CSI: NY: Cancelled or Renewed for Season 10?

CSI NY cancel or renew?Here we go again. Tonight, CBS airs the ninth season finale of CSI: NY. Will the long-running show be cancelled so that it ends up also being the series finale as well?

As with any show, the network has to look at the costs to produce CSI: NY versus the revenue it generates. CSI: NY has been on the air for nearly 200 episodes and so the costs have risen over the years. Unfortunately, the ratings haven’t gone up as well.

In season seven, CSI: NY averaged a 1.8 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 10.03 million total viewers. Last season, the show averaged a 1.6 demo rating with 9.94 million. This year, it’s averaged a 1.4 rating with 9.68 million viewers.

Is it worthwhile for the network to keep producing more episodes or should they try something new? They haven’t had any luck launching new dramas on Friday nights — Made in Jersey and A Gifted Man, for example — so trying to replace CSI: NY might be a tricky proposition.

As Gary Sinise recently told Larry King regarding the ninth season renewal, “It was a 50-50 toss-up. We have a good solid show but I know from a business perspective what they’re thinking about, looking at. Has our show run its course? Can they find a new show that’s cheaper to make than ours that can do as well? They have to take a lot into account but we’re a solid show.”

If CSI: NY does return it will be without one castmember. Hill Harper, who’s played Sheldon Hawkes since the show began, is leaving. He’s becoming a series regular on USA’s Covert Affairs drama starting with season four.

What do you think? Has CSI: NY run its course? Should CBS cancel it and replace it with an existing drama or something new? Would you like to see it come back for a 10th year?

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  1. Denise Presland says

    It absolutely needs to return. I love this show and really miss CSI Miami. There are not too many good shows out there anymore. I am sorry to say but I have had it up to here with all these reality shows. SO Please renew it, and let me enjoy a tv show again.

  2. Debbie says

    I have always followed and loved this series!!! Mac just asked Christine to marry him and they are going to end the show that way. Are you kidding me????? The man finally is happy again and you take it away from us all??? I love all the characters and I that Hill Harper does not leave if the shows continues. PLEASE SAY IT AIN’T SO!

  3. Jessica Boehm says

    It should be renewed, I still haven’t gotten over CSI Miami being cancelled without wrapping it up. Shows need to have closure. You left Molly Sims ending the season of Las Vegas on the way to the hospital in labor which wasn’t fair and have done the same thing over and over. Spend a season wrapping up loose ends if youy need to end a show, but stop leaving cliff hangers and then pushing the audience over the cliff. By the way Sunday night is the “KIss of Death” with TV shows with football changing start times and DVRs don’t pick up the difference in shows. You need to record till midnight to hope you get what you are trying to record.

  4. Carleen Jackson says

    Please leave CSI:NY on the air. My husband and I love the CSI shows and look forward to them every week. Not sure why Miami was taken off but you have deleted a lot of the best shows as far as we are concerned. We watch CSI:Crime Scene, CSI:NY, Criminal Minds,NCIS, NCIS:LA, Blue Bloods, and Hawaii Five-O. Don’t care much for Vegas, Golden Boy, Good Wife, Elementary, and The Mentalist. And we do not watch the reality shows.

  5. tina p says

    csi ny is one of the best shows on the air …please do not cancel it, csi miami and csi ny r the 2 best csi shows of the 3… csi miami should have never been cancelled

  6. Lillian Valenti says

    one of my favorite shows. Please RENEW for at least another season. Don’t let it just end like CSI Miami another favorite.

  7. Lillian Valenti says

    I love CSI NY. It should be cancelled just like CSI Miami another favorite. People need to know ahead of time if a show will be cancelled. We need at least another season.

  8. Athena Martin says

    Renew the show it is a great tv show and to many good shows are getting canceled and replaced by reality tv. If I wanted reality I would not have a reason to watch tv.

    • Lynda Wiggins says

      I agree with Athena. CSI NY is a great show with great actors. I am so tired of my shows being canceled and replaced with unfunny sitcoms or boring reality shows.

  9. says

    I hope CSI NY returns. I love the cast although Sela Ward is not one of my favorite. Sorry Hill Harpper has moved on but Covert Affairs is a great show also!!

  10. Wendy says

    I would like to see CSI New York back on for another season– I love the show especially actor Gary Sanise because of the work he does for the Veterans.

  11. sojab0on says

    I think they have to renew for 1 last season just as miami had its 10th season NY needs to tie up the lose ends maybe cut out some more eppisodes just to keep it on air

    the proposal of mac to christine and the second child for danny and lindsay are just the starting points and just wnat to know how they write out sheldon is it in same way stella did or are they going for the same rough way as warrick brown and tim speedle PLEASE CBS keep NY on another good CSI show gone will just kill of more ratings and more pepole will look for an show on other chanels like ABC or canadian broadcasters and you will break allot of hearts world wide like what hapend with MIAMI the cast didnt even get an apropiate goodbye eppisode and if you kill off NY now this will be the second huge mistake you make with one of the best watched en bigest franchiase serries ever made.

  12. K Malone says

    Please do not cancel CSY NY – I look forward to it every week – more so than CSI Vegas – love all the cast and crew – you keep taking off the shows that i Love and getting really upset over this. Again I ask please do not cancel CSY NY

  13. maria says

    please dont bring back megan dobbs she is a terrible actress and mac belonngs with sela or peyton because christine is trouble

  14. Lynne says

    Please don’t cancel this show. It is one of the better ones. The crap that they keep trying out are losers. Stick with what works.

  15. Mecca says

    RENEW IT Please !!!!!!!! If not the why you left it for the ending was very nice and gave closers to the show . But I think it still have more story’s to go.

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