Cupid: Premiere Gets Disappointing Ratings; Keep It or Cancel It?

CupidIn late 2007, ABC was looking around for new shows to develop for the 2008-09 season. Because there was a possible writers strike coming that would hit right in the middle of their development time, they had to work fast. As a result, they decided to revive one of their old shows that starred Jeremy Piven, Paula Marshall, and Jeffrey D. Sams.

The short-lived Cupid from 1998 was regarded as a quality show and often landed on critics’ “brilliant but cancelled” lists. Most of today’s audience wasn’t very familiar with it and the series’ creator, Rod Thomas, was willing to give Cupid another try. Development got underway once the strike was over and Bobby Cannavale, Sarah Paulson, Rick Gomez, and Camille Guaty were hired as regulars.

Flash forward several months later and the network’s enthusiasm seemed to have waned quite a bit. ABC delayed the new Cupid’s debut and cut back its initial episode order from 13 to eight installments. While many loved the original, reception to the remake by critics has been tepid.

Last night, ABC’s new Cupid debuted in last place for the 10pm timeslot. It attracted an average of 7.56 million viewers and a 2.3/6 rating/share in the 18-49 demographic. Almost 50% of the people who were watching the Dancing with the Stars lead-in decided not to watch Cupid. On top of that, 25% of the audience stopped watching midway through the premiere episode. That’s not good news for this show at all and unless some miracle comes down from Mt. Olympus, the ratings will be even worse next week.

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While it seems likely that ABC will let Cupid finish its short episode run, right now its highly doubtful that the remake will outlast the original. We won’t be seeing a second season or get any kind of resolution to the show’s ongoing storylines.

Unless Thomas decides to reveal the truth about energetic Trevor Pierce — is he really Cupid or not — we’ll likely never know.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. M.B. says

    I think it should be forbidden to cancel series without a final episode to give teh viewers some closure!! I’m sick of it! I have watched so many series and then suddenly they pull the plug without even a proper ending. That is REALLY frustrating!!! I really liked Cupid :( Come on people, how hard is it to make just ONE more episode with a proper ending. We viewers invest a lot of time in watching and we deserve more i think.

  2. Zecho says

    Keep going!!!…I just started to watch this show and found that it was funny and enjoyable…futhermore, would you guys wanted to know whether Trevor is the real cupid???..Me?sure!!!…hope the producer of this series could come up with surprise with the plot to attract more viewers…Keep it on CUPID!!! :)…(when is episode 8 will be on air???Can’t wait longer…)

  3. Louise Saucedo,Anaheim,CA. says

    I just ran into the show one night and fell in love with it! Didnt even know their was an original in the 80’s! I was sad and dissapointed when I found out the series was ending :( I say try to bring it back and continue with season 2! im online trying to find the dvds

  4. beth says

    I LOVED Cupid. My college friends and me would get together on Tuesday and watch it after the Mentalist. I’m sad

  5. jessica Quinonez - Perris,CA says

    I can’t believe CUPID is getting slaughtered, before giving it a real opportunity my best loved show for a tuesday night!!!!!! gone.

  6. Carlene333 says

    I was really looking forward to watching “Cupid” tonight but instead, “The Unusuals” recorded…? What’s up with that…?

    I like “The Unusuals but I (really) love “Cupid”!
    So well-written, so sweet & funny & uplifting & romantic…!

    I sure hope it doesn’t get cancelled. It’s one of my top 5 favorite shows…
    Here’s hoping…

  7. Obloodyhell says

    Well, since they only gave it three eps before replacing it with “The Unusuals”, I think it’s safe to say that ABC has almost certainly screwed Cupid a second time.

    I’m really getting tired of watching “new” shows and having them cancel them before they have any chance. I’m getting closer and closer to an inviolate policy of NEVER watching ANY new show until it’s been on for a half-season or more.


    Yeah. Keep “Eli Stone”, but cancel Cupid after you’ve seen *one* ep. ‘Nuff said, chowderhead.

    I never expected them to give it a chance. But having done so, ABC are morons for not giving it enough showings to capture any kind of audience. Further, the sort of pinhead that watches a “reality” show isn’t going to be interested in a fantasy. Are we surprised by this? Does the pontiff defecate in the forested regions?

    This show should be back to back with **Pushing Daisies**. THEN ABC might have some kind of a “romantic comedy night” going and drawing audiences.

    Instead they suck, and they deserve to suck. I hope CBS keeps kicking their butts so that someone with a clue will take over the network.

  8. Nikki says

    PLEASE KEEP THIS SHOW!!! There’s really no other show out there that’s like this. Are romance shows hard to sell these days? Enough with the crappy shows that is about lawyers, Drs, and reality TVs shows…

  9. Julie May says

    KEEP!!! First, “lLife On Mars,” and now this. I love this show! Give it a chance! I can’t believe after only 3 weeks of putting a show on the air and at such a random time of the year at that, they’re canceling it! People are out enjoying spring not looking for a new show to watch. At least try it out in the fall before axing it. I will boycott ABC if they do this. I’m sick of this.

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