CW Renews Five TV Series for 2010-11, Are the Rest Cancelled?

SmallvilleThe CW handed out some early renewals today and there really weren’t any surprises, especially if you look at the struggling network’s overall numbers. Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, 90210, Gossip Girl, and America’s Next Top Model will all be back next season. What about Life Unexpected, Melrose Place, One Tree Hill, and Smallville?

First, to the renewals…

90210 is set to come back for season three. The show is down in the ratings and is one of the network’s weaker performers. However, the network has plenty of holes to fill in its schedule and apparently isn’t ready to give up on the show just yet. The network is dropping Jennie Garth and Rob Estes in an attempt to focus even more heavily on the younger characters next season.

America’s Next Top Model will be back for two more cycles, numbers 15 and 16. The reality show has been in a decline for years but apparently the benefit still outweighs the costs on the venerable reality competition.

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Gossip Girl will be coming back for season three as well. The show is first among the CW’s target demographic of women 18-34, making it a lock for renewal.

Supernatural will be back for a sixth season. The show is having a great year and has improved last season’s performance in women 18-34 by 29%. Series creator Eric Kripke said that he planned to finish the show after five seasons. He’ll supposedly still be heavily involved but won’t be the day-to-day showrunner. Stars Jared Padelecki and Jensen Ackles are reportedly signed for only one more season and have hinted that they want out.

The Vampire Diaries will be returning for its second season. Despite airing on the most competitive night of television, Thursdays, the freshman show is the network’s highest rated show overall and in the 18-34 demographic.

What about the CW’s other shows? Are they cancelled? They aren’t all goners but at least one, likely two, won’t be back.

Melrose Place is the network’s biggest disappointment of the season and it looks nearly impossible that it’ll be back for a sophomore year. A dozen of the 18 ordered episodes have aired so far. The remaining six will begin airing on March 9th after a three month hiatus of originals.

One Tree Hill has been around for seven seasons and hasn’t been having a very successful season. The series could come back or it could end. Its fate will likely will come down to costs or the faith that the network has in other options.

Conversely, Life Unexpected is the new kid on the block. It got off to a decent start but has been losing steam week after week. The execs are likely waiting awhile longer to see what happens. Four of 13 episodes have aired so far.

Smallville is performing well, especially considering the show is in its ninth season and is airing on Friday nights. It’s a lock for renewal and could only end if Tom Welling doesn’t want to continue.

What do you think? Are you happy that the shows have been renewed? Would you trade any of them for the four on the bubble?

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  1. Katie says

    Where did you get that Jensen and Jared wanted out? In all the press things and conventions they’ve been saying that they would love to keep doing Supernatural. They love doing the show.

    And if you ask me Supernatural is the ONLY good and original show on the CW. I hope they renew it for at least 2 more seasons.

  2. N-CASE says

    I think the networks should keep smallville and supernatural on tv ive been watching smlleville for 10 year i havent missed 1 show thats crazy how the network or shows producer get apersons hopes up and tare them down clark hasent even flown yet and i just love the story line of supernatural well i guess im just 1 person who loves both of the shows

  3. powerofthewrighter says

    To the cast of Supernatural, you’ve done great. However long you want to keep going, keep going. As for Smallville, at first, I thought season nine was it. I really did. To be honest, I thought okay, that was a great ending. A huge battle between Zod and Clark. Excellent. Make it a war with superheroes. And then, I hear 10 seasons. Tom, you’re brave for hanging in there that long. And Allison as well. It wouldn’t ruin Tom’s career. He’s done so well. And now he is working behind the lines as a co-executive producer, he’s directed. Allison does the same. But they both do a great job. Surprisingly, when I heard about season nine, I was like, okay well, this will be interesting. But then, when I heard the series finale is coming up in season ten, they are officially ending it, I thought that was actually kind of sad to think about. I mean I understand it should end eventually, but Smallville has inspired me to write and it means a lot to me. So make it go out with honor! It is Superman.

  4. says

    supernatural’s the best show and has been my and my 21 year old son’s favorite show since it’s premiere. We are so greatful they are on another season, but if it didn’t end after the armagedon season why end it next year? I understad that Jared and Jensen might be hinting about wanting out, but keep the fans happy and keep it up for a few more years!! Please!!

  5. Neessy says

    I’m somewhat older than the network’s targeted age group of women, but I love the show, Supernatural and Tivo every episode. I have been scouring the web to find out when the show would be returning for a sixth season. I am happy that the network decided to give us time for a proper ending and not leave us going “cold turkey” like so many networks I shall not name here, who cut off our life support this Fall……

  6. Carla S. says

    So happy Smallville, Supernatural and One Tree Hill are renewed. Life Unexpected has been growing on me too. Was really surprised that One Tree Hill made the cut as I had read 2009-10 would be the final season; it needs one more season to tie up loose ends.
    Looking forward to seeing more of the Justice League superheroes being worked into Smallville’s plots.

  7. jim says

    Definitely Smallville should disappear , Tom Welling should leave before it completely destroys his career. Allison Mack will have a new career as Actor , writer and director. I’m sure she’ll add writer to her resume.

  8. Timarie Buhl says

    PLEASE keep doing Supernaturel!!! I just watched the season finale and cried!!! I LOVE this show and these characters. I feel the bond between Dean and Sam. I can’t think about the end because it will be a sad day. This show is sooo well written and the actors are TERRIFIC!!! They make the characters so real they feel like family every Thursday. DON’T KILL PART OF OUR FAMILY PLEASE

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