CSI: Miami: CBS TV Show Gets Earlier Timeslot; Will This Help Save It?

CSI: MiamiThere’s some positive news for fans of CSI: Miami. The aging drama was moved to Sunday nights at 10pm this season, a challenging timeslot. It’s been performing decently but, because of football overruns, it sometimes doesn’t air until much later in the evening. Back in October, one episode didn’t start until 10:59pm and last Sunday’s installment started 26 minutes late. That kind of disruption doesn’t help ongoing viewership.

It would seem that the network still believes in the series though and is giving it a new timeslot, Sundays at 8pm. The Futon Critic reports that new episodes of CSI: Miami will air on January 2nd, 9th, 16th, and may continue past that. Reruns of Miami will fill the old 10pm timeslot. The Amazing Race is set to return on February 20th and will take back the 8pm timeslot at that time.

This added exposure will surely help Miami’s ratings which, even with the football overruns, aren’t horrible. It’s currently averaging a 2.6 in the 18-49 demographic with 10.45 million total viewers. It’s the 13th highest rated scripted program on the network, ranking between CSI and The Defenders.

What do you think? Is this a good move for CSI: Miami? Do you think it’ll be renewed for a 10th season or be cancelled?

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  1. JoAnn says

    I love CSI Miami and am very disappointed it hasn’t been on lately on CBS. This is a great show and one of the very few I watch on CBS.

  2. says

    If they were to keep their hands off C S I Miami, then it would have a real good chance to be renewed for the 101th season. However when they play musical time slots, ( one week here the next week there if it even shows at all or show completely) no show can last. The last show was almost over with (about 10 min. to go ) C B S news broke in stating that Mr. Obama will speak in JUST Minutes and it was almost an hr. before he came on. Overruns with sports are needed to be adjusted If the game is to be on at 3pm and last till 6 pm don’t put a regular program in until 7pm. Therefore there will be are no late starts for regular programming

  3. Adam Decker says

    Even if this show gets cancelled by CBS, I guarantee that other networks will fight over the rights to this show so they can air more episodes. I’ll admit that it’s not the best show on TV, but it’s much better than a lot of the junk you see.

  4. Roxanna Evans says

    CSI Miami deserves to have its regular slot of Monday at 10 pm. I hate it when football or any other sport conflicts with regularly scheduled tv shows. They should have their own channel just for sports and not interrupt my programs that I love to watch. I called WRAL TV and complained profusely about this when the show did not air. This is totally unfair to the show. I am an avid fan of all CSI Episodes so KEEP IT ON PLEASE!!!

    Roxanna J. Evan
    Raleigh North Carolina

  5. says

    I love CSI:Miami but changing it from monday @ 10pm to sunday was a big mistake. Since this change I have sometimes missed either the beginning or the end of several episodes. This cannot help but bring down ratings, Please take it off Sundays and put it back to it’s original time slot. About 90% of the shows I watch are on CBS and suddenly all the best shows have changed time slots. When a show is getting good ratings why do you switch them around and put them into slots where they can’t continue to succeed? Putting any show on Sunday nights will kill the show. Every other show that was on at this time previously did not do too good even though I liked them. I know you have to make room for new shows but don’t mess with what you have to accomplish this. Again, put CSI Miami back on Mondays, either at 9pm or 10pm. I think it’s a good lead into Hawaii 5-0. I hope this show stays on for many more years. It’s great that Eric is back on the show, he was sorely missed.

  6. Titilayo Adegbile says

    CBS should return CSI:MIAMI to 10PM on Mondays. The network made mistake #1-letting Adam Rodriguez go(but they thankfully listened to fans and brought him back);2)let Eddie Cibriani go instead of Jonathan Togo and 3)moved CSI:MIAMI to a dead zone.Such a show and cast deserve better. I would like to see more diversity in front of and behind the cameras and more edgy story lines from headlines and explosive action.If CBS is done making mistakes then the loyal and smart fans should be rewarded with many mucho caliente seasons to enjoy in the future.

  7. Nancy says

    CBS should put CSI Miami back on Monday nights at 10pm… It was doing very well in that time slot. But instead,CBS decided to put the rebooted Hawaii Five-O in its time slot. Well as far as I am concerned, they can take Hawaii Five-O OFF the air all together and put CSI Miami back where it belongs. H5O is obviously not the big hit, blockbuster CBS assumed it would be. The comparison ratings show CSI Miami was doing much better 1 year ago to what the H5O show is doing currently, when compared week for week, an exact year apart.

  8. Lady J says

    We hate what you all are doing to CSI MIAMI first you should have NEVER put it on SUNDAY PERIOD! there is football, church programs and getting ready for school and work so adults are tired, the show is pushed to the end and sometimes we wait up for it and it doesn’t show. WORD-UP PUT CSI MIAMI BACK ON MONDAY OR THURSDAY SINCE THESE ARE DAYS THAT TV IS TURNED OFF FOR LACK OF PITIFUL SHOWS. I sure hope CRIMINAL MINDS, CSI LAW & ORDERS 2 , CHASE AND NCIS 2 KEEP GOING OR TN IS SHOT FOR MY FAMILY.

  9. Adam Decker says

    The timeslot has killed every show there since they started airing football on Sundays on CBS. They should take off football if they want shows to do well in that slot. I pity the next show that will be in that slot.

  10. Kem Tekinay says

    What would really help this show are scripts without holes that you could drive a train through, and dialog that isn’t as predictable as gravity without the smarts. I still remember the episode where the ghost of a dead CSI had to show the team a body that was not 20 feet from the crime scene. This show needed to be cancelled as soon as the writers decided that their audience was comprised of children who needed to be reminded in every scene of events that happened 2 minutes ago.

  11. says

    I believe that this show has run it’s course. Makes no difference where you put it. All good shows need to recognize when the time has come. Look what they have done to HOUSE. I don’t even watch it anymore. They just took the magic out of it. No one really cares if House and Cuddy got together. It was his medical unorthodox manner that people really liked.

    • Lady J says

      I agree with your comment about HOUSE, I was crazy about this show then it comes back ******. I stopped watching during the 1st episode.

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