Creature Comforts: CBS Puts Stops on Stop-Motion Series

Creature ComfortsDuring the summer months, networks understand that viewership is typically lower than usual. As such, it’s pretty rare for a summer series to be pulled prematurely. For this, and obvious reasons, Creature Comforts is a rare breed.

A version of Creature Comforts was first seen as a 1989 animated short film made in Britain. It featured a group of anmals talking about their life in the zoo. It became a TV series in 2003 in the U.K. A U.S. version debuted on June 4th on CBS and featured animal characters being voiced by everyday people. All of these versions were produced by Aardman Animations who are best known for the Wallace and Gromit films.

The claymation Creature Comforts series debuted to 6.3 million and slipped to 4.5 million the second week. Only 4.3 million watched the third episode and, as a result, CBS has pulled Creature Comforts. Repeats of The New Adventures of Old Christine will fill the Monday at 8pm timeslot for the immediate future.

It’s unknown if the four remaining unaired episodes will see the light of day. It’s possible that they may be made available on the CBS site where two episodes currently reside. TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. John says

    I filled out CBS’s feedback form on this one. I have always been a big fan of Aardman Animations, and it was great that my friends could finally see this crazy show I kept talking about. Now the most original show American TV has seen in decades is gone, replaced by the same old sitcom garbage — and RERUNS at that! Boo hiss CBS.

  2. James Hughes says

    Not really surprised that CBS pulled the plug on this unique, special show. Aardman isn’t the draw yet in the States that it is in Britain. CBS used to be known as the “Tiffany Network” stressing quality THEN ratings. It’s a sad day when a truly worthy show is pulled before it can find its audience. Sad, but no longer unexpected.

  3. Gareth Owen says

    Great. As the UK producer of Creature Comforts I’m so glad to see the comments coming in – that it was appreciated over there and that we didn’t waste a year of our lives making the show! Keep them coming then we can make some more! Who the hell is Christine anyway?

  4. ken winston says

    If you get enough executives in one room you get – an amazingly brilliant witty wonderful family and friends get-together fun time feel good show dropped for recycled stale tasteless to begin with junk. The world could be watching boys, but all they know is that you’ve dropped the ball once again. Congratulaions CBS, I’m now watching PBS Antiques Roadshow. Kiss your sponsors good-bye for me, I can’t be bothered to stick around.

  5. Renee Camus says

    Good grief!! Creature Comforts is the only show I have watched on CBS in about … ever! and they pull it? What are you thinking? Bring back Creature Comforts!!!!

  6. jewels says

    Typical. As most people covered already, it was a show that the entire family could watch and we made it a point to be there. We do not have many shows that we schedule around but Creature Comforts was definately one of them. Tempted to stop watching television all together. I get sick of really enjoying a show just to have it pulled out from under us. :o*(

  7. Matt says

    So yeah I too told friends and family to watch the show and dvred it I got home and some other show was on I thought I messed up until everyone told me it was canceled. The first episode I just happened to be surfing and found it told everyone about it. Now they pull the videos I liked watching those too. Dang you CBS.

  8. jessica says

    i am VERY upset that this isn’t on anymore. i watched it 2 mondays ago and was SOO Excited to watch it again and then i saw that it wasn’t on. how dissapointed! IT WAS SOOOOO FUNNY! i loved it. my family loved it. and everyone i talked to thought it was extremely funny! BRING IT BACK!!!!! GIVE IT A CHANCE! PUT THE WORD OUT THERE AND I BET THERE WOULD BE TONS AND TONS OF PEOPLE CRACKING UP WAITING FOR IT TO COME ON EVERY MONDAY!

  9. Pendley says

    That is so disappointing. I have to agree with most of the disgruntled peoples comments. I bragged about this show to everyone after the first episode. I don’t recall my husband and I laughing at such a neat show in a long time. Good Luck CBS. You might want to think that some people take vacations and cannot watch every week…but this show was the first thing I was looking forward to tonight.

  10. Amie says

    I am so disappointed to see that Creature Comfort is not on!!! I was looking foward to Mondays to watch this show. Finally something good was on TV to watch, which was actually super funny! Now you bums have taken it off and I’m totally upset to see it gone! I hope you can bring the laughter back with Creature Comforts airing Monday nights!!!!

  11. Thomas Sielaff says

    Sick, sick, sick! What the hell is wrong with you folks at CBS? Finally there’s a show that makes me laugh and what do you do…you pull it. I thought for quite a while that exec’s at the broadcasting companies were brain dead with the junk they have aired the last few years, and now with this move, they have proved me right. Keep the crap and dump the fun!
    So much for family entertainment!


  12. says

    I dreampt that Horse and Mule had their own spinoff show. Where they went to a rave full of sheep and Mule kept knocking peoples’ drinks off tables saying “Don’t worry, got you covered!” and “I can get that stain out!”

  13. says

    Bring Back Creature Comforts!
    I’m sorry – but Old Christine has NO new Adventures! Same old crap, tired stories with different actors. We don’t need another sit-com!!
    Bring it Back!!!
    Bring Back Creature Comforts!! It was fun, fresh and measurably more entertaining that the Tired Adventures of Nothing New Christine!
    Bring Back Creature Comforts!

  14. Dennis says

    Well…CBS YOU’VE DONE IT AGAIN!!! You end up pulling a show before word gets out about it. I’ve not laughed at a show that much in years…then I found out you’ve pulled the show! WHY??? Just because 50 million viewers didn’t jump on it right off the bat! GIVE US A CHANCE before you rip good shows off the air. For those of us that GOT to see it, it was the topic of conversation the next day and the laughter started all over again. NOW…we’re just laughing at you for not having the balls to take a chance at making America laugh!!! Actually, we won’t be watching ANY Monday evening shows on CBS anymore…but thanks for letting us know that there still is some REAL creativity out there and not stupid, stale shows like OLD CHRISTINE reruns!!!!!!!! Guess CBS stands for CAN’T BE SMART!!!

  15. Austin says

    Creature Comforts was the funniest show on television in many years. I called all my friends and relatives to tell them to watch, and no one knew it was on until I clued them in. Perhaps if it had been advertised better we would not be mourning it now. Please bring back the remaining episodes. CBS needs a cult show to bring in fans, not a tired old chestnut like Christine.

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