CW 2011-12 Ratings Report Card

CW ratingsThere’s lots of data that the networks look at when deciding whether to renew or cancel a TV series — particulalry in the case of The CW — but the ratings are a major ingredient.

Wonder if your favorite’s already been renewed or cancelled? Visit our CW 2011-12 show page.

Which CW shows are hits and which ones are in danger of being cancelled? The answer might surprise you. By looking at the chart below, you can see their current season ranking, ratings averages to date, and their grade in the all-important 18-49 demographic.

This chart incorporates final ratings data through Friday, June 1, 2012.

TV showsDemo
18-49 demo
rating (actual)
in millions
1The Vampire Diaries (renewed)A++1.3 (1.29)2.81ratings
2America's Next Top Model (fall) (renewed)A-0.8 (0.81)1.84ratings
3The Secret Circle (cancelled)B+0.8 (0.77)1.83ratings
4One Tree Hill (ended)B+0.8 (0.75)1.46ratings
5Supernatural (renewed)A+*0.7 (0.73)1.73ratings
690210 (renewed)B0.7 (0.70)1.34ratings
7Hart of Dixie (renewed)B-0.6 (0.64)1.57ratings
8Ringer (cancelled)C+0.6 (0.61)1.49ratings
9Gossip Girl (renewed)C+0.6 (0.59)1.18ratings
10America's Next Top Model (spring) (unknown)C-0.5 (0.53)1.14ratings
11H8R (cancelled)C-0.5 (0.50)1.19ratings
11Nikita (renewed)C+*0.5 (0.50)1.54ratings
13Remodeled (cancelled)F0.3 (0.30)0.67ratings
14The LA Complex (renewed)F0.3 (0.25)0.56ratings

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Original ratings data ┬ęThe Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

A couple of notes about this chart:
The averages included in this chart are based on the final numbers, not the fast affiliate ratings that are typically reported the next morning. The final numbers become available about a day after the broadcasts or in some cases several days later. The chart will be updated as the new data becomes available.

Keep in mind that the demo numbers (not total viewers) are what’s most important to advertisers. Therefore, that’s how the networks measure success. Advertisers pay more for ad time on a show that has a higher demo rating versus one with a lot more overall viewers.

Demo numbers are reported by Nielsen using the 10ths decimal place (2.4, for example). We used to report averages that way but it ends up being hard to see any movement week to week — particularly considering The CW’s small demo ratings. It can also be a little misleading since a show with a 2.35 average and a show with a 2.44 average will both round to a 2.4 rating.

In this chart, we’re including the demo average rounded to the 10th (2.4) as well as the 100th place (2.41) in parenthesis so you can get a better idea of how the average has been affected by the latest episode’s demo rating.

The letter grades are relative (kind of like grading on a curve) and are based on the individual network’s demo performance. All of the networks have very different gauges for success right now. (A successful show for The CW would get quickly cancelled on CBS.) Our system for coming up with letter grades isn’t perfect but it should still give you an idea of where the different shows stand.

Since The CW has very few shows, the reality shows are included with the scripted series.

*The grades for TV series that run on Friday and Saturday nights are weighted a little differently, to compensate for airing on little-watched nights.

What do you think? Are surprised by any of the ratings? Are any of your favorite shows in danger of being cancelled? Which should be doing better?

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  1. Anonymous says

    I don’t care about Cw or it’s shows anymore. I only watched two shows on Cw both went off air and the rest of the shows and new ones coming too teenagey for me. So I have no interest in this bombing low rated network anymore.

  2. Nicole says

    I’ve watched every episode of The L.A. Complex and I still don’t like it. I gave it a chance, I was actually looking forward to it because Cassie Steele is in it and she was on Degrassi. Honestly, the show sucks. There’s not much of a story line and no substance. I can’t believe they dropped The Secret Circle, I really liked it and thought other people did too. I didn’t watch the ringer, but I know a lot of others did and they dropped that too. They are already getting rid of older shows and soon the network be be nothing but crap. I do like the new show Hart of Dixie. I love Vampire Diaries. America’s Next Top Model is getting old and Tyra is getting weirder and weirder. That show really needs to go. And all the new shows they are picking up are about to sink. Beauty & The Beast as a tv show, REALLY!? I don’t see that ballerina show lasting long either! I hate when networks get you into shows and then drop them without really “ending” the story. The CW is not the only network doing that crap either..

  3. Caro says

    More people need to give LA Complex a chance. It’s actually a pretty good show, right up there with 90210 and gossip girl for me, I think It could be CWs next best thing if more people stopped protesting it and actually gave it a shot. I refused to watch it too until I got bored one day and decided to, and now I am hooked! C’mon! Let’s give the underdog a go, yeah ? (:

  4. Dave says

    I don’t know anything about LA Complex as I refuse to watch any new shows on CW when the network is so dumb thay cancel better shows like Ringer and keep alot of lower rated shows.

  5. Carrie says

    Ugh, none of the people that commented understand the TV industry. The table presents a SEASONAL average. The Secret Circle was hitting 0.5’s for many of it’s final episodes and lost more than 50% of it’s initial viewers. Vampire Diaries was renewed for obvious reasons, Supernatural on of the highest rated shows and on a Friday where standards are lower, Nikita is closer to syndication and on a Friday which means lowered expectations, 90210 has been getting 0.6/0.7 for most of it’S 4th season except for the finale, Gossip Girl is getting a final season and the CW loves to give those to their veterans (Plus, GG was their first hit and garners alot of media attention). Hart of Dixie was very conistent and often out-performed it’s lead in, something TSC never did once.

    The LA Complex is a CANADIAN show which means it costs about 1/20 the price of The Secret Circle BECAUSE THE CW ONLY HAS TO BUY THE EPISODES, NOT PRODUCE THEM. Also, it will air during the summer, not the fall and you have to take into consideration the fact that all 6 episodes were available 4 months before the premiere, so whoever wanted to watch had done it already. Airing simultaneously with the Canadian Broadcast may boost the ratings.

  6. Jayce says

    I’m so tired of this TSC fans trolling every message boards and web sites talking smack about other shows. It’s not THEIR fault your show was canceled.

    Blame the terrible writers or fans who stopped watching the show.

    I’m so happy The LA Complex was renewed.

  7. Sydney says

    I loved secret circle and nnneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedddddddddddddddd to see John’s other kids! A b plus and a f rating what does CW choose F! Never watching CW again!

  8. Amanda says

    I am with everyone else who has commented. I can’t even fathom how some of these shows go renewed…but the Secret Circle somehow “flopped”. I won’t even watch the LA Complex because the ads alone looked horrible. It got an “F”…and still gets renewed? This network is going to stay the smallest because of their continual airing of garbage tv shows that no one has interest in.

  9. Crissy says

    Really?!?! Really?!?! I don’t understand it! If they wanted the ratings. It’s right there on their faces! TSC is the 3rd highest show. How stupid can they be? I don’t get it. Why not renew this show when they will make money off it anyways? And what pisses me off is that NIKITA & LA COMPLEX got renewed over TSC. C’mon, do you know the difference between an F and a B???? How the hell did the CW president become a CW president if you don’t know the difference between marks! GAAAAh. Even an elementary kid would know the difference!!

  10. Darren says

    Another thing is that the CW would have been really kwl if THE SECRET CIRCLE was renewed,that’s whats would have made the network interesting,because they have a lot of supernatural shows,they would have stood out between all the networks,now its dramas all that have repetition in the storyline that are dragged over to the next seasons,THEY REALLY ARE WASTING OUR TIME, STAND OUT A LITTLE….DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT DON’T FOLLOW THE CROWD BECOME THE LEADER……

  11. Darren says

    Another thing is that the CW would have been really kwl if THE SECRET CIRCLE was renewed,that’s whats would have made the network interesting,because they have a lot of supernatural shows,they would have stood out between all the networks,now its dramas all that have repetition in the storyline that are dragged over to the next seasons,THEY REALLY ARE WASTING OUR TIME, STAND OUT A LITTLE….

  12. Ismar says

    CW is such a flop network !
    Renewing the shows with lower ratings and canceling the ones with higher ratings!
    Where is the logic?!..I’m gonna boycot them in anyway I can for not renewing The Secret Circle ,I swear !

    • Darren says

      Really,neh,they kak,what **** is this, its themselves who spoil the show,this network,i really hope it gets picked up by ABC OR MTV,they’ll do a much better job at pulling it off, and thats why the CW NETWORK,will always be the smallest network,none of us even new these existed without The vampire diaries,supernatural and the FREAKIN SECRET CIRCLE

  13. Bill says

    I can’t believe some of the shows that the CW has renewed. Its like they draw names out of a hat and that’s their lineup. My kids got me hooked on The Secret Circle, I look forward to the next episode or make sure that its set for the dvr. It comes in third and in all of their infinite wisdom they cancel it and renew 90210, Hart of Dixie and The Gossip Girl, none of which hold a candle to TSC. Why have ratings if you don’t pay attention to them? Bring back TSC or I will boycott the CW except for The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural (I was a big fan of these two prior to TSC).

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