Crossing Jordan: Is the NBC Drama Done?

Crossing Jordan castDr. Jordan Cavanaugh has encountered lots of scary killers and tough cases in her work in the Boston Medical Examiner’s Office. Played by Jill Hennessy, Jordan is sexy, smart and fearless but, is she any match for her the biggest challenge yet?

Crossing Jordan
debuted on September 24, 2001 on NBC. The title of the show plays off the lead character’s name and also alludes to the biblical story of the Hebrews crossing the Jordan River (often used as a metaphor for passing from this world to the after-life). The series initially involved Jordan and her father (Ken Howard) role-playing various murder case scenarios, allowing Jordan to figure out the crime’s circumstances. As the show progressed, the series has evolved into focusing more on its ensemble cast and their various cases. The current sixth season cast includes such diverse actors as Miguel Ferrer, Ravi Kapoor, Kathryn Hahn, Steve Valentine, Ravi Kapoor, Steve Valentine, Leslie Bibb, and Jerry O’Connell.

Jordan has been airing on Sunday nights since its midseason return on January 21, 2007. The show has been pretty consistently finishing in third place on Sunday nights. More importantly, it’s been attracting a low percentage of 18-19 year old viewers, the most desirable demographic of people for advertisers. Quite honestly, those are the numbers that networks care about the most.

NBC has now announced that its reshuffling its Wednesday and Sunday night schedules beginning March 4th. Deal or No Deal is moving to Sundays to take the 9pm slot while the sixth season of The Apprentice will shift to the less competitive 10pm timeslot. This move will create an “all reality show” night for NBC. Crossing Jordan in turn is moving to Wednesday nights (starting March 7th at 9pm) where it will be surrounded by fellow dramas Friday Night Lights and Medium.

That would sound like a good plan except that Crossing Jordan will now be up against the incredibly popular American Idol on FOX and Criminal Minds on CBS — a combination that previously scared ABC enough to move Lost. Deal or No Deal was doing pretty well as counter programming on Wednesday nights, giving viewers an alternative to the other networks who served up drama (CBS), comedy (ABC), and reality (FOX) programming.

Criminal Minds is consistently far more popular than Crossing Jordan and that’s not likely to change. Does NBC honestly expect this move to help Crossing Jordan or has the peacock network already given up on the series? Are they just burning off the episodes? Even before season six began, insiders suspected that this would be Crossing Jordan’s last. With most viewers (especially those 18-49) watching American Idol, is there any hope Crossing Jordan can survive? Not very likely. Unfortunately for fans, this may be one case that even Jordan Cavanaugh can’t win. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Barb says

    So enjoyed watching Crossing Jordan and can’t believe that NBC would cancel. We have enough reality shows and citcoms please bring it back

  2. Sharron says

    It is a great show. I fear that it will not be returning. NBC is certainly putting a question mark on the show. On my DVR, it shows the description of the programs. Several other shows that I record say “Series, Season Finale”. Crossing Jordan says “Series, Finale” That doesn’t look good, unfortunately.

  3. Anita says

    Here is another show that is great and losing its place on the line-up…whats the matter with you people. There are those of us who enjoy shows like this and want to see them… If you can’t find a place for her during the week, put it on Saturday nights…You never have anything worth watching on Saturdays…it’s the same old thing, nothing!!!
    Please save Jordan!!!
    Thank You

  4. Diane says

    I will be very sorry to see Jordan go. There are too many reality/game shows. I agree that Saturday is a dead night on network tv and trying Jordan there may be very surprising and rewarding for the network at the same time.

  5. Lillian Rock says

    I agree with everyone who has posted comments reguarding Crossing Jordan,,I myself and my husband have been wathcing the show since it first aired and love it to. All the cast members are great actors. I really hope that the show continues for a long time to come. Please just put it in a time slot where it will have a chance. Thank You.

  6. Danielle says

    I love Crossing Jordan… and if you are looking for a younger audience i am 17 years old… Everybody i know watches Crossing Jordan…. I have conversations about it with my math teacher… I would rather Watch Crossing Jordan before American Idol… I mean what is the point of American Idol anyway… It is suppose to be a singing competition but at the beginning of the show they got rid of a good singer… and left some bad ones… but Crossing Jordan is constant and it is not a show that can make people feel bad about themselves… much better show and it gives me something to look forward to on wednesdays… that is the only reason i like Wednesdays…..CROSSING JORDAN ROCKS!!!!

  7. Aaron says

    Wow, I just started really getting into this show about a year ago. I was always impressed with the cast’s delivery and how well the plot wove into each episode. I had no idea they were airing the *series* finale until tonight, when they advertised it. The last few episodes really had me intrigued more than ever and I was under the assumption that it would be continuing on for at least another season. I was pretty shocked and disappointed with the fact that NBC cut this series so short, when they’ve kept a mid-rate, boring show like ER on for 13+ seasons.

    What I really liked about Crossing Jordan was that they found a perfect cast and a perfect set of writers, and actually stuck with it; all while maintaining a promising series. I hope that NBC will rethink their decision and re-slate the series for at least another trial season. It’s really one of the only three or four shows on NBC that actually had redeeming and promising qualities in all aspects.

  8. says

    I can’t believe you are canceling Jordan. I have watched every eposide since it started. I love the characters…..they all do exceptional jobs. There is never a dull moment in the show. It should never have been moved to the same time as Criminal Minds. I liked it on Sundays. Please let it stay.

  9. Jason says

    I really beleive that this is a great show and that I have been watching this series since it began. What is really sad, is that I beleive that why Cossing Jordan maybe having a hard time is because there isn’t enough garbage on the show. I am so sick and tired of the reallity shows. We still need some great shows on NBC. I feel like I am at home watching this program, and since I cannot stay up past 9:00 PM, I record Crossing Jordan and many other programs. This is an awesome crew and they look like they work together well. I am a 32 year old guy, and I love this program. I also feel that our Society is getting worse so they would rather have programs with more sex, foul language, and more violence. I hope you give this program more chances to make the hump over the hill to stay on NBC. As Claudia stated above, why not change the program to Saturday Nights, since there is nothing on Saturdays that aren’t any good anymore, like the way it used to be in the late 90’s to around 2000. Thanks for your time.


  10. Shelli-- O.G., LA says

    I agree with everyone else. I am 23 years old and look forward to Wednesday nights when Jordan will be on. This is a great show and NBC would be stupid not to put in back in for a seventh season. I love all the other shows as well but Jordan has to be my favorite. Please let us know quickly if NBC is going to let there be another season of Crossing Jordan. They can’t just let Lily and Bug get together and not show us what is going to happen. Also I think they just need to let Jordan and Woody get together before they decide to do away with the show!!! PLEASE DON’T TAKE CROSSING JORDAN OFF THE AIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Emily (#1 fan of crossing jordon) says

    Crossing Jordon is a great show that keeps my attention the entire time. I don’t care if Criminal Minds is more popular, the fans think differently. I love the characters and the personal problems that make each and every case as good if not better than the last. I look forward and expect a 7th season next year. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Miguel,Ravi,Jill,Steve, and Jerry. Please!!!!!! bring back Crossing Jordon. That show will live on, hopefully.

  12. Claudia says

    What about changing Jordon to Saturday evenings,this seems to be a dead nite, usually nothing worth while is on. I love Jordon and the entire cast. Putting it up against Criminal Minds was a big mistake, this show really holds my interest for being real – their are FBI profilers. Take off CSI Miami, maybe Horatio can then get his neck straightened, it always seems to keep his head turned away from whoever he is speaking to and maybe he can also get his hands detached from his hips.

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