Dads TV show on FOXNetwork: FOX
Episodes: 18 (half-hour)
Seasons: One

TV show dates: September 17, 2013 — February 11, 2014
Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: Seth Green, Giovanni Ribisi, Martin Mull, Vanessa Lachey, Peter Riegert, Tonita Castro, and Brenda Song.

TV show description:      
This multi-camera sitcom follows two lifelong best friends who are successful and in their mid-thirties. Their relatively stable lives get turned upside down when their inappropriate and pain-in-the-neck fathers move in with them.

Eli (Seth Green) and Warner (Giovanni Ribisi) are the co-founders of Ghost Child Games, a successful video game company. Warner is married with two kids and a bundle of nerves as he tries to balance his career with his home life. He and Eli came up with the idea for the gaming company while getting stoned in college.

Eli has essentially remained stoned ever since. In contrast to Warner’s seemingly stable life, Eli’s is a bit messier, with brief stabs at self-improvement. He’s a confident guy, but occasionally reveals his lack of morals. Although Warner and Eli are very different, they are still incredibly close. That relationship gets more complicated once their fathers invade their lives.

Warner’s neuroses likely stem from having grown up in a family where fortunes fluctuated wildly from year to year — due to numerous failed get-rich-quick schemes of his father, Crawford (Martin Mull). A self-described businessman and a perpetual optimist, Crawford lives in a world all his own and still firmly believes the next big opportunity is just around the corner. But whatever business savvy he thinks he has, Crawford always seems to sink the deal by putting his foot in his mouth – much to the chagrin of those around him.

Now that Crawford has moved in, Camila (Vanessa Lachey), Warner’s matter-of-fact and beautiful wife, constantly tries to get Warner to confront his father, but Warner can’t seem to find the courage.

Eli’s dad, David (Peter Riegert) is a towering monument to negativity and has spent his life jumping from relationship to relationship. Equal parts cheap and cranky, David relishes disappointment and has always prepared his son for it. After hitting hard times, David turns to Eli, who reluctantly agrees to let his dad move in -– even as he continues to blame David for his own shortcomings, including his inability to settle down.

Suddenly, the two bachelors find themselves in very close quarters, and Eli’s lovelife quickly takes a nosedive with David around. In fact, his longest relationship with a woman remains the one with his housekeeper, Edna (Tonita Castro).

Trying to help both Warner and Eli through their myriad life challenges is Veronica (Brenda Song), their witty VP of Game Development. She’s also the voice of reason who’s never afraid to stand her ground with her bosses.

Series Finale:     
Episode #18 — “Have a Heart… Attack!”
Crawford’s ankle band is removed so he can now legally leave the building. Warner and Camilla find a retirement condo for him, but Warner soon realizes that he misses his dad too much. Both Eli and Edna ignore David’s complaining so he ends up in the hospital after having a heart attack. This leads Eli to realize how much he still loves his father. Veronica gets engaged and Eli regrets not sharing his true feelings with her.
First aired: February 11, 2014.


What do you think? Do you like the Dads TV series? Do you think it should have been cancelled or renewed for a second season?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. anne says

    Seth Green ruined that series by being such a big mouth & kept scene hogging. He would be funny if he just cooled it. I have seen him in shows / movies that he is very funny but that show was ridiculous. It’s like all you could hear was him. I couldn’t wait to see it when I first heard it was airing, but it didn’t take long for me to realize it would bomb with Green ruining almost every scene.
    I love Giovanni Ribisi & cannot understand WHY he would want to do a TV series when he’s a big film star. I love his acting & hopefully he will return & forget this TV series idea. You’re too good an actor on the big screen!!
    There are amazing TV personalities & amazing Movie personalities & Giovanni is definitely a guy meant for Movies.

  2. Janie says

    Bring it back! I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time! There is so much bad news in the world, why take something off that is so well-written and has such a talented cast.

  3. Dawn J says

    I LOVE this show!! About time there was a very funny sitcom on the air! I was checking when the second season started and saw it was cancelled. WHY? Please bring this hilarious show back on the air…thank you!

  4. Eugenta says

    I’m absolutely dumbfounded….this was such a funny sitcom. I really hope they bring it back.

  5. Cathy says

    Love this show! One of the funniest ,clever, and off the wall shows I have ever seen. I would watch Eli (Seth Green) and Warner (Giovanni Ribisi) on any show . I am looking for the DVD series to buy. I would hate to see this show leave the network. I think that some people just do not understand ,that a show written this well is just too good to let go.

  6. Tommy says

    People are too sensitive and thought it wd too offensive. Move this show to showtime and take the gloves off. I want even more borderline offensive and maybe all out offensiveness. The show makes fun all kinds of people, it felt like offensively fair.

  7. Anonymous says

    That sucks! Love this show. I CANT BELIEVE they CANCELLED IT!!! I couldn’t stop laughing. These network execs totally suck @$$!!

  8. Christine satcher says

    I loved the show , I thought it was one of the funniest comedies to air in a long time, why can’t the networks give series a chance instead of cancelling shows so soon

  9. moon says

    I can’t stand the shows they keep and the ones they cancel. This is no exception. I have not watched a single season of a single reality show, dance off, or anything with music. As a single dad, this was one show I got together with my kids that we actually watched as a family. This and The Crazy Ones were the only shows I stopped working to spend time with my family. Since both are cancelled, guess I’ll be heading to another divorce for working too much.

    • Khaty says


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