Show May Return as a Movie

Copper canceled TV show movieCopper has been cancelled but Sunday’s series finale may not be the end for the characters. Deadline reports that executive producers Barry Levinson, Tom Kelly and Tom Fontana (also the co-creator) are considering a movie version.

Fontana has apparently worked out an extensive story arc for season three and may rework that into a movie script. It would supposedly look at life in America following Lincoln’s assasination and the Reconstruction years that followed.

Will Rokos and Fontana created Copper which premiered in August 2012 to 1.1 million viewers. That was a record-setting audience for BBC America and the period drama was renewed in October. Unfortunately, the numbers weren’t as strong in season two so the show was cancelled.

What do you think? Would you like to see a Copper movie? Do you think it will actually happen?

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  1. Bridgett B. says

    I am so tired of getting envoled in shows that I love only to find out it was cancelled. This is not the first time the BBC channel has done this to me. I want to see Copper BACK. I love the show. This season was attention grabbing. Why do you put FANTASTIC showson only to rip them out of our hands. I am done watching your channel. Until you bring back Copper.

  2. Betty Roy says

    Give me a break! I can’t imagine my Sunday nights without my “Copper” fix. If this show is cancelled, I will not watch anything else on BBC because I would be afraid they would do the same thing with other series.
    So many unanswered questions. Thanks a lot BBC.
    Please un cancel it.

  3. Joe Nevaras says

    Where can we write to hassle the people who cancel the best show on TV – Copper should been tried another night or network but cancell ? hogwash

  4. lainie kantrowitz says

    After seeing how BBC literally left us hanging on a balcony last night, I shot this off to BBC: I know you will probably not reply, but I wanted to pass along with blog I wrote about how the fans are feeling about Copper’s premature cancellation before seeing the finale. After seeing last night’s cliffhanger, it is obvious even the writers thought it was coming back for season 3. The fans (BBC America’s clients) are owed some type of closure. I urge BBC America and Perry Simon to consider at least a 3-4 ep abbreviated season to end the show decently, allow Cineflix to bring the show to another network, or help Tom Fontana make the movie he wants now to allow the fans to see what vision he had for Season 3. Even if I do not hear back from you, I hope at least you will read this and pass it along to the Powers that Be at BBC. Read the posts on Twitter, Facebook and all over the web to see how angry and disappointed fans are that their emotional investment in this show did not pan out. You left us hanging on a balcony with no resolution in sight. They need to know that they can’t treat fans so poorly and expect us to support any future shows they bring to the network. Our trust has been broken, and they are going to need to do a lot of work to earn it back.

    I had previously written this:

    Why @BBCAmerica was short-sighted canceling @CopperTV #CopperTV & will miss it!
    BBC America stated that it was canceling coppertv because it wasn’t bringing in the same ratings as Orphan Black. What it fails to recognize is that many of their Orphan Black viewers wouldn’t have started watching so much BBC programming had it not been for Copper.

    Yes, some people like me may have discovered Copper in the first place because of @DrWho but many more turned on to BBC for the 1st time just to see Copper (because they were fans of some of the actors previous work) and stayed.

    Many of these fans will now pull out their support of other BBC programming because of the shoddy way that the powers that be at BBC America treated Copper, and how they didn’t let it have one final glorious season to play out Tom Fontana’s vision of the residents of Five Points & 23rd St.

    I realize that it must have cost BBC a lot of money to produce and maintain the sets and costumes for the show, more than an Orphan Black or Dr.Who, which both take place on the streets of real world London and Toronto. But, wasn’t most of the investment already outlaid?

    What would have been the hardship of letting it have an 8-10 ep 3rd season run just to end the show in a proper manner? The goodwill this would have earned them with the fans would have been worth it tenfold, and bought loyalty for life. Would there still have been disappointment in saying goodbye to their favorite characters and show? Yes. But there would have time to prepare. One more season billed as “Say goodbye to the friends and families of FIve Points as they rebuild after the assassination of Lincoln and the conclusion of the Civil War” would have gone done a lot smoother than “we decided to end show cause Lincoln is dead”.

    Frankly, BBC’s words ring false and hollow and shortsighted beyond belief. If this was an ABC, CBS or NBC show, I could understand why ratings would be king. But, doesn’t anyone know by now that ratings are not the full and true measure of a shows successful? So, BBC , you pulled a show while Canada is still enjoying the 2nd season and the UK just started to watch Season 1. How many less fans in those countries will now be vested reading about how angry and frustrated the American audience is with your way of letting us down? You really should have thought your timing through better or done the decent thing and given us one more season.

    They say karma is a *****, but I am not a person who believes in retribution. I do however believe that every action has a reaction. And, I look forward to seeing how this plays out.

    In the meantime, we prepare ourselves for a premature goodbye to the 5 Points residents we have come to know and love.

    Slán go fóill


    Not sure either will help the cause, but it felt good to put it out there for them to hear.
    It was horrible how they left the fans hanging last night. Bad faith on the part of BBC.

  5. Curt Simpson says

    It ceases to amaze me at the decisions these so called TV “executives” make. They obviously have little or no talent for recognizing good programing. They continually cancel quality programs and replace them with losers. Case in point, canceled “rules of engagement” kept the unfunny, ” two broke girls”, simply amazing. Maybe we need to raise the performance bar and lower the ratings bar to a realistic level and bear with the financial side a little longer!!!

  6. Cynthia Hartley says

    We are very committed to these characters. We don’t want the series to end, so we will want to see the movie. I think this is a time period that needs to be examined in depth. A miniseries would be even better. Did you shop for another network? Have you considered a NetFlix series like House of Cards.

  7. Diedre Moore says

    Sooooo disappointed. If I cannot have the series, I’d love a movie, but the series is so entertaining and enriching. Why is quality television not rewarded? Here’s hoping that all the actors who have done such a good job can go on to have great careers with scripts and characters as interesting as this one has been. Sigh.

  8. Lorraine K says

    The COPPER series needs to be UNCANCELLED. However, to wrap it up properly a movie would be better than nothing. It best be a movie for TV and BBC best be showing it to make up for its poor judgment in cancelling the series. Foolish movies such as the one coming up in October about Elizabeth Taylor is a waste of money. Enough is enough of those kind of movies.

  9. taradiane says

    Well hell. I actually like S2 better than S1. Very disappointed it’s been cancelled. Been a huge fan of Fontana/Levinson since their Homicide:Life on the Street days (which they also did a movie for after the series was axed, so I have high hopes a Copper movie might come to fruition). Hope Tom Weston Jones shows up somewhere else soon – he’s fantastic.

  10. Cel says

    The fact that not only was Copper quote ‘record-setting for BBC audiences’, but season 3 was already all drafted out, has transformed my sadness about its cancellation into fury. I really hope they make the movie.

  11. Jeanette says

    Is it possible another network would pick Copper up?
    It would be fantastic to have this adapted to a movie. But would
    love the series to continue.

  12. M. Daly says

    Would love to see it as a movie. Broke my heart when I heard it was canceled. It was one of the few truly good shows on the air.

  13. lainie k says

    I think it would be fantastic if they can give us a 2 hour movie to wrap up all the storylines and let fans adjust to the loss of the show. Perhaps it would even be good enough to prompt additional movies, but won’t be greedy. I just hope this isn’t a idle idea, as was the Entourage movie Doug Ellin promised and never delivered. But, at least it is a glimmer of hope for the amazing cast and crew of Copper, and for the fans who love it as well.

  14. DeAnna Morton says

    Are you kidding me? Bring it on with gloves off! 😀
    Just keep the actors and actresses the same! <3
    Best news of the epicness era of modern day humanity!

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