Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey: Ratings

Cosmos ratingsIt’s been quite awhile since FOX programmed anything but animated shows on Sunday nights — and there certainly hasn’t been anything like Cosmos on the network before. Will their gamble pay off and bring in bigger ratings or, will it be a disappointment? We’ll see.

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey is a follow up to the Carl Sagan series from 1980 and is hosted by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. The series follows how humans discovered the laws of nature and the quest for knowledge.

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What do you think? Do you like the new Cosmos TV series? Do you think it should be cancelled or renewed for a second season?

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  1. Peace says

    This is a wonderful show. I am beginning to re-think my belief in christianity. The pastor keeps telling us that evolution is a lie, but the evidence is obviously all around us. We were taught in school that Science is truth, yet we are taught in church that it is a lie. I think I will take time away from the church and read more Science.

    • Phil says

      It is people like you, with courage and open mind that got us out of the Dark Ages. I am certain that science will be the most wonderful eye opener in your life! Happy learning :P.

  2. Randy says

    dji, You are not funny or clever. Why always playing the race card? And name calling?

    Mathematical equations don’t prove anything. Observations prove equations. That being said, Neil deGrasse Tyson is a brilliant astrophysicist and an excellent communicator. He is too preachy however regarding evolution and this bias bleeds through his message. And that bias detracts from his message in my opinion. He publicly says that he is an avoid athiest.

    You should watch what you post and say as you don’t know me at all. Signing off.

    • dji says

      randy you’re ignorance shows in you’re posts. these equations have been proven. string theory hasn’t as of yet. but the equations work. sciensce and religion don’t have to be at odds. when the creator spoke to the ancients he spoke to them like 9 year olds because they had no understanding of the world they lived in. now if you choose to believe the story told to a 9 year old brain that’s you’re choice. and really you are a right wing hack and i’m glad that i don’t know you. i have cut a lot of people out of my life because they are bigot’s just like you. please stay signed off.

  3. says

    PLEASE leave this show on and have 2nd season. We’re soooooo tired of sit-coms, reality shows, dramas, etc; all done to death. This show is interesting. Can’t the intelligent have at least ONE show we like???

    • dji says

      this show is for 13 episodes. there will be no seond season. it’s an update to the original. enjoy it .

  4. Matt says

    Randy, can you show us some evidence of where Darwin has been discredited?
    Perhaps your references include Ken Ham? The point that has been made in the show (and most biologists do except evolution) is that it has been observed. Evolution doesn’t explain origins it explains the diversity of species. Just because you disagree with something doesn’t mean its wrong. Science is meant to discover how the universe operates, the problem with religious people is if it goes against what they were taught it is wrong. It really can be reduced to fear. What if it is wrong? What if I never see my dead grandparents again? They never question their re-translated a dozen times holy book(s). The existence of a creator has been a philosophical discussion since before Christ. The best argument for a believer that can be rationalized in the least is that of a deist.
    So instead of having an emotional reaction, resorting to ad hominid and hating the show because it disagrees with you religion why don’t you appreciate the show’s goal. The goal is to inspire children to appreciate science and further the next generations of discovery.

    • Randy says

      C.F. somehow and for some reason I don’t believe the first part of your sentence about being a Christian. Maybe you should check yourself to see of your really a believer. Just sayin.

      • CG says

        You should not judge. You are not God. People like you will be surprised who makes it and who don’t. You see Randy, i know my personal relationship with God. Be clear, I am not the judge, nor do I try to be. I’d be very careful if I were you. Just saying.

        • Randy Rogers says

          Correct I’m not God. I’m glad IF you’re a believer. So you like the god evolution? BTW The “facts” presented do far in the series so far are thrown out there without any proof – the same criticism athiests level at Christians.

          • CG says

            Randy, no I do not believe in evolution. However, I do believe Cosmos shows the power, glory, and greatness of God. I see God’s glory in the Big Bang Theory and everything else. I guess it’s how you look at it. As I said about evolution, I listen to various opinions, but I am educated enough to respect other theories that differ from mine. At the same time remain firm in my beliefs without putting down and judging others. One does not preclude the other.

          • dji says

            randy if you are a christian then you would know an all powerful god would be the master scientist, mathematician, physicist and creator. he did all of this. and even tough religion and people of science don’t want to see eye to eye they and you don’t realize it’s all the same thing. god created science and it’s man’s job to find out what he created and how. and if you and all the different minions of this world don’t get that then all of you and them are lost. c’mon man. figure it out. don’t be at odds with facts. this stuff about science is fact bact up by math and physics.

          • Alex Jorgensen says

            Actually Randy, all of the facts that have been presented so far are backed up by experimentation and mathematical equations. I respect where your coming from (being a Christian and all), but america is falling behind in the scientific literacy curve. We need more shows like this to educate the future generations of Americans so they can compete in this scientific literate world.

        • Randy Rogers says

          I agree with what you say. I acually have advanced degrees in physics and astrophysics. I own a 20″ goto telescope wlas well as an 11″ SCT and love observational astronomy. I hate being force-fed from the hog trough of evolution which is pretty well so far a constant in this remake. I’m Going atheists Druyan and Tyson spend the remaining episodes on the cosmos instead of trying to explain and throw out wild theories and things they have no supporting evidence for. Evolution is the faith of the atheist scientist and they’re proselytizing. Go figure.
          Peace brother.

          • CG says

            Randy, I can appreciate your point and respect where you’re coming from. May God bless you! Your friend in Christ. 😉

      • Randy says

        The last two episodes have been somewhat better than the first two although Tyson continues to preach the gospel of unprovable evolution – you cannot see evidence, just add billions of years plus a heaping helping of faith in science and scientists. Accept global warming. Ignore inconsistencies in data and treat those who disagree with your dogma just as Tyson in episode 1 complains regarding Galileo and other “heretics” were treated by unenlightened Christians and others.

        Google “Harlton Arp ” and the way the religion of big-bangers took away his telescope time at the then largest telescope in the world – the 200″ Hale telescope at Mt. Palomar as a fellow of the Carnegie Institute. Arp proposed a valid theory based on statistical and observational evidence by studying quasars and doing careful scientific measurements. Eventually Arp was banished by folks like Sagan, and moved to Europe and continued his studies there and los Campos Observatory. He wrote an interesting book detailing the religous cult of the big bang.

        Tyson mentions many unprovable theories such as the bubble universe, Kip Thorne’s theorynregarding rotating black holes (wormholes), and several other theories postulated by some astonishing mathematical gymnastics.

        That being said, Tyson is an excellent communicator of evolution, astronomy and hopefully will excite sufficient numbers of children to enter scientific and mathematical studies on the college level.

        • Charles Murray says

          Do you have a Facebook page? I have a friend, Brandon Fibbs, who is an associate producer for COSMOS. When I knew him some years ago he and I served in a Bible study together. He is now a confirmed atheist and an associate of Tyson. We have had gruesome battles on his FB page arguing our positions. There are many scientists and apologists on his page, but I usually lose the battle and need to be careful. My daughter is an MIT/Harvard educated PhD serving as the senior scientist for Eli Lilly and helps me. She is an extremely devout disciple of Christ but also not a literalist. She says evolution is fine, as well as any other evidential truth. She also understands truth as not proving an asserted falsehood. So her position, which I accept, is that it cannot be proven that Jesus was not resurrected, nor can the authorship of the Bible be disproven. The atheists say that is falsifying truth. You would be a great addition to the discussion on Brandon’s page. I strive to remain civil, but atheists are really focused beyond civility sometimes.

  5. Derek says

    Please just allow this show to stay on the air. I have found myself on this website due to the realization that religious people must find the factual accounts on this show to be offensive and presumably condem the show to being cancelled. One goal which this show attempts to achieve is the promotion of science education and the realization of its importance to society. The show does not try to discount religion itself but it does stress that some ideas put forth by religion are counter intuitive and detrimental to society. I would ask the likely conservative minded and religious people to open their minds and recognize that having a better educated world would have an overwhelmingly positive impact. Give this show the chance it deserves!

  6. Frank says

    The reason why the original cosmos was good was because of Carl Sagan. It was his show and that’s that. I can’t wait for this show to get cancelled and replaced with another horribly animated show that is ‘Dumb TV’ so that everyone that watched Cosmos now can get so angry, they vomit blood all over their friends as they discuss why 1.God doesn’t exist and 2. Anyway he’s stupid.

    • dji says

      FRANK NO MATTER HOW YOU FEEL IT AIN’T GETTING CANCELED. PERIOD. THEY SPENT MILLIONS ON IT SO IT GOES FORWARD. GOT IT? nobody said god doesn’t exist and that he’s dumb. now just zip it up and don’t watch.

  7. Raggedyteacherman says

    Well — this is what happens when you try to put something intelligent on a FOX network. . .

    It’s met with disdain and “Well this isn’t true because of reasons!”

    Whether those “reasons” actually have some credibility (of which I’ve found none so far) is inconsequential. The people who keep crying out that the information on the show is false are the ones who shouldn’t be watching the show in the first place. If you disagree, then don’t watch the show — it’s just that simple. Let those who want to watch do so without a public outcry based on a literary work which is archaic, sexist, racist, and wrongfully cited as a “morality tool.”

    This would be a great time to use the Deuteronomy example.

    You know the one? The one that says a woman must marry the person who raped her if her father says so?

    Deuteronomy 22:28-29 “If a man meets a virgin who is not betrothed, and seizes her and lies with her, and they are found, then the man who lay with her shall give to the father of the young woman fifty shekels of silver, and she shall be his wife, because he has violated her. He may not divorce her all his days.”

    Human beings determine morality, not religion.

    I am a good person because I want to be — not because I want to go to heaven or because there’s a threat of hell.

    I’m hoping for the same as both hosts of the show: That this will touch someone out there, and that those people who have been affected will want to know more. I hope they will one day be the ones to find the answers which seem to elude us — maybe in a time when we can stop telling our children what to think and let them do it for themselves. I don’t expect to see ignorance disappear — there will always be those who choose to think they know everything.

  8. Bethany says

    I am so excited that this show is airing on FOX in the 8pm timeslot. I mean trying to balance the new shows Believe and Resurrection, with the old favorites Shameless and Walking Dead, with what should have been American Dad (OR THE CLEVELAND SHOW) and Family Guy was getting to be so complicated. FOX made my life so much easier by moving the shows I actually watch on their network into timeslots that I am not already watching 4 or more other shows so I can balance my viewing for Sundays without feeling guilty about not being able to catch one of them, and reducing their ratings.

    I enjoy the show fine and dandy, but I can catch it on any of the Discovery Channels that it is also airing on, and they have later runnings and reruns of the show, so I don’t have to juggle so many of them at the same time.

    In short, good show or not, picking that timeslot was really not their brightest idea, since my family would all sit down to watch Animation Domination together, and I can’t get my dog to sit still long enough to watch Cosmos with me.

  9. Clem says

    I was an avid fan of Carl Sagan’s original “Cosmos” series on PBS, and while he’s no Sagan, Tyson can be engaging and educational without being heavy-handed, so I figured the series would be following pretty much in the tradition of the original. Was I ever wrong. Starting with the clumsy opening by Barack Obama (totally unnecessary and meaningless), the first episode had a slow-motion heaviness about it that Sagan’s shows occasionally slipped into but as a rule avoided by giving us ideas and stories that we had never heard. Except for the animated story of the rogue monk, which was primitively crafted and clumsily voiced (with no effort made to hide the show’s disdain for the Church, something that has become de rigeur for scientists these days), we heard nothing new and there was really only lip service paid to the planets as they were passed in Tyson’s fanciful fly-by. All in all, a disappointing first chapter. I will watch again, because I expect better in the coming weeks. But now I’m not expecting to be wowed, something I really was expecting before the first show aired.

    • dji says

      just so you know the fist cosoms was written by sagans wife. this one is to. so i don’t get you’re point. and the president did great. i get you don’t like him but that’s you’re problem.

    • Lee says

      Exactly, and it hasn’t gotten any better. Plodding. This is why so many people don’t like science. They have lost a staggering number of viewers thus far.

  10. Boring says

    I love science and was looking forward to this show, but it moved way too slow and seemed more like a history lesson. We watched half and then switched to other shows. I’ll finish watching the recording later and may try it again but it better pick up or We’re done with it.

  11. Randy says

    The show was lame complete with Odumba introducing the series. He collected attendance degrees from Columbia and Harvard and sealed all his records.

    The series presented warmed over theories taking the stereotypical swipes at Christianity and giving Islam the standard free pass.

    The animations were run-of-the-mill at best.

    Tyson paid obligatory homage to his idol Sagan who was stated to be the greatest astronomer in the world. Not. He was a great front man of modern astronomical theories.

    The whole series should have been updated and not merely retraced.

    • dji says

      randy keep you’re politics to you’re self. and don’t call names. you seem like a very unhappy man. carl sagan was a great cosmologist. if ya don’t get theat then crawl back under you’re rock.

      • Randy Rogers says

        I’ll express myself as I please. I’m very happy. I bought the remake of the original Cosmos Series on dvd when it came out. You are mistaken about Sagan being a great cosmologists. He was a planetary scientist at Cornell. Maybe you should do some study on your own and not believe everything you see on tv.

        By the way you appear to be illiterate or else drunk by your inappropriate use of syntax.

        • dji says

          he was also a cosmologist. he also did physics. yes he did planetary science but he did a lot more. and you come across as an angry right wing hack. so i say to you don’t watch. and good bye and good luck. and like i said before you’re rock awaits you.

          • Science Rocks says

            Great show for the average person who is interested in science but doesn’t have the time or energy to watch a long winded explanation of every aspect of the underlying facts that support the theories. Can’t wait for the next one

          • Randy Rogers says

            The second part was even sillier in spending way too much time on his far fetched explanation of the evolution of eyes.

            Tyson can’t stop pimping his to you you must either be low IQ or a product of public school. religion of godless evolution. It takes quite a bit of “blind” faith to believe this nonsense. Use your brain folks. His calling dogs an evolved would and proof of evolution was laughable. Darwin has been discredited and even most biologists no longer hold to its ridiculous claims.

            dji you have the right to worship Obama or whatever you choose. I bear no ill will toward you. However if this characterize of science is convincing

      • Randy says

        Actually the series injected politics into it by inviting dear leader to introduce it. Why not have a CEO or union leader to introduce it? They have just as much if not more knowledge about the subject as Obama.

    • James says

      Randy, do you really believe that the earth is 6000 years old?? Do you really believe that, despite the overwhelming physical evidence proving that to be incorrect? If the answer is yes, you should reconsider who the true Odumba really is here.

      No one is swiping at Christianity, nor Islam. Facts are facts, and they are being presented impartially in this show.

  12. Why Watch says

    Great show. It did start a little slow, but great overall. Everyone I knew watched it, but maybe we are all those that appreciate science and don’t watch dumb TV.

  13. dji says

    the show is great. the ratings are lame. so i guess we have dumbed down so much that nobody cares about science anymore. but it will stay on the air. this cost a fortune to make.

        • Lolwut says

          Anti-christian bigotry? The show only described what it was like back then with the various churches in Europe. What did you expect?

        • James says

          What anti-Christian bigotry? The show mentions prominent scientists from centuries gone by, who used their belief in Christianity and Islam to further and sometimes impede scientific discoveries. There has been absolutely no bigotry whatsoever in this show.

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