CW 2011-12 Ratings Report Card

CW ratingsThere’s lots of data that the networks look at when deciding whether to renew or cancel a TV series — particulalry in the case of The CW — but the ratings are a major ingredient.

Wonder if your favorite’s already been renewed or cancelled? Visit our CW 2011-12 show page.

Which CW shows are hits and which ones are in danger of being cancelled? The answer might surprise you. By looking at the chart below, you can see their current season ranking, ratings averages to date, and their grade in the all-important 18-49 demographic.

This chart incorporates final ratings data through Friday, June 1, 2012.

TV showsDemo
18-49 demo
rating (actual)
in millions
1The Vampire Diaries (renewed)A++1.3 (1.29)2.81ratings
2America's Next Top Model (fall) (renewed)A-0.8 (0.81)1.84ratings
3The Secret Circle (cancelled)B+0.8 (0.77)1.83ratings
4One Tree Hill (ended)B+0.8 (0.75)1.46ratings
5Supernatural (renewed)A+*0.7 (0.73)1.73ratings
690210 (renewed)B0.7 (0.70)1.34ratings
7Hart of Dixie (renewed)B-0.6 (0.64)1.57ratings
8Ringer (cancelled)C+0.6 (0.61)1.49ratings
9Gossip Girl (renewed)C+0.6 (0.59)1.18ratings
10America's Next Top Model (spring) (unknown)C-0.5 (0.53)1.14ratings
11H8R (cancelled)C-0.5 (0.50)1.19ratings
11Nikita (renewed)C+*0.5 (0.50)1.54ratings
13Remodeled (cancelled)F0.3 (0.30)0.67ratings
14The LA Complex (renewed)F0.3 (0.25)0.56ratings

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A couple of notes about this chart:
The averages included in this chart are based on the final numbers, not the fast affiliate ratings that are typically reported the next morning. The final numbers become available about a day after the broadcasts or in some cases several days later. The chart will be updated as the new data becomes available.

Keep in mind that the demo numbers (not total viewers) are what’s most important to advertisers. Therefore, that’s how the networks measure success. Advertisers pay more for ad time on a show that has a higher demo rating versus one with a lot more overall viewers.

Demo numbers are reported by Nielsen using the 10ths decimal place (2.4, for example). We used to report averages that way but it ends up being hard to see any movement week to week — particularly considering The CW’s small demo ratings. It can also be a little misleading since a show with a 2.35 average and a show with a 2.44 average will both round to a 2.4 rating.

In this chart, we’re including the demo average rounded to the 10th (2.4) as well as the 100th place (2.41) in parenthesis so you can get a better idea of how the average has been affected by the latest episode’s demo rating.

The letter grades are relative (kind of like grading on a curve) and are based on the individual network’s demo performance. All of the networks have very different gauges for success right now. (A successful show for The CW would get quickly cancelled on CBS.) Our system for coming up with letter grades isn’t perfect but it should still give you an idea of where the different shows stand.

Since The CW has very few shows, the reality shows are included with the scripted series.

*The grades for TV series that run on Friday and Saturday nights are weighted a little differently, to compensate for airing on little-watched nights.

What do you think? Are surprised by any of the ratings? Are any of your favorite shows in danger of being cancelled? Which should be doing better?

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  1. Debbie says

    What the heck, I love the secret circle. I’m 42 and my oldest sister is 48 and we love the show. We stuck by the vampire diaries when it was struggling in the beginning and so thankful that’s still on, but come on don’t take secret circle away. Your gonna lose big fans and that means big money. I wish u would reconsider the show. Please

  2. sabryna stpierre says


  3. Nikki says

    SO MAD! I really don’t understand why TSC and Ringer were cancelled. Weren’t the ratings high? If I didn’t love Supernatural, I would totally take CW off my list! I hope someone else can renew TSC :)

  4. CHRISTINE says

    renew TSC or abc family will, and they will get more points than you “cw” most fans hate you now!

  5. CHRISTINE says

    its canceled because the show takes to much $$$.

  6. ng says

    Keep Ringer on! My husband and I (both 36 years old) love that show!!! I can’t believe they’re cancelling it and leaving all the other garbage on. Please keep it on the air!!!

  7. says

    My husband and I are very upset that Ringer is canceled. We are in are 60’s and have loved that show and think Sarah and Ioan are magic together. This show needs to move this show to a different TV station and get away from the CW. With Ringer gone we will not watch anything on CW.

  8. Anonymous says

    Secret Circle is so good. I can’t believe it is canceled. Doesn’t make sense. It is ranked number 3 on the CW

  9. Kim says

    I think hart of Dixie should renew. What a refreshing show where sex and profanity are not common! It has a good plot with great, good looking actors. From a Southerner, I like the Southern drama.

  10. Ofawb says

    Ringer deserves a season 2! Other shows on the CW have run their course and aren’t what they used to be. Give newer shows a chance to be great!

  11. Nancy Taylor says

    The Secret Circle needs to have a second series. Looking at the ratings, I saw a low point that represents The Secret Circle in hiatus and reruns of the Supernatural played. After reading an article about why a show goes in to hiatus, I understand the need but not to rerun another show. You are trying to build viewership.

    A good choice was made when Joe Lando was chosen for John Blackwell. I understand that you want to increase the demographic of women between 18-49. In my estimation if you do not renew The Secret Circle or have Joe killed in the finale, a large majority of Joe’s fan base will leave and you will not be able to overcome this exodus from the CW network.

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