CW 2012-13 Ratings Averages [as of Week 17]

CW new seriesHow is The Carrie Diaries doing? Better than Beauty and the Beast or Hart of Dixie? Is it the next to be cancelled — after the Emily Owens, MD cancellation. How is Supernatural doing? How is Nikita holding up on Friday nights?

Below, you’ll find The CW TV show ratings averages as of Sunday, January 20, 2013; the end of week 17 of the 2012-13 season.

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The CW
TV shows
18-49 demo
rating (actual)
in millions
The Vampire Diaries 1.4 (1.38) 2.91 season 4 ratings
Arrow 1.2 (1.17) 3.51 season 1 ratings
Supernatural 0.9 (0.89) 2.08 season 8 ratings
Beauty and the Beast 0.7 (0.68) 1.81 season 1 ratings
The Carrie Diaries 0.6 (0.60) 1.61 season 1 ratings
Hart of Dixie 0.6 (0.56) 1.41 season 2 ratings
90210 0.5 (0.49) 0.97 season 5 ratings
America’s Next Top Model 0.5 (0.48) 1.23 cycle 18 ratings
Gossip Girl (final season) 0.5 (0.45) 0.90 season 6 ratings
Emily Owens, MD 0.4 (0.36) 1.24 season 1 ratings
Nikita 0.3 (0.33) 1.06 season 3 ratings

These charts incorporate the daily final CW show ratings (reported by Nielsen) and are sorted by the 18-49 demographic. Network advertisers typically prize those viewers most and so will pay more to reach them. There’s lots of information that the networks take into consideration when cancelling or renewing a TV series but the ratings are the biggest factor. The higher the ratings, the better chance that the show will be renewed. And yes, they take it into account when a show airs on Friday nights

What do you think? Are you surprised by any of the averages? Which show(s) do you feel should be doing better or worse, based on their quality? Comment below.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. annie says

    I love the carrie diaries!!!! one of the most funniest romantic and to self growing serie ive seen so far…

  2. Emma says

    I love the carrie diaries, vampire diaries and gossip girl! Watched all the episode’s on the internet to bad that doesn’t count for those ratings cause I know a lot op people from the netherlands who do this too!

  3. Anne says

    Beauty and the Beast is my new favourite show. I wasn’t so fond of it in the beginning, but the episodes are just getting better and better! I’ve gotten 3 friends addicted to it. Please don’t cancel it! Give it a chance to develop further and it will definitely be one of the most popular shows on the CW.

  4. says

    Could Vampire Dairies raitings go with 90210 on Tuesday Nights
    Could Supernatural raitings go with Hart Of Dixie on Wednesday Nights
    Beauty And The Best Raitings go with Nikita On Monday Nights
    Carrie Diares Raitings go with Arrow On Thursday Nights
    Cult could air on Friday Nights with Kyle Xy

  5. Jamie says

    You need to give shows breathing time. Don’t be hasty with cancellations. Nowadays with people in that age range, you have to remember that there is more than one shift of work now. There are people like me, in their twenties, who have college, and work on 2nd shift every week and thus never have time to enjoy all of these show when they air because by the time I get home, nothing is on tv for the night. I think Networks should start considering instead of putting new shows on the air on a constant basis, why not open it up to the idea of cycling through the episodes for a couple of hours at night after midnight. You know kinda like how HBO will air Tru Blood twice through as a new episode…only difference is put a few hours space in between, then you will see how your viewers really love a show…that or start using other ways to mark your ratings, like Facebook. Set up some surveys every now and then when you want to cancel a show…let the people vote in between seasons or every time a contract renewal comes up. If you cancel a show, then let them vote on what they might be interested in seeing as a replacement.

  6. says

    I most absolutely love Beauty and the Beast! I’m still waiting for news for it to be renewed.

    Friday used to be the day I wake up wanting to come, but now that I have meet Beauty and the Beast, Thursday is my new favorite day!

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