Crossing Lines: A Second Season or Cancelled on NBC?

Crossing Lines canceled or renewed for season two?Last night, NBC aired the finale of Crossing Lines. The season ended on a cliffhanger that has viewers itching for season two. Will the show be renewed, or will it be cancelled instead?

Crossing Lines follows a former NYPD officer who’s become addicted to morphine and ends up working as a trash collector for a carnival in the Netherlands. The International Criminal Court recognizes his worth and recruits him to help investigate crimes that cross international borders.

The show stars William Fichtner, Marc Lavoine, Gabriella Pession, Tom Wlaschiha, Moon Dailly, Richard Flood, and Donald Sutherland.

The police procedural series debuted June 23rd to a disappointing 0.7 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 4.38 million viewers. The first hour ranked a distant third in its timeslot, easily beaten by a rerun of FOX’s Family Guy and the debut of Whodunnit? on ABC.

Though viewership is lower in the summer months, the peaock network could not be happy with these numbers. The later weeks saw them get even worse. Over the course of the season, Crossing Lines has fallen as low as a 0.5 demo rating and 2.51 million viewers.

If NBC were producing the Crossing Lines, there’d be no way that they would make a second season. There’s just not enough ad money to pay for the production.

Thankfully for fans, NBC doesn’t produce the show. Crossing Lines was jointly commissioned by TF1 in France and by Sony for their AXN channels.

NBC merely licenses the series so it costs them much less. Based on the ratings, it’s still extremely unlikely that the peacock network will air a second season.

However, there’s hope that another season will be produced by Sony and TF1. If that happens, another US channel could pick it up or, at the very least, episodes could be released on DVD. We’ll post any updates as they become available.

But, what do you think? Would you like to see a second season of Crossing Lines or should it be cancelled instead? Why didn’t more people watch? If NBC doesn’t want season two, which channel would be a better fit?

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  1. Terri says

    Please don’t cancel! This is a smart show…the cast is great, and I MUST know what happens next after that cliff-hanger finale! If NBC declines, I think USA or Fox would be a good fit. But, is has to go somewhere!! Don’t let this disappear!!

  2. j says

    Please renew Crossing Lines. William Fichtner is a fantastic actor. If NBC doesn’t want to pick it up for another season then put it on another station. Cancel Undercover Boss and put in it’s place Crossing Lines.

  3. Merrill says

    I truly enjoyed Crossing Lines this summer. It was thoughtful and suspenseful and the characters were believable. It probably would do better on USA or TNT where they seem to go more for dramas and not as much for mindless reality shows. I hope it comes back.

  4. d.d. says

    Not in the 18-49 category but I’m alive and I buy products too. If nothing else, consider picking up “Crossing Lines” and call it your contribution to seniors:) I agree with the opinions expressed in the other postings. I watched each episode and looked forward to the next. Donald Sutherland has always been a favorite and those with whom I was not familiar were good actors and a treat to watch. Kudos to you for airing the first 10 episodes. The fact that you did air the program shows that someone there had good sense. Sometimes, NBC, I really believe you need to listen to those who might not be in the majority if for no other reason than to hope that these people might not write your programs off completely. Perhaps other networks will employ those who check these opinions and decide that it might not be a bad decision to air “Crossing Lines” in the fall.

  5. Douglas Campbell says

    We agree with the previous comments, the show requires thinking and is not just to humiliate people like the reality shows. Most of the shows that require a brain just last one year, while the silly and nonsense shows.

  6. Shirley Bryant says

    I am hoping USA or Fox would pick it up if NBC can’t give it a go. The show was excellent, well written and fast paced. Too many couch potatoes sitting around wanting to watch other slugs on reality shows who cannot think for themselves. Too many good elements on Crossing Lines to give up on it now.

  7. medicinewoman says

    It is not surprising that the viewer numbers and NBC’s precious demo #’s are not what they would like in order to show a second season. THIS SHOW REQUIRES A FUNCTIONING BRAIN. If summer series like Summer Camp and other non-reality” reality”shows are all that the 18-49 demo group are interested in then that’s all that will be renewed and I will stop watching TV altogether.With Burn Notice gone after this season and the distinct lack of shows like Leverage and Crossing Lines there will be NO ONE watching any TV in this house.!!!!!

  8. Judy Dawes says

    Excellent scripts, superb cast, what’s not to enjoy and look forward to. I think it was a poor time slot that caused the problem. I sick to death of ” reality” shows that reek of editing! If NBC does cancel one of the cable networks should pick it up and cash in in it!

  9. Dale E Duty says

    When are the networks, and everyone else for that matter, going to dump the Nielsen system? It is not accurate. I am not saying the Crossing Lines was a hit. What I am saying is we will never really know how many viewers a given TV show has based on this system. First of all, my wife and I watch this show on demand as it plays when I work. How many others are in the same boat, and this is not accounted for? My second point is, when a show does not do well on a given night (Sundays…, please.) then why not try it on another night. No, only when a TV show is a hit will the networks move the show to another night, as they believe they can drag us to that evening to watch some schlock that runs before or after it. This is garbage. No one watches TV that way anymore.
    This is a good show, and I have a feeling with the cast it has it will be picked up by somebody. Let’s hope this doesn’t go the way of ‘Vegas’, another show not given a real chance, while unforgettable shows like ‘Unforgettable’ get another shot.

  10. Sherry Hester says

    Why would a first rate show like Crossing Lines be in jeopardy??? I agree with Janice … what is the matter with the programming people? The acting is superb, I love the characters and the story line … it keeps me coming back week after week … and I’ll be extremely disappointed if this season finale is the end of it all.

  11. Evelyn Priem says

    Best crime show on television. Crossing Lines has to be renewed, NBC can’t take this off the air. Currently we can’t get NBC through Time Warner but fortunate enough to pick it up on ‘demand’

  12. Sherrie says

    Best show of the summer. It would be a shame to end it now. Maybe they should advertise it more so people would know about it. I have told friends and family about it and they all loved it.

  13. Janice Masi says

    This was the best show on TV This season. If NBC cannot see that, they need to replace their programming people! I hope then that CBS will take it up.

  14. carla davidson says

    Best show of summer. Not the usual reality crap. Crossing Lines more like a really
    good movie each week. Of course they won’t renew. The networks only pander to the mindless not the people who want something new and different, something interesting and exciting.

  15. kate fredericks says

    Crossing Lines has been the highlight of my summer TV viewing after CBS turned Dexter and Ray off via Time Warner. This well acted and smartly written show deserves better than a summer showing on NBC. If a cable network (FX are U listening?) picks it up Instead, it will do far better. Plus, THE. BEST. SEASON. FINALE. EVER! We really MUST see how all three intricate plots resolve themselves! BEGGING for a different venue and many more seasons!!!

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