Covert Affairs: Season Five Renewal for USA Series

Covert Affairs season fiveUSA Networks has renewed Covert Affairs for a fifth season of 16 episodes. They’re expected to start airing next summer.

The cable series is currently in its fourth season. The 10 episodes that aired this summer averaged 2.5 million viewers, down from the 3.06 million of season three.

The remaining six episodes will kick off on October 17th and finish airing on November 21st.

What do you think? Are you glad to hear that Covert Affairs has been renewed for another year? How long do you think this show should continue?

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  1. Michelle says

    I am really glad that they are still going I am excited and they should go on until they have a story for every one and why they did this or that

  2. says

    i love this program its the best spy program now that spooks has finished over hear a long time ago i hope there will be more then 5 seasons please keep makeing them thanks

  3. SteveO says

    Great show, my wife’s and I fav show. I agree Auggie can be more of a man, but typical of most shows, they either don’t do it on purpose or don’t know how.
    Anyway, great show. It is like watching a movie for an hour a week. I thought this season was good. The actor that played Henry was terrific, wow.

  4. Diana says

    I like the series better than most network tv shows that are similar. It is best when the show is international and the romance with augie is pretty dull. The loss of viewers can be because of how the seasons are split up – no continuity.

    • Isabel says

      Omg agreed I’m so tired of seeing Henry “being one step ahead” when it’s clear he comes off a just being a bit weird !!! Like a psychopath

  5. Isab says

    I absolutely love Eyal, he really does need to be a regular .. Agreed this season hasn’t measured up, but I’m still excited for the second Hal to come back on this Thursday :) hopefully with more Eyal !!!

  6. Anonymous says

    I agree with Greg Turnbull that Auggie is a very weak character – he has been the last two seasons. It’s sad because I used to like Auggie, but now I can’t even stand him. He’s shown this season that he’s not worthy of being with Annie, and I hope this “Walkerson” thing ends with them parting amicably and realizing they’re better off as friends. So I agree with those who say the Annie/Auggie pairing was forced and boring. There is NO romantic chemistry between them; the picture above proves it – they look like teenagers going to the high school prom not true love/soul mates. Annie has already outgrown him, and I think the rest of season four will show just how above him she really is. Eyal is definitely a huge part of this show and his appearance was the absolute highlight of this boring season. I hope season five improves and maybe then, Covert Affairs will gain back those lost million viewers.

  7. Greg Turnbull says

    i agree the augie annie thing was forced and his playing a blind guy is very weak. he sees and reacts to stuff that he shouldn’t be able to see all the time. LAME!
    I like Annie being a free spirit, she’s a spy after all. And what happened to her sister? Really she just moved away forever? Put her in more spy situations. stick her butt in russia and have her foil a totally made up plot to make our president look impotent – oh wait, that really happened lol. Seriously though, she’s a blonde white girl. She’s got limited options of insertion in hostile areas.

  8. Grandizer says

    Sorry to say, I watched the first 3 episodes this season, hated the Augie / Annie romance and have saved the rest on my Tivo for later viewing.

    Not a fan of this season. :(

  9. Anonymous says

    Not a fan of this year’s episodes. Not until Eyal turned up to save the day (again!). That was the best 4 minutes of the whole season. He and Annie are really great together. Absolutely hate the Annie/Auggie “romance”.

  10. Danny says

    Lucky Covert Affairs was renewed as this season so far as really not measured up, the huge drop in viewers reflect the mistake of the forced boring romance between Annie & Auggie plus the writing was too focused on the dull romance. The best scene so far in season 4 was when Eyal saved Annie yet again. At least Eyal elevates the show when he is in it, he needs to be a regular & Auggie the guest star.

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