Dallas: What Past Storylines and Characters Should Be Revisited?

DallasTNT recently released more information about the pilot for a new Dallas TV series. Unlike most other new incarnations of classic shows, this one will be a continuation of the original, not a reboot. Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy, and Linda Gray have all signed on to play their original characters. The new series will revolve around conflict between John Ross (Josh Henderson), the son of Sue Ellen and J.R., and Christopher, the adopted son of Bobby and Pam.

Its unclear how much of the original series’ history will be incorporated into the pilot and (if it gets a greenlight) a new series. Producers would like to satisfy fans of the original but obviously wouldn’t want to scare off potential new viewers by overwhelming them with backstory.

Still, with 14 years of history from the original Dallas, there are lots of storylines and characters that could be utilized in some way.

J.R. had at least one illegitimate son that we saw during the series — James Richard Beaumont (Sasha Mitchell). At one point, he tried to keep J.R. locked away in a sanitarium and ended up moving back East to get away from his father.

How about the return of Pam? When Victoria Principal left the Dallas, Pam was badly burned in a car accident with an oil truck. Pam later returned after plastic surgery, played by Margaret Michaels. The character eventually left the series because she didn’t want her loved ones to see her die of a fatal illness. Pam’s death is never actually mentioned or confirmed so presumably she could return. Word is that, in the new series, Bobby is remarried to a woman named Ann.

How about Pamela Cooper, the daughter of Ewing longtime nemesis Cliff Barnes (Ken Kercheval)? Or, how about seeing the some of the Knots Landing characters again and perhaps their offspring? Surely there are more.

What do you think? What older storylines would you like to see explored? Which characters would you like to see return?

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  1. John Zuchowski says

    I would like to see Ray & Donna back together again (since Ray and Jennas Marriage was on the rocks anyway (in the last Movie). As for Cliff he should be with Afton the mother of his child. And you could also Have Young Bobby Ewing (Garys Son) show up and spend some time with his cousins. And Betsy Too

  2. ALAN KATTAN says

    Along with my comment above having Bobby married to April I would also love to see Cliff Barnes married to April’s sister Michelle. Michelle who always wanted to take revenge on her sister and destroy her oil company long time ago married Cliff Barnes so that they could both together work to destroy both April and the Ewings.

  3. Keira Bowman says

    Back in the 80’s, I always tuned in to watch Sue Ellen Shepherd Ewing, played by Linda Gray. She always had the most entertaining story line and Linda could always make bad writing come to life. She has the most fascinating eyes I’ve seen on TV. I would be interested in watching her character deal with the realities of being an older women know for her beauty: realizing that she has some regrets in life that she has to resolve in her limited time. That is a REAL issue for many beautiful baby boomers. For some CAMP value, I would get a kick out of her trashing the character PAM. I would love to see Sue Ellen tell Bobby that Pamela was nothing more than a middle of the road prostitute before she was brought to Southfork.

  4. says

    That is really brilliant, they shall really bring back all the caracters who are still alive we really love watching Dallas and bringing back Dallas means bring back memories for millions of people, maybe billions, I am sure my parents will enjoy it as much as me and my husband will…

    Fantastic, can’t wait for that.

  5. JOEL F. says

    As embarrassed as I am to admit this I am really looking forward to the TNT DALLAS continuation… Hope it comes about. There are so many characters to bring back: Bobby & Jenna’s son Lucas, Cliff & Afton’s daughter Pamela Rebecca & JRs son James Richard could have offspring off his own right now…The possibilities are endless…

  6. Liz says

    I’d like to see Lucy, Cliff and Ray back.
    Would be really great to have Knot’s Landing come back if we’re going to get Dallas, might as well go all the way and bring back Knot’s Landing.

  7. ALAN KATTAN says

    I would like to see Sheree J. Wilson return as Bobby’s wife April. The dismal final season of “Dallas” should all be Bobby’s nightmare. The pilot episode should begin in a scene where Bobby wakes up from his dream while still on his honeymoon in Paris as April is taking a shower. Then as Bobby approaches the shower (with Bobby and April’s famous saxophone song in the background) April says to Bobby, “Come in! Baby.” Then Bobby replies, “April?” and faints. Then the series is zoomed 20 years later with a teenage daughter of Bobby and April in a Lucy type role along with Christopher and John Ross. The title of that pilot episode should be called “April Fools Dream.”

    There also could be an “April Fools Death” pilot episode where April during the last season was forced to swallow tranquilizers and wear a blood bag on her belly to fake her death by her hostage takers and remain kid-napped all season long. Then there is an opening scene 20 years back where Bobby gets a phone call that April has been found and rescued.

    Sheree as April would be make perfect Miss Elliesque matriarch since she has a lot of similarities to Barbara Bel Geddes who dates back to the Ewing-Barnes history unlike any new wife for Bobby. Plus April was the most supportive woman Bobby ever had.

  8. Carolyn says

    I’d love to see more of the original characters (Lucy, Cliff, Ray, and Donna plus their offspring) be featured. There’s so much that can be done with a new Dallas series. If Bobby is married to someone named Ann, then it would be very difficult to bring Pam back but it could be done and make for some interesting shows.

  9. griffin says

    I probably shouldn’t judge before I have even seen this but this sounds silly. DALLAS belongs in the past and should be remembered fondly ( or not fondly, as the case may be) as an 80s “power soap” that was imitated by others. This idea is the very height of unoriginality and production companies and writers should be striving to come up with something new rather than digging up the bones of past TV shows!

  10. Lee says

    We need to see Punk Anderson’s son. I have a great idea, how about another “Jock is still alive” storyline?

    Seriously, I am looking forward to this!

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