CW 2013-14 Season Ratings

cw-tv-show-ratingsOf the five networks, The CW has the fewest hours of primetime to fill but they’re not finding it any easier to find hits. Most of their returning shows are way down year-to-year and some of their new series are struggling. Which will be cancelled or renewed? Stay tuned!

CW shows this season (so far): The 100, America’s Next Top Model, Arrow, Backpackers, Beauty and the Beast, The Carrie Diaries, Famous in 12, Hart of Dixie, Masters of Illusion, Nikita, The Originals, Penn & Teller: Fool Us, Reign, Seed, Supernatural, The Tomorrow People, The Vampire Diaries, and Whose Line Is It Anyway?.

How does The CW decide what to cancel or renew? They look at a lot of different factors but the ratings play an important role. The higher the ratings, the better chance a show has of surviving. Here’s how the network’s shows are doing so far:

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A couple of notes about these charts:
These figures are updated automatically as new ratings are released. The averages are based on the final national numbers (live plus same day viewing), unless marked with an asterisk (*). For technical reasons, I have to resort them manually so feel free to let me know if I missed something.

Keep in mind that the demo numbers are typically what’s most important to advertisers. Therefore, that’s how the networks measure success. Advertisers pay more for ad time on a show that has a higher demo rating. Because older viewers don’t count? No, it’s because younger viewers watch less traditional TV and are therefore supposedly harder to reach.

Demo numbers are typically reported using the 10ths decimal place (2.4, for example). In the averages, I’m using an extra decimal for easier ranking.

The networks take into account when shows air on Fridays or Saturday, nights when TV viewership is lower.

What do you think? Which shows are you rooting for? Which one isn’t as big a hit as you thought? Are you hoping any series will get cancelled to make room for something else?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. JayV says

    I dont understand why starcrossed is canceled . There are a lot of other shows who’s ratings are lower!!!! I loved starcrossed! I’m really disapointed!!

  2. sue says

    I cant believe you cancelled The Tomorrow People and Star-Crossed. Why is it this year every show I watched has been canceled. What is wrong with the networks are they all going mad. I was also very upset about The Secret Circle being canceled too. Maybe a new staff of critics needs to be hired, the ones you have really suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wont be watching the CW anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ilman ramadhanu says

    Its a bummer that the carrie diaries got cancelled. Its one of the best tv show ever! I mean it has everything in it, there’s drama, comedy and anything else. Its a complete package. And in season 2, the story told us how she met samantha. And HOW IS SHE MEET CHARLOTTE AND MIRANDA??? Its crazy. And i’m also wondering whats happen to bennet and walt?? At the last episode of season 2 they broke up. I mean are they gonna get back together or nah?? And also that last episode of season 2 told us that carrie is no longer working at the interview magazine, and what the hell happens next??????? I cant. Gosh the carrie diaries left me with soooo many question!

  4. Kat says

    I’m also very disappointed that the shows I enjoy watching with my daughter and/or son are getting can called. While others that we’ve tried to watch but don’t hold our interest are renewed. I actually liked watching the Carrie Diaries with my daughter since I was a fan of sex in the city . I liked how close the younger actors acted and sounded like the original actors. Especially the girl they had playing Sam.
    I am thankful they kept the 100. Both my kids got into watching that show together. And that in its self is amazing with two teenagers.

  5. Nikki says

    So starting to wonder if watching new shows are worth it, the good ones keep getting cancelled :-( just finished first season of tomorrow people only to find out there’s no more coming.

    • DaveB says

      The Tomorrow People was a great show. Made no sense to cancel it. Also, considering CW didn’t market it as well as they should, And, audiences watched it through the internet which probably wasn’t considered in its rating :(

      • Nikki says

        Yep have seen a lot of awesome shows end and not just from this network :( but really I am trying to understand how a show with 1.44 mil veiwers is cancelled and yet a show with 0.97 mil is renewed???????? I had never heard of the tomorrow people until a few months ago when it was aired on foxtel (I live in Australia) but from what I have read on the Internet it was cancelled in May this year, so why is it being introduced in others countries if it is cancelled anyway :( seems silly to me.

  6. Ny says

    Thank you for those that kept watching Beauty and the Beast, you saved a great show. I was worried at first, but they have been renewed, so thank you again sincerely. As far as Starcrossed goes i will truly miss it. I’m a die-hard CW fan. Been watching since the frog was dancing in between segments. I understand the viewers rating system. Shows come and go. But please stop leaving cliffhanger, it leaves us with a hope of a returning season, it’s not right…i.e. Emily Owns, The Secret Circle, TTP. ..etc.

  7. Rob says

    I don’t work so all I do is watch TV if the CW does not continue starcrossed I might not watch the CW anymore means I will miss my favorite TV shows like the vampire diaries, the 100 and Buity and the beast, and the originals which TV shows I love but I have to stick to my guns all the shows make my week way better and give me something to look forward to so please try and bring back starcrossed

  8. Madison says

    I realllllllly hope Star Crossed comes back! I love the story line and am looking forward to seeing what how these characters continue to develop. You know, in the past, I could always count on the WB / CW to give us cutting edge shows that were ‘out of the box’. But the way they have been cancelling theses edgy shows just as fast as they premier them is just not fair to us viewers who fall in love with the characters. I for one, will not be watching ANY of the new shows they have lined up this fall if Star Crossed doesn’t return. It’s too disappointing when they cancel something I get attached to and invested in. My time is worth much more than one season. Sad , but if Star Crossed doesn’t get renewed on the CW … I’ll be taking my precious watching time to other networks! My friends and family feel the same and will follow my lead.

  9. Manon. C says

    Bring back starcrossed. Love the show and want to know whats going to happen next. Just cant leave us wandering what could of happen. Please bring back the show and please people comment,the show is really worth it.

    • Madison says

      I realllllllly hope Star Crossed comes back … even if on another channel. I love the story line and want to see what happens to these characters. You know, in the past I could always count on the CW to give us cutting edge shows that were ‘out of the box’. But the way they have been cancelling theses edgy shows just as fast as they premier them is just not fair to us viewers who fall in love with the characters. I for one, will not be watching ANY of the new shows they have lined up this fall if Star Crossed doesn’t return. It’s too disappointing when they cancel something I get attached to and invested in. My time is worth much more than one season.

  10. Paola Romo says

    Please bring back the Carrie Diaries. Its got so much potential. It was a great season 2 finale but we still need to know how the carrie diaries turned into sex and the city

  11. daryl whitlock says

    I’ll miss Nikita, despite its running out of storylines. Glad Maggie Q already has a new show.
    If CW is struggling, here’s a thought: Pick up “Leverage” (cancelled by TNT, I think) and pick up “24” if FOX doesn’t.

  12. nanny says

    Looking at the ratings it really made no sense why the Tomorrow People was cancelled or Star Crossed when Heart of Dixie and Beauty and the Beast were renewed. The ones that were cancelled actually had me watching the other two never really got hooked on.

    • Brandy says

      BatB was low rated yes, but it was steady in ratings,doubled its live viewing in DVr,had social media presecenc and digital viewing that TTP & SC didn’t have plus,it sold really well internationally and is CBS owned and CBS wants more of thier own shows on cW plus BatB was closer to closer to syndication.HoD is steady in ratings and a season away from syndication -that’s why it was renewed despite being low rated.TTP started high in ratings but lost more than half of its audience over the season and didn’t have retention out of its Arrow for much of the season .SC started low in ratings and stayed low.

      • Nikki says

        Loved tomorrow people and star crossed, I could quite happily dump heart of dixie in the bin and beauty and the beast just started here dont think I want to start watching it because they will most likely can that to so whats the point :(

  13. Dayane says

    Tomorrow people was and can still be a great show , issue now a days is it’s hard for people to keep up on tv shows but now that the app is up and running for most people they can and will get a lot more viewers the last episode was intense and left everyone with so many questions I’m sure, because I am one of them I been waiting for the next season and I know you will get a good hit just give it another try you won’t be disappointed

  14. Lisa b says

    Bring back starcrossed by far the best show ever and with a worldwide fan base season 2 wud be no1 top rating !!!!

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