Copper TV seriesNetwork: BBC America
Episodes: 23 (hour)
Seasons: Two

TV show dates: August 19, 2012 — September 22, 2013
Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: Tom Weston-Jones, Kyle Schmid, Ato Essandoh, Tessa Thompson, Kevin Ryan, Tanya Fischer, Dylan Taylor, Ron White, David Keeley, Franka Potente, Anastasia Griffith, and Kiara Glasco.

TV show description:      
This crime drama TV series is set in 1864 in New York City and is filled with intrigue, corruption, mystery and murder.

Kevin Corcoran (Tom Weston-Jones) is an Irish-American former boxer who became a police detective. He returns from the Civil War to find that his wife is missing and his daughter is dead. Corcoran struggles to walk a straight line in New York City’s notoriously crooked Five Points neighborhood. Desperate to learn the truth about what happened to his family, he dedicates himself to seeking justice for the powerless and overlooked. He also finds himself thrust into the contrasting worlds of elegant and corrupt Fifth Avenue, and the emerging African-American community in Northern Manhattan.

Corcoran shares a secret from the battlefield with Robert Morehouse and Doctor Matthew Freeman that inextricably links their lives together. As he did in the Union Army, Corcoran proves intelligent, valiant and tenacious — stopping at nothing to bring those responsible to justice.

A handsome bon vivant and part of the Manhattan aristocracy, Robert Morehouse (Kyle Schmid) and Corcoran were mustered out of the 71st Regiment together. Though raised in a life of privilege, Morehouse was changed by the war and now sees the lower class as his equals — much to his father’s dismay. Spending more time drinking and cavorting with prostitutes than making a name for himself in the business world, Morehouse consistently falls short of his dad’s expectations.

An African-American physician, Doctor Matthew Freeman (Ato Essandoh) was Morehouse’s valet during the Civil War. When called upon, Freeman now assists Corcoran in murder investigations though receives no credit for his contribution. Freeman practices modern scientific methods of deduction, but precinct superiors believe this to be Corcoran’s work and he doesn’t tell them otherwise.

Freeman is devoted to his wife Sara (Tessa Thompson) whose two brothers were lynched during the Draft Riots. She’s left emotionally scarred, refuses to leave her house, and convinces her husband to leave Five Points in hopes of finding security in the African-American community of Carmansville in Northern Manhattan.

Detective Francis Maguire (Kevin Ryan) is Corcoran’s closest friend and his partner in the Sixth Precinct. Maguire assists Corcoran in his search for his missing wife, as well as in navigating the underground criminal world of Five Points. Though he cares deeply for those closest to him, Maguire possesses a quick temper and occasionally loses control. Enamored with Molly Stuart (Tanya Fischer), Maguire harbors a desire to settle down and marry the ambitious courtesan.

Flirtatious and beautiful, Molly works at at Eva’s Paradise and entertains several gentlemen from both Uptown and Five Points. Her big heart and free-spirited nature can embroil her in others’ affairs and, despite her taboo career choice, Molly possesses a deep sense of right and wrong.

Detective Andrew O’Brien (Dylan Taylor) is a colleague and companion to Corcoran and Maguire. Often teased about his acquiescence to his overbearing wife, he is fiercely loyal to his family and friends.

Captain of the Sixth Precinct, Ciaran Joseph Sullivan (Ron White) is more concerned about his reputation in the public eye than seeking justice for victims. Sullivan questions how the kingpins of New York society will be affected by the results of the tenacious Corcoran’s investigations.

Sergeant Padraic Byrnes (David Keeley) is a corrupt cop within the ranks of the Sixth Precinct and takes delight in thwarting Corcoran. He plays both sides of the law by manipulating Captain Sullivan as well as victims and criminals.

With a saloon and brothel located in the center of Five Points, Eva Heissen (Franka Potente), the Madame of Eva’s Paradise, is a shrewd businesswoman. A long list of patrons — including many coppers from the Sixth Precinct — help Eva maintain control over her employees with stern precision. Despite her tough-as-nails exterior, she shows her gentler side when she is with Corcoran — who finds comfort in Eva’s arms while his heart yearns for his missing wife.

Sophisticated, spirited and intoxicatingly beautiful, Elizabeth Haverford (Anastasia Griffith) is more than a mindless debutante. Far more business-savvy and politically astute than the other society ladies of Fifth Avenue, Elizabeth seeks to use her wealth and influence to improve the lives of others -– despite how it’s perceived by the rest of New York’s upper class. Though she meets Corcoran under horrific circumstances, Elizabeth enjoys his companionship and protection.

A young runaway who is growing up quickly, Annie Reilly (Kiara Glasco) is forced into prostitution to survive. After a memorable encounter with Corcoran, she becomes deeply attached as he endeavors to protect her from danger. Whip-smart with a predilection for mischief, Annie reminds Corcoran of his own daughter, and he goes out of his way to try to introduce her to a better life.

Series Finale:     
Episode #23 — “The Place I Called My Home”
In the wake of the President’s death, Detective Kevin Corcoran reels like the rest of the country. As Corcoran mourns with Robert Morehouse and Doctor Matthew Freeman, the three men decide to join a national effort once more. For the three friends, the mission elicits memories from the battlefield, resurfaces faces from the past, and creates opportunity for Five Points chaos to continue unabated.
First aired: September 22, 2013


What do you think? Do you like the Copper TV series? Are you sorry that there won’t be a third season?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Gina says

    Very disappointed to hear copper has been cancelled. One of the best dramas on TV today. Amazing story and characters.

  2. Jeanette Connolly says

    Canceling Copper was the worst decision by BBCAMERICA ever! I really enjoyed the series – the writing, actors, storyline – all terrific! I will miss this show tremendously. I hope to see the lead actors in other series soon. If anyone knows of anything anyone’s in, please let me know.

    • T says

      Some network smart enough out there needs to buy Copper and bring it back. BBC has proven it does not know great programing from lousy ones. They just cancel those that are widely watched and that viewers want more of.

  3. Gina says

    I just found out that Copper was cancelled, and I’m devastated! This was one of the best shows on TV…intelligent, well acted, and fascinating in its historical background. I’m so sick and tired of quality shows being cancelled, while idiotic drivel is left to go on forever.
    They must think TV viewers don’t have a brain in their head. It’s no wonder I watch less and less TV. I hope BBC will reconsider and bring Copper back.

  4. says

    yes,they made a bad mistake of cancelling the show.what are they thinging.i really like Copper.BBC,you really need too return the serious back on.all we ever see anymore is those stupidit,s an awesome show and all reality shows and comedy shows that isn,t even please renew the serious.

  5. says

    yes,i am disappointted they cancell the is a really good show too watch.i like too know why the cancelled it.the cast and crew was doing a great job.what is the network thinging.i really enjoy the show,there isn,t many shows on anymore because of those stupid reality and comedy show thats not even please return COPPER on.what is wrong with BBC channel?

  6. Paul Stevenson says

    Very sorry to learn about the series being cancelled. I have really enjoyed the storey lines; the set locations, the quality of the filming and the fine acting.

  7. T says

    BBCA is on the constant path of committing suicide with the cancellations of top shows while leaving garbage on. Keep it up, they will lose viewers faster than they can count to ten. Like many great programs on TV (not many) are constantly killed because of the big wigs are not fattening their wallets fast enough. Despite viewers finally seeing something worth watching, the networks kill it and leave trash like Honey Poo Poo, KarTRASHians and reality garbage on TV. Keep it up networks, you will end up in the dumpster like you treat top rated shows you kill.

  8. says

    I am very angry that the BBC has cancelled one of the best shows on television. Copper was a great show and the cast was outstanding. How you could cancel something of this quality and keep other lesser shows on the air is an example of providing the least quality and throwing away the best. The show was well written, well acted, the scenes were staged in a totally believable manner as to the sets and costumes. The show gave a great impression of the times it was set in. I guess the fact that you would cancel such a top quality show just demonstrates that the BBC is slipping in quality. Making such poor decisions is not an example of intelligence. This decision proves that.

    • Linda Hayes says

      Copper was produced by BBCA not BBC, please contact them and let them know your feelings….I did with a courteous but disappointing response. Maybe if enough of us contact them our voices will be heard and they will reconsider. It was BBCA`s first attempt at producing their own show…At least they know, and possibly we could hope for another network to pick it up.

  9. Beverly Miller says

    I don’t understand and certainly don’t agree with the decision to cancel Copper. It was an excellent and award worthy show for many reasons; a compelling storyline plus great historical fiction, an outstanding cast, costumes and scenery and top notch performances by well cast actors.
    It seems odd that BBCA has not provided a reasonable explanation to the viewers/fans regarding the cancellation of the show. I have just finished watching the series and will now explore other sites dedicated to the revival of Copper. Corcoran, we hardly knew thee!

    • Diann says

      I have read the comments of others who loved the show, and the comments are insightful, articulate and bar none; disappointed. Why as one comment said do we get, “Honey Boo Boo” and lose shows like Copper. I watched from the first episode and fell in love with the series. What does it take for intelligent people to get to have a really terrific series continued. The garbage we are fed a constant diet of is sickening, but a gritty, well-written, realistic, series is cancelled. I don’t know if the premium networks like Starz would have the ability to pick up the series, but one can hope since they have other great on-going series. Just so disheartening to fall in love with a series to have your favorite character looking out over Five Points and fade out…

      • says

        Your comments are right on!! I am hoping that one of the cable networks (HBO, AMC, STARZ) will have the vision to put COPPER on their network. I have emailed BBCA and all I have gotten is a simple response that the show is cancelled, nothing more, nothing less. I don’t know who made the decision to cancel COPPER at BBCA, but it was (in my opinion, a HUGE MISTAKE). We continue to have garbage shows presented to us instead of a show like COPPER that had great writing, musical score (the music is on a CD), great acting and GREAT storylines. COPPER was certainly a thinking persons show and provided great entertainment. If it helps, sign the bring back COPPER Petition, you can locate it on the web.

    • Kim says

      What a great show!! I am so disappointed!! I too watched the show from the beginning! What is BBC thinking?? I hope they change their minds and bring it back.

  10. Liz Kraft says

    #CopperTV #SaveCopper #BringBackCopper #Steampunk #Victorian #CivilWar

    Good evening.

    As part of the ongoing campaign to bring the powerful series, “Copper”, back to television, I’m reaching out to the fans.

    I’d like for you to take the time, to view these links. It’s your choice, if you wish to participate, and pass on this information to others.

    1) An “organized” mob, aiming to “Bring Back Copper” :

    2) A page to “Save Copper” :

    3) The “original” petition :

    4) A second petition :

    5) A third petition :

    A hopeless Detective Corcoran, on a devoid balcony … shouldn’t be the last scene, a Copperhead should see.

  11. tony says

    i have literally just found out that COPPER is now cancelled i cant believe they stop production of such an EXCELLENT show when others are left running that are boring and relentless. i dont watch alot of television due to the constant dribble they put on there but COPPER had me glued i watched the whole series 1 within 2 days followed by series 2 i couldnt get enough of it. i can only hope that someone else will pick this up and keep the show running.

    A very unhappy viewer (england)

    • Linda Hayes says

      There are a lot of people who agree with you, including me….I’ve posted BBCA a others…The response is the same, BBCA states…”Thank you for your interest, Copper has been cancelled….” I too hope that another network picks it up, if only for closure on the current story line….

  12. Diann says

    Copper was a great show that pushed the envelope while maintaining some true history. I hate to follow it around never knowing what was going on, but to cancel; preposterous. There are some good shows on BBCA but Copper wasn’t good, it was excellent with great story lines. Bad decision, BBCA.

    • says

      I totally agree with your comments. I have emailed BBCA and signed the petition to get COPPER back for Season 3. I did receive an email response from BBCA ( a piss poor response at that), that COPPER was not being renewed. I am still angry that we are fed crap by the majority of television programmers. A fantastic show like COPPER comes along which is compelling, great characters, historical and very well written and the idiots at BBCA have the show cancelled. I am with you, I will not invest my time in other BBCA programming. I can only hope that HBO, STARZ, AMC, FX, etc., will make the decision to add COPPER to their lineup. Hey, network programming people are you listening.

      • Linda Hayes says

        I did both as well, received the same curt email from BBCA. I cannot say I will turn away from all BBCA programming, because they do carry shows I do like…But, I sure would like a solid explanation as to why they canceled Copper…

  13. Kristen Wagner says

    Very disappointed that COPPER won’t be coming back for a third season. It is a great show; infinitely better than most of the trash on TV today. I have really come to enjoy shows on BBCA, especially Copper, Dr. Who and Broadchurh. I can’t believe you cancelled Copper? What were you thinking?!!!

  14. says

    Really upset Copper was cancelled. Great show yet poor decisions by BBCA executives. We became residents of the Five Points for that one hour a week.
    Copper was truly a great show. More of a reality show (from time gone by) than some of those scripted ones on today.
    Well, seems as though the BBCA is off my list and I go back to listening to music.
    Once again, poor choice from BBCA and hopefully another station will see the light.

    • Linda Hayes says

      Extremely well said, I stated in a previous post I had contacted BBCA, I received a courteous response. ” Copper is cancelled, Thank you for interest…” I was not well pleased…
      I do hope some one like STARZ or any one who could carry it without compromising the integrity of this wonderful series…

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