CW Renews Five TV Series for 2010-11, Are the Rest Cancelled?

SmallvilleThe CW handed out some early renewals today and there really weren’t any surprises, especially if you look at the struggling network’s overall numbers. Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, 90210, Gossip Girl, and America’s Next Top Model will all be back next season. What about Life Unexpected, Melrose Place, One Tree Hill, and Smallville?

First, to the renewals…

90210 is set to come back for season three. The show is down in the ratings and is one of the network’s weaker performers. However, the network has plenty of holes to fill in its schedule and apparently isn’t ready to give up on the show just yet. The network is dropping Jennie Garth and Rob Estes in an attempt to focus even more heavily on the younger characters next season.

America’s Next Top Model will be back for two more cycles, numbers 15 and 16. The reality show has been in a decline for years but apparently the benefit still outweighs the costs on the venerable reality competition.

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Gossip Girl will be coming back for season three as well. The show is first among the CW’s target demographic of women 18-34, making it a lock for renewal.

Supernatural will be back for a sixth season. The show is having a great year and has improved last season’s performance in women 18-34 by 29%. Series creator Eric Kripke said that he planned to finish the show after five seasons. He’ll supposedly still be heavily involved but won’t be the day-to-day showrunner. Stars Jared Padelecki and Jensen Ackles are reportedly signed for only one more season and have hinted that they want out.

The Vampire Diaries will be returning for its second season. Despite airing on the most competitive night of television, Thursdays, the freshman show is the network’s highest rated show overall and in the 18-34 demographic.

What about the CW’s other shows? Are they cancelled? They aren’t all goners but at least one, likely two, won’t be back.

Melrose Place is the network’s biggest disappointment of the season and it looks nearly impossible that it’ll be back for a sophomore year. A dozen of the 18 ordered episodes have aired so far. The remaining six will begin airing on March 9th after a three month hiatus of originals.

One Tree Hill has been around for seven seasons and hasn’t been having a very successful season. The series could come back or it could end. Its fate will likely will come down to costs or the faith that the network has in other options.

Conversely, Life Unexpected is the new kid on the block. It got off to a decent start but has been losing steam week after week. The execs are likely waiting awhile longer to see what happens. Four of 13 episodes have aired so far.

Smallville is performing well, especially considering the show is in its ninth season and is airing on Friday nights. It’s a lock for renewal and could only end if Tom Welling doesn’t want to continue.

What do you think? Are you happy that the shows have been renewed? Would you trade any of them for the four on the bubble?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. heather says

    i love oth i have all there seasons and always watch it on mondays if the do not get renewed i dont think i will watch any of the other shows on there that i like.

  2. Michelle says

    Please keep One Tree Hill!!!! Even without Lucas and Peyton, the show is one of my favorites. I definately hope it sticks around for at least one more season but hopefully more. I would love for Lucas and Peyton to come back on and show their baby!!!

  3. Anna says

    I grew tired of OTH. I used to love the show and watched it regularly but this season it went downhill. The new characters are plain, boring and whiny – Quin to name one. There is no characters that would be a comic relief to the show anymore. Haley’s still trying but she can’t do much herself since Brooke became dull this season. Broke!! How could they change her like that?!

  4. Erica says

    I Love Love Love ONE TREE HILL! I have never missed an episode and it has been a huge part of my life since it started! PLEASE PLEASE keep one tree hill and cancel a show like 90210 if you have to. ONE TREE HILL is a keeper!

  5. Nicole says

    Vampire Diaries is amazing! people just aren’t giving it a chance. It’s much darker and better played out than twilight. The only similarities are the vampires and a mortal-vampire romance. But there’s so many twists and turns and not-lame-a$$ vampires who sparkle and ditch their “loves”. There’s a lot of death, murder and betrayal trhown in as well. this show would be doing amazing if it wasn’t for Twilight.

  6. says


  7. lisa says

    one tree hill why cant they see they don’t even have the 2 main characters and people still love the show i LOVE the show i didn’t think i would when Lucas and Peyton left but i love it !! don’t get rid of it!! ditch 90210 been there done that

  8. Jessica says

    ONE TREE HILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    it’s such an amazing show and it progressively continues to get better. its such a more realistic show and has so much more to offer than the other shows i feel like. they talk about real life stuff that actually can happen and it actually affects my life.

    i feel like i have learned a lot of life lessons from this show and its definitely not the same as it used to be like the stupid teenage sows which is why i think one tree hill is a keeper. i love it!

  9. Brandi says

    keep life unexpected … and return it to the 9 pm time slot… it is what i look forward to on monday nights … but it won’t survive the time shift to 8 pm where it challanges secret life, house and how i met your mother

  10. Leigh Ann says

    Don’t cancel One Tree Hill, I say give it one more season with the new characters to see if it picks back up again!!!

  11. Angela says

    I love ONE TREE HILL I never miss it. Its the best show on the CW besides the Vampire Diaries. Cancel 90210 and Gossip Girl

  12. Jennifer says

    I have been watching One Tree Hill since it started and have not missed one show. If i had to choose which show would go to keep OTH it would be 90210.

  13. christina says

    PLEASE KEEP ONE TREE HILL..there is no better show on the cw. One tree hill has better ratings then some of the other shows that were brought back. We cannot end one tree hill with the start of our new characters. That would be the stupidest thing i have ever seen. One tree hill has been around for soo long and now has new story lines to make it even better if it is even possible to make one tree hill better. If they do not bring back one tree hill i will NOT continue to watch the CW even though i like two other shows too but no show is or will ever be as good as one tree hill.

  14. samantha says

    I LOVE one tree has made such an impact on my life! i never ever thought a show could do that. Even dispite our two main characters leaving the show it is too good to ever be bad.Mark Schwann will always prevail. One tree hill is one of the original shows not like gossip girl, melrose,and 90210 about ****** girls and idiot boys being mean to each other ugh whatever. One tree hill should stay on forever..i know it cant but please dont end it now we have just started a new chapter in the show and i cant wait to see what they will do!!!PLEASE KEEP ONE TREE HILL!!

  15. Heather says

    i love One tree hill never missed a show in the 7 season it been on i love the new characters especially Quin , and Clay but i do miss lucas , Peyton wish they would come back so i say keep OTH another year cancel 90210 , Gossip girl

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