Cupid: Petition to Continue (or at least conclude) the ABC Series

CupidIt certainly doesn’t look good for ABC’s new Cupid series. Despite the devotion of some viewers, the series hasn’t been doing very well in the ratings department and very likely won’t be renewed for a second season. Who would have thought that this remake, starring Bobby Cannavale, Sarah Paulson, Rick Gomez, and Camille Guaty, wouldn’t outlast the 1998 original?

Would you like to see Cupid continue, or at the very least, get some sort of resolution for the series? If so, there are a few things that you can do to support the show.

Watch Cupid “live” on television and ask your friends/family to do the same — one might secretly be a Nielsen household. Viewers are the most important thing to the network, especially in the 18-49 demographic. With more viewers, they’re able to charge more for their advertising. If you can’t watch the show on TV, watch episodes online.

Sign the petition below. Pass the word around and encourage others to do the same.

Write to the network, either electronically or, preferably by regular mail (Mr. Stephen McPherson, President, ABC Entertainment Group, 500 S. Buena Vista Street, Burbank, CA 91521, RE: Cupid). Be courteous and polite. Tell them why you enjoy the show and why would like to see it continue, or at the very least, be given a conclusion. Mention the products that you see advertised during the show and which ones that you like to buy.

If you’re really industrious, do some research and write to the advertisers directly. Tell them that you appreciate their help in making Cupid possible.

But hurry, time is running out. Unless something is done, this Cupid won’t outlast the short-lived, previous version!

To: ABC Studios, Sony Pictures Television, and ABC:

We, the undersigned, look forward to watching the Cupid TV show on ABC. The series has just the right amount of comedy and romance to keep us coming back for more. The scripts are well written and the castmembers are all wonderful and memorable in their roles. Is Trevor actually Cupid? We want to know.

We encourage you to find a way to keep Cupid on the air for another season, or at the very least, bring the series to a fitting conclusion. We are devoted viewers who will continue to watch the program, encourage others to do the same, and will support the advertisers as well. Please keep Cupid on ABC or consider moving it to another channel in the Disney family.

Thank you for your consideration.

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  • jimCountry: USA2013-01-22 01:24:06
    I am very disapointed that this show was pulled,i never even knew about this show cause I did not have cable at the time,i found this show online tonight and paid for 1 episode and would pay for an entire season ..I was so disapointed that this show was canceled.. please bring it back,the acting and the humor and the romance was awesome ..I loved it
  • nickCountry: u.s2012-02-21 10:05:29
    Bring it back great show people will catch on
  • Rinda ThomasCountry: US2011-06-21 17:00:29
    Bring it back! Put in in place of one of those stupid reality shows..... this show is entertaining... With so few shows that are... I just don't get why this one was canceled.... you're obviously asking the wrong people.... who are you asking????? why do you think their opinion matches the majority??? I don't get it.... if you are getting your information about what to put on the tv, from people who like the stupid reality shows where everyone is arguing with each other & all that sort of rot, you're asking the wrong people............. our personal lives have enough of that sort of s(&t in it.... it really is not entertaining to watch a bunch of idiots do that on tv............ IF any of them had some true WIT, it might be then......... please replace one of the stupid reality shows with a comeback of CUPID.... & keep Cannavale... he's adorable!!!
  • SamanthaCountry: USA2011-04-27 02:37:17
    Bring it back! it was light and cute, or at least finish it. Was he really Cupid?!
  • Brigitta ParaiczCountry: Hungary2011-04-26 07:09:42
    Bring it back, please:S
  • Roger RobertCountry: Canada2011-04-04 03:28:03
    I know its been some time since the show ended and there is slim chance of it airing a finale, but I hold faith that it could be possible dispite the odds. It was really great. If they at least concluded the season I would definelty by the season on DVD.
  • MichelleCountry: USA2011-03-21 20:25:28
    Please finish season 1 thank you.
  • Szakacs IldikoCountry: Romania2011-02-20 01:13:52
    loved it....
  • MelissaCountry: USA2011-02-14 18:37:04
    I loved the differences of opinion and the thought and hope many people have for love. This show is a great equation of different views on love and I would love to see more. At least finish the season.
  • Tineke KaiserCountry: Germany2011-01-16 06:10:06
    Could you at least complete season 1, please.
  • GiorgioCountry: italy2011-01-10 13:40:35
    obviously they understand little of successful programs in Italy was broadcast at 5.00pm, a time illogical, but I loved it. Horrible is left open and not give a continuous or a final product that I consider very good.
  • StefaniaCountry: Italia2010-12-30 04:27:50
    I can't believe it. Another show cancelled without a final. Could you at least bring Cupid to a fittering conclusion?? Pleaseee!
  • BudoCountry: Italy2010-12-28 12:54:02
    Please continue the show, i watched first episode yesterday on italian television and it's lovely. I think that if ABC sold this program even in Italy, it means that it works very very well. Please, please, please
  • PaytonCountry: America2010-12-20 13:25:42
  • HirokiCountry: Brunei2010-12-20 04:37:45
    It's a waste to discontinued a show like that...They should have continue it...
  • AaronCountry: USA2010-10-19 20:55:07
    Please bring back Cupid!!!
  • AndyCountry: Bulgaria2010-10-17 08:14:41
    This TV Show is a lot different than the others... it brings a lot good feelings through every day.. so come on.. we want it back!
  • toby bonnell-bradleyCountry: usa2010-09-20 12:06:49
    I am a boy of 15 and am cynic to my core. when it comes to romantic tv shows i usaly stay away from them like the plage. this show on the other hand unlike other shows which are over dramatic and makes me want to press my forehead to a cheese grater is one that i can acualy call good. this is a show that has just the right amount of charm to it and sands off alot of the calisis off my non feeling heart. If you look at the amount of enteries that have been sent in this present show and its prediser have quite a cult fallowing and would probably be more than happy to support the show in any way possible. if you put the show back on more fans will fallow and even if that wasn't the case the fallowing is big enough to support it. Not all your shows have to be smash hits. if you dont continue the show at least concued it and give the fans some closer.
  • IvayloCountry: Bulgaria2010-09-17 11:30:28
    Please bring Cupid back. I love it. It become one of my favorite tv show.
  • Alexandra JonesCountry: USA2010-09-15 19:57:54
    Please, please, please continue this show. It is light hearted, appropriate, uplifting and very entertaining. This show deserves to be continued, or at the very least have a conclusion. I just recently discovered it and wish there was more!!!!
  • Ellie HolmesCountry: USA2010-09-04 16:51:32
    I love this show's witty take on love and the meaning of romance. The characters are well developed with multiple levels of understanding and different beliefs, which make them compatibly realistic. Even though the end of the episodes are obvious, at least for me because i love love stories, the show is a pleasure to watch. If it doesn't come back for another season, it would at least be an honor to finish the addicting first season.
  • LaurenCountry: USA2010-08-26 08:34:48
    Please bring Cupid back or finish the first season out with a real conclusion. It was a light-hearted comedy and love story. It deserves to stay on the air. There are plenty of viewers that want it back. Yanking it off the air was not the right thing to do!
  • Ana PachecoCountry: Portugal2010-08-18 04:05:45
    Please, continue the series!! Please! I started watching it, and when i reached the 7th episode and i was totally into the story, it ended! I want bobby cannavele back on action! Do something!
  • heatherCountry: usa2010-08-16 07:49:52
    please put cupid back on.ive been looking for the air date and found that it was cancelled..
  • Nunzio SepeCountry: ITALIA2010-08-14 10:07:30
    Please, I need the 3 season of Eli Stone. Please Do it
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