Curb Your Enthusiasm: HBO Optimistic About Season Nine

Curb Your Enthusiasm season nineWhile a long hiatus will typically hurt a TV show’s ratings, it seems like one may have helped Curb Your Enthusiasm. The HBO series has been seeing some seven year highs based on the first three installments of season eight. Creator and star Larry David has taken the news with his trademark neuroses. HBO sent him emails about the good news and he responded with, “What does it mean? Is it the lead-in? Is it the show?”

As is usually the case, the future of the HBO series is up in the air and depends on what David wants to do. At the current critics press tour, HBO execs said that they expect him to decide if he wants to do another season at the end of the summer, when he returns from vacation.

But Michael Lombardo, HBO’s president of programming, told Deadline, “We’re cautiously optimistic… for the first time ever after this season Larry didn’t say ‘I never want to do this again.'”

Curb Your Enthusiasm is currently in its eighth season which is made up of 10 episodes. The season finale is scheduled to air on September 11th (along with True Blood’s).

What do you think? Are you hoping for season nine? How long should Curb Your Enthusiasm continue?

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  1. elisa says

    My hubby told me HBO had already ran the series finale- so glad he is wrong. Luv, luv , luv Curb! Find myself in “Larry” moments all the time & can’t wait for another season so I can laugh more. Look forward to seeing more. Great writing!

  2. Mary says

    Please, please come back, Larry! I miss you.

    Ok ..don’t ever come back you POS! I hate your guts!

    Whatever ..
    It’s your show after all. But hurry!

  3. smartman says

    I am happy to see the return of curb your enthusiasm, however I’m still waiting on HBO to renew Big Love and stop showing the series over from its beginning

  4. Ben says

    I could possibly be the biggest Larry David/ Curb fan going… I have watched them all from the start and have them all on DVD, but Season 8 just hasn’t really delivered. Even the episode with Ricky Gervais which I was eagerly awaiting, was a bit flat.

    I think it has gone one too many… loved season 7.

    Interesting point to note, this is the first season that Larry has employed other writers!
    I think he should go back to just him, cos whatever they did this season… ain’t workin!

  5. Kathy says

    Love the show -please do not give up. The audience has grown and is getting bigger. So many fans- goLarry go! In honesty so many people can identify and laugh along with Larry. The show has a kind of dry hmour that many viewers laugh about – now is the time that so many people are discovering this show and it would be a shame for it to end prematurely. I believe it has taken this much time for the discovery of a jewel and I believe this show has a bright future.

  6. Anonymous says

    as long as we don’t have to wait 2 years again. I practically lose interest in the show waiting for that long.

  7. Mike says

    …this show IS the only reason i have HBO. not to pressure the “execs”, cause if Larry doesnt want to…he wont! i say a season nine, then ONE final blow out show for season ten.

  8. says

    I cannot understand why everyone thinks that this season of “Curb” is so great? This is not a popular opinion, but I believe that if “Curb” would have ended after season five it would have been sitcom perfection. It has gone on too long and it is getting stale.

    • Gary C. says

      I agree with you Erica. I’ve enjoyed the previous seasons but I’m having a hard time with this one.

  9. hugh g rection says

    Curb is great and the only reason I have HB O. I will call my cable provider and cancel HBO when the season is over. Ive done it this way since I first learned of this very funny show

  10. Dee says

    I have the first 3 seasons on DVD. It’s difficult to watch more than 2-3 eps one-after-the-other cuz of the constant bickering. And when I first started to watch, I saw zero chemistry between Larry David and his on-screen wife, Cheryl. Watching her improvise her lines, she sounds (still does, but it’s a bit better now) like a mere acquaintance of Larry’s, not his wife. Aside from that, I think the show is funny!

  11. Jeremy Rynek says

    Well as long it’ll go. I didn’t have HBO when it started. So I didn’t get to watch the early years. But from what I saw it’s really funny.

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