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Cult TV show ratingsThe CW has had ratings success with supernatural shows so now they’re trying a thriller/horror series. Will Cult develop a big following or will it be cancelled after one season — like its Tuesday predecessor, Emily Owens, MD? Stay tuned to find out!

Cult follows a journalist and a production assistant as they investigate fans who may be re-creating the crimes committed on a popular TV series. Starring Matthew Davis, Jessica Lucas, Alona Tal, and Robert Knepper, the show typically airs Tuesday nights and the network has ordered 13 episodes.

Below are the TV show’s ratings for the 2012-13 season, the best way to tell if Cult will be cancelled or renewed for a second season. These figures will be updated as the weeks progress so be sure to bookmark and return to this page:

Final season averages: 0.2 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 0.61 million total viewers.

Episode 01-13: Friday, 07/12/13 (series finale)
0.1 in the demo (-50% change) with 0.40 million (-26% change).
Season averages: 0.18 in the demo with 0.61 million.

Episode 01-12: Friday, 07/12/13
0.2 in the demo (+100% change) with 0.54 million (+26% change).
Season averages: 0.18 in the demo with 0.63 million.

Episode 01-11: Friday, 07/05/13
0.1 in the demo (-50% change) with 0.43 million (-31% change).
Season averages: 0.18 in the demo with 0.63 million.

Episode 01-10: Friday, 07/05/13
0.2 in the demo (+100% change) with 0.62 million (+41% change).
Season averages: 0.19 in the demo with 0.65 million.

Episode 01-09: Friday, 06/28/13
0.1 in the demo (0% change) with 0.44 million (-14% change).
Season averages: 0.19 in the demo with 0.66 million.

Episode 01-08: Friday, 06/28/13
0.1 in the demo (-50% change) with 0.51 million (-18% change).
Season averages: 0.20 in the demo with 0.69 million.

UPDATE: The CW has pulled the show and cancelled it. The remaining episodes may turn up online.

Episode 01-07: Friday, 04/05/13
0.2 in the demo (+100% change) with 0.62 million (+15% change).
Season averages: 0.21 in the demo with 0.71 million.

Episode 01-06: Friday, 03/29/13
0.1 in the demo (-50% change) with 0.54 million (-26% change).
Season averages: 0.22 in the demo with 0.72 million.

Episode 01-05: Friday, 03/22/13
0.2 in the demo (0% change) with 0.73 million (+1% change).
Season averages: 0.24 in the demo with 0.76 million.

Episode 01-04: Friday, 03/15/13
0.2 in the demo (0% change) with 0.72 million (+6% change).
Season averages: 0.25 in the demo with 0.77 million.

Episode 01-03: Friday, 03/08/13
0.2 in the demo (-33% change) with 0.68 million (-17% change).
Season averages: 0.27 in the demo with 0.79 million.

UPDATE: The network has moved Cult to Fridays, starting March 8th.

Episode 01-02: Tuesday, 02/26/13
0.3 in the demo (0% change) with 0.82 million (-5% change).
Season averages: 0.30 in the demo with 0.84 million.

Episode 01-01: Tuesday, 02/19/13
0.3 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 0.86 million total viewers.
Season averages: 0.30 in the demo with 0.86 million.

Compared to the ratings from a year earlier (an episode of Ringer), the network was down by 40% in the demo (vs a 0.5 rating) and down by 31% in viewership (vs 1.25 million).

Note: These ratings are collected by the Nielsen company and are the final national numbers. These are different from the fast affiliate numbers which are just estimates of the actual ratings and are reported on by most other outlets. The final nationals are typically released within 24 hours of the programming or, in the case of weekends and holidays, a couple days later.

What do you think? Do you like the Cult TV series? Do you think it should be cancelled or renewed for a second season?

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  1. Anonymous says

    Terrible show. CW youve cancelled so many good shows, and to put on pure Crap? You used to be a favorite channel . but now your trying to become a Horror channel. Glad you took it oof Tues. Heart O Dixie is a great show. you need more like that.

  2. timp says

    Please do not cancel Cult. The only reason I turn on the CW is to watch Cult. I think it is a great show and needs to be promoted better.

  3. Tia says

    I love this show I want it renewed all of my good shows have been cancelled the finder and the secret circle I loved those shows and they got cancelled so I really like this show so I want it renewed

  4. meoo says

    Ofc be rew for season 2 I love this show and the whole cast is great , this show is the best ,it’s a perfect New Series and has the best Story

  5. Carmen says

    Personally, I love this show. English isn’t my native language, but it could have been. No arrogance intended.
    The dialogue is fastpaced, and indeed, if you don’t speak English very well, you’ll be lost. But if you’re a little smarter and keener than most, you will appreciate the show. Every episode makes you wonder new things, while one question is solved. I really look forward every week to watch, even though I have to do it via internet, since I don’t live in the States. The ratings are low, but the CW doesn’t even promote the show properly, so I don’t know if it is even possible to have good ratings.
    I don’t think they should cancel, because a lot of people do love it, and don’t want it to end. It’s new, it isn’t the same ol’ show we have seen 25 times before, and honestly, I think that’s the reason a lot of people won’t watch. They have no idea what it is, it isn’t what they’re used to, so a lot of people won’t watch it. I do this myself too, but then with other types of shows.
    I just hope they won’t cut it off, because I really love it, and would hate to see it go!

  6. Eugene says

    I guess I have to be native in English to appreciate a drama like this.. I’m just finding myself losing focus and interest and ending up playing with my iPhone…

  7. danae says

    I really like it so far. I was getting tired of the same old stuff on Tv, and I like the direction this one is taking. I always like sows that get cancelled, though, so I am probably wasting my time. I really hate when I get all into a show and it gets cancelled. I liked ringer, flashforward, and eastwick, but they all got cancelled. I really hope cult is different and stays on.

  8. reasonableguy says

    Barb, I don’t see what is to be gained knocking another show just because a show you like is at risk of being cancelled.

  9. Barb says

    I honestly think Cult is great! The storyline is different, which is a nice chance away from the typical love triangle gone bad shows. Robert Knepper, Matt Davis and Alona Tal and Jessica Lucas are amazing. I just think this show needs to be given a fair chance. It’s not your type of show where you’ll have it figured out in 3 episodes. It needs time to build and have the characters and story line find their footing. Look back at the 1st season of SPN…not the greatest either, and yet look at it now!

    Fans LOVE this show are are trying so hard to save it! Just check out on Facebook (Save Cult) or on Tumblr or Twitter. They don’t want the show to go! The CW would be better off knocking off Beauty and the Beast cause in all honestly, THAT show is utter crap.

  10. unknown says

    This show it horriable if it comes on i wont watch it i think it is not very entertaning. so i think it show be canceled

  11. Disgruntled CW fan says

    This shows is sooooooo worse than “Do No Harm”, which had more viewers in its first two episodes than this show did, and prolly won’t surpass until its 10th one…that is if CW keeps it on. Lately, been disappointed in CWs actions as of late. Cult is like pulp without juice. So this is why Alaric was abruptly killed off…to that there would be a star for this dumb show? Also what’s dumb is this VD story about Silas. I thought VD was against the Twlight tip, but now it seems that VD is picking up where Twilight left off, which is presenting stupid stories and making the prime focus to be the main girl character and the love triangle/trapezoid battle between the main characters. VD lost its integrity. So there’s 3 strikes in total, Cult, the Silas crap, and the death of Alaric to make pulp err…cult. Oh, there’s a 4th strike, which is the dumb season finally of Smallville. With ten seasons of devoted fans, you give them garbage in the end..also Smallville dared to touch on certain aspects of Superman, but failed to get deep and complete the story (ie the Justice League, Doomsday, Darkseid, and many many more). That series finally made me determine that it’s not worth go to Netflix and watch it all over again, Cult is in the same boat, and VD is heading there. Supernatural is the only bread winner CW got and Arrow is promising. I think CW is trying to feel themselves a little to much… They trying to be like FX without the power to back it up. FX has the movies, and the CW has a bunch of corny shows.

  12. CindyLou says

    Using the actors Alaric (from VD) and Sam (from Supernatural) was a great move! Would love to see more of each of them, but the show is very confusing because the scenes between TV/real world aren’t well-defined. Will keep watching because the idea of the show is great and the leads are really good.

    • Hillary Hottstuff says

      I like that the scenes between real world and TV world are not well defined! It make one think that the real world and the tv world are one in the same. It feels real! It captures the way tv fandom’s live their lives.

  13. Shannon says

    Not really sure I want to watch another show if there just going to get canceled. I haven’t even seen it and probably won’t waste my time sine it will just end when I get interested like I did in Emily Owens MD.

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