CSI: NY: Has the CBS TV Series Been Cancelled?

CSI NY canceled?We’ve received several emails from readers who love CSI: NY and are worried that it’s been cancelled. Will the show ever return? The simple answer is, “Yes, it’s on hiatus until March 30th.” But, while the TV series hasn’t been canned yet, Gary Sinise and company could certainly be in their final season.

It’s no secret that the ratings have declined over the years and that’s probably one of the reasons that CBS moved it to a Friday night timeslot. It still brings in a respectable 10 million viewers each week but is one of the network’s worst performer in the prized 18-49 demographic, even when you adjust for the Friday timeslot. Year-to-year, the show is also down by 7% in the demo.

At the recent TCA press tour, CBS entertainment president Nina Tassler noted that, though she loves the CSI shows, “Nothing runs forever. How you handle it, the most important thing is how you respect your audience, how you respect your cast, and being incredibly sensitive to how you wrap up any show when it ends a successful run. But we are in those talking stages now (about how to end the CSIs).”

TV show supportIt’s unlikely that CBS will end all three CSI series this year but they could certainly drop one or two of them. Based on the ratings, the New York version would be first in line to be cancelled.

What do you think? Is this the last season of CSI: NY? Should the series be cancelled or renewed for one more season?

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  1. Sue Williams says

    Don’t cancel CSI New York one of the best shows on 5 ,not sorry to see Miami retired but Vegas and New York a must for me ,with recent changes to the line up on both shows it would be criminal to cancell

  2. says

    It is unbelievable that they would cancel CSI:New York. It is a very good show that you can believe in true situations. They are taking all the good shows off of t.v. I really hope somebody will realize it and bring a truly great show back.

  3. Donna says

    PLEASE,PLEASE don’t cancel CSI: NY. I love the show most of my family watches it. I even try to watch reruns if I can find it. I would love to buy the dvds but I can’t afford them right now. So please don’t take off. CSI: NY loyal watcher thank you!!!!!

  4. Marilyn says

    Leave it on You canceled CSI Miami and didn’t even end it so everyone knew what was happening.I enjoyed all the CSI’s and would hate for all of them to go away.

    • Kim says

      Please leave CSI: NY on the air!!!! That is the best of the CSIs. I agree with Marilyn that CSI:Miami did not give us fans an ending we could follow. It would be ashame to cancel CSI:NY that way, too. It would be ashame to cancel :NY at all!

  5. lupe fine says


  6. Deb says

    Please do not cancel CSI NY it is 1 of my favorite shows i never miss it & always record it if i cant watch it that night. Love Gary Senise and all the cast – love the addition of Sela Ward and the interaction between the characters. The topic of the shows are always interesting! And also Vegas is one of the best new shows out there!. So tired of these reality shows & the not funny so called comedy shows. And as others have said it was bad enough u cancelled CSI Miami!

  7. Ann says

    CSI New York is a great series with great acting! Its time slot on Friday Night before Bluebloods was okay buy me – made for great Friday night TV! Please, please no nore senseless reality shows!

  8. Nancy says

    I love CSI: NY and the complete cast. They are fine actors, there is great chemistry, the stories are well thought out and well done (not the usual formula garbage) and the stories espouse good old fashioned American values. They also feature musical talent thanks to Gary “Lt Dan Band” Senise who gives all the proceeds to veterans. It’s a class act all the way.

  9. E Rice says

    I love CSI NY I think it is one of best shows on tv.There is so much garbage on tv that they call entertainment,that’s why I watch the cable channels that show old reruns.There are no new shows worth watching.You have a decent show in CSI NY and they want to cancel it.Shame on you

  10. Tilly says

    I totally agree – please do not cancel CSI New York. Bad enough that CSI Miami was canceled without any ending. I don’t watch reality show so good bye CBS.

  11. says

    Don`t do it! CSI New York…..ROCKS!!! So did Miami!!!!! Bring back the Friday line up! Even though I like “Golden Boy”….not the same!!! I really love C.S.I. & “Blue Bloods”. Now…bring back “New York” and we`re gin` again! So many changes! Leave well enuf` alone! Public opinion rules!!!!!!!

  12. Glenda Werner says

    Bring back CSI New York. You’ve already taken CSI Miami off. These are wonderful shows. There are too many of those reality series that I and many others cannot stand. I live in reality, I don’t care to see others. You are taking all the best shows off and that really sucks. Pretty soon all that will be left is reality and sick pornographic type sitcoms. They are getting too suggestive and down right vulgar. Not family shows at all. Bring it back.

  13. Pat says

    I truly miss CSI:New York. It is more believable. I love them all but CSI:Crime Scene Investigation can go off and they keep adding more people and maybe that is what you can do because it is truly missed. There is so much NCIS and all through the day. It is a great show. They were the first of the best and I hope they come back.
    CSI: New York is great and is truly missed on Friday night with Blue Blood.

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