CW 2013-14 Season Ratings

cw-tv-show-ratingsOf the five networks, The CW has the fewest hours of primetime to fill but they’re not finding it any easier to find hits. Most of their returning shows are way down year-to-year and some of their new series are struggling. Which will be cancelled or renewed? Stay tuned!

CW shows this season (so far): The 100, America’s Next Top Model, Arrow, Backpackers, Beauty and the Beast, The Carrie Diaries, Famous in 12, Hart of Dixie, Masters of Illusion, Nikita, The Originals, Penn & Teller: Fool Us, Reign, Seed, Supernatural, The Tomorrow People, The Vampire Diaries, and Whose Line Is It Anyway?.

How does The CW decide what to cancel or renew? They look at a lot of different factors but the ratings play an important role. The higher the ratings, the better chance a show has of surviving. Here’s how the network’s shows are doing so far:

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A couple of notes about these charts:
These figures are updated automatically as new ratings are released. The averages are based on the final national numbers (live plus same day viewing), unless marked with an asterisk (*). For technical reasons, I have to resort them manually so feel free to let me know if I missed something.

Keep in mind that the demo numbers are typically what’s most important to advertisers. Therefore, that’s how the networks measure success. Advertisers pay more for ad time on a show that has a higher demo rating. Because older viewers don’t count? No, it’s because younger viewers watch less traditional TV and are therefore supposedly harder to reach.

Demo numbers are typically reported using the 10ths decimal place (2.4, for example). In the averages, I’m using an extra decimal for easier ranking.

The networks take into account when shows air on Fridays or Saturday, nights when TV viewership is lower.

What do you think? Which shows are you rooting for? Which one isn’t as big a hit as you thought? Are you hoping any series will get cancelled to make room for something else?

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  1. mspring says

    We LOVE Beauty and the Beast !!! We, 4 generations of the Kennedy-Spring girls get together every Mon as our Kennedy-Spring girls’ night just to watch this show. PLEASE CW, keep this show going and give it more times to develop. By far this show is one of the very best and it keep us wanting more of Cat and Vin… together as a couple of course and please…please do not keep them apart. Kristine Kreuk and Jay Ryan by far has the best on and off screen chemistry together, they love, respect and supporting each other very well and we all love Nina and Austin as well. So CW…check on youtube…there are so many fans out there rooting for Beauty and the Beast vs your other shows. These fandoms are getting larger and strong each day despite what your chart said….CW, sometime you have to take a deep look at the whole entire scoop of a business investment which Beauty and the Beast to you and what its’ forces which is the fandoms of this show can bring to CW to help push your other ratings as well. If you “kill” this show now, CW would lose more of its’ viewers than ever…

  2. Cassandra says

    CARRIE DIARIES IS SO GOOD! I am in my twenties and all of my friends love this show. It is so CUTE and RELATABLE! Annasophia Robb is a star! Love the cast and the storyline!

  3. WatNot says

    BATB was great in the season 1. Could not stop watching, the chemistry between the leads was amazing and both characters were very likeable. Season 2 has been an utter disappointment:( Keep watching and hoping that it will get better as I loved it before but I’m starting to lose patience with the inane story line. The dialog between the leads is almost unbearable and as someone else mentioned the great co-stars have been reduced to mere props, although there have been some hints this might be changing. All in all they made a bit of a mess.

    I’d love to see the show pull through especially as some of the other shows on TheCW are clearly made for teenagers like CD and Reign. I will restrain myself on commenting on these shows…I tried my hardest with Reign.

    HOD is one of my favourite shows just because it’s so happy and twee but this season is a bit weak in comparison with the last. Joel is growing on me but still secretly hoping Zoe and Wade are going to end up together. Still enjoy watching it big time!

    Tomorrow People, I can’t judge as I stopped watching after the first episode. Wasn’t sold on the characters or the story. Might give it another try.

    So to sum it up hoping BATB gets another shot (the writers, wise up!) and two hands up for HOD. Fingers crossed either (or both) CD and Reign to get canceled.

  4. TexasGreatGrams says

    I am hoping the CW gives Beauty and the Beast. It has developed a very interesting story arc with the “beast collar”. I liked season 1 and like season 2 even more. Come on, CW, one more season. You may find out the “Beasties” can and will make this another SUPERNATURAL-which happens to be my very favorite show of all time. Wish the CW would go ahead and announce that SUPERNATURAL had been renewed for season 10.

  5. Bonnie says

    I’m about ready to stop watching Beauty and the Beast. It used to be about Catherine and Vincent against the world, now it’s more about Catherine and Vincent against each other.

  6. bel says

    OMG Monday nights cw is #beauty&thebeast! please don’t cancel. Wednesday cw #arrow like this show too!! both are thriller romance I like that!

  7. Regina says

    I am hoping that Beauty and the Beast has another season because I am so crazy about this show that it makes me love Mondays. I love the actors in this show because the whole chemistry of all the actors is amazing whomever is writing the script for this show has done a great job. Thanks for putting together an interesting show for me to watch on Mondays.

  8. Amanda says

    I really love batb and hope to see it return. I’ll be really disappointed if it doesn’t. I really love that this show isn’t so “teeny boppy” even is I do love TVD. Its a nice change from all the teen drama and honestly I think it’s a way better show considering tvd is quickly becoming predictable. I dont know maybe it’s just the fact I watch a lot of good crime shows and love how its crime and romance and suspense all in one which is way more than some other cw shows offer, but again, I’ll be reallysad to see this one go.

  9. Victoria says

    I’m really hoping the CW will give The Carrie Diaries another shot. I really would like to see it pull through season 3. It’s a great show that has really captured my interest and I adore watching Anna Sophia play Carrie.

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