Dallas: What Past Storylines and Characters Should Be Revisited?

DallasTNT recently released more information about the pilot for a new Dallas TV series. Unlike most other new incarnations of classic shows, this one will be a continuation of the original, not a reboot. Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy, and Linda Gray have all signed on to play their original characters. The new series will revolve around conflict between John Ross (Josh Henderson), the son of Sue Ellen and J.R., and Christopher, the adopted son of Bobby and Pam.

Its unclear how much of the original series’ history will be incorporated into the pilot and (if it gets a greenlight) a new series. Producers would like to satisfy fans of the original but obviously wouldn’t want to scare off potential new viewers by overwhelming them with backstory.

Still, with 14 years of history from the original Dallas, there are lots of storylines and characters that could be utilized in some way.

J.R. had at least one illegitimate son that we saw during the series — James Richard Beaumont (Sasha Mitchell). At one point, he tried to keep J.R. locked away in a sanitarium and ended up moving back East to get away from his father.

How about the return of Pam? When Victoria Principal left the Dallas, Pam was badly burned in a car accident with an oil truck. Pam later returned after plastic surgery, played by Margaret Michaels. The character eventually left the series because she didn’t want her loved ones to see her die of a fatal illness. Pam’s death is never actually mentioned or confirmed so presumably she could return. Word is that, in the new series, Bobby is remarried to a woman named Ann.

How about Pamela Cooper, the daughter of Ewing longtime nemesis Cliff Barnes (Ken Kercheval)? Or, how about seeing the some of the Knots Landing characters again and perhaps their offspring? Surely there are more.

What do you think? What older storylines would you like to see explored? Which characters would you like to see return?

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  1. Joanne says

    I think Pam should be beack on Dallas. Maybe Victoria and Patrick could “fall in love again.”. Patrick Duffy makes me weak in the knees! I don’t care if he is 32 or 62~! He is sooo yummy! His wife is very lucky to have him!

  2. Vicki says

    I would like to see the return of the local Dallas actress, Lauri Lynn who portrayed Charlie in a locally filmed segment with Morgan Fairchild portraying her mother.

  3. Kathy says

    Would love to see all of the original characters in the new series. Love the drama, suspense and action. Watched it all 12 – 13 years it was aired. Can’t wait!

  4. Kirk Michael says

    I’d like to see Pam return and wreck Bobby’s new marriage to Ann Ewing. AS far as we know, Pam and Bobby are still married. Victoria Principal or Margaret Michaels, either one would do. I’d like to see Pam Cooper and her mother, Afton and Cliff Barnes come back and Christopher romancing her to make another Bobby and Pam situation that neither John Ross or J.R. likes.

  5. Anonymous says

    Let Ray die of a heart atack and everybody at southfork gathers except jr who is happy about the recent event, bobby begs jr to stop being mean and lucy steps in with startiling news about his parentage.

  6. Jamie. says

    How about Christopher be the new JR Ewing type character and have him explore his origins, like Kristin. Christopher finds an old diary of Miss Ellie’s revealing Digger was infact JR’s father and not Jock and he threatens John Ross with the revealtion if he can’t get his own way, even if it destroys the Ewing’s altogether. Pam and Cliff will have to return at some point, even if it is temorarily to tie up loose ends. Maybe JR can also discover that Lucy was infact his daughter aswell and she has a child too and her child can attempt to enter the EO Fold.

  7. South Fork Fan says

    IT would be absolutley awsome if Dallas was to be reborn. Leave Pam, James Buemont out possibly Callie’s child cold come back and be an agrivation to John Ross and an uneasey ally of Christopher? GArry’s children coming in seem a far reach as Garry sort of had things working out near the end of Knots landing. and he never really wanted anything from his family. Keep it fresh and new with al the intrigue and suspence that the middle years of the Dallas era contained. It will be hard to match the orginal for those viewers who remeber and loved it. Attracting new ones with more current head lines adapted to it in toady’s world would be better.

    I loved Sheree to return as she was great as where the story lines in the time.

  8. John says

    Whomever Anonymous is you dont have to watch it. But i personally cant what.. And David(poster from Feb 25) Ray does have a Daughter with Donna. And he also raised Bobby’s Son Lucas with Jenna Wade. When last seen Rays and Jennas marriage was on the rocks. Which is great by me because Ray belongs with Donna and I hope they are back together now.

    • brent says

      You must watch all the police and law shoes on tv that have taken over tv…..You do not know great tv……there is tons of stuff to watch. keep an open mind and move on…

  9. says

    My husband and I would love to see the return of dallas even if all of the old cast members did not return. It was a wonderful show. I am happy to hear my favs. are wanting to return though and I think it will do very well in the ratings. People, especially today as back in “the good ole days” need a show like this. I don’t know maybe I’m crazy but this show actually took the ordinary persons problems away for an hour, and it also gave some of us if not most( if we weren’t too embarrassed about it ) something to talk about and banter about at work. I’m all for it!!!

  10. David says

    Since Jock Ewing had four sons, there is also the possibility that half brother Ray Krebb’s may have also fathered children who may want to come into the picture to get some of their share of the Ewing estate.

  11. Avid Dallas Fan says

    I watched Dallas as a youngster, teen and adult. The story lines were always filled with action, suspense, intrigue, drama and all of that which makes a good soap! Anyway, should TNT decide to go with it (and they should because Dallas was SO BIG – the ratings will sky rocket just from the interest of longtime fans).

    You have a lot of potential to work with. Not only the passed on fued from J.R. and Bobby, but the also include the outed family members. Gary’s children. I’m sure J.R. has made John Ross III very aware of the wayward brother Gary “he’s a weakling”. How about bringing Gary’s son in (yep he had a son on Knot’s Landing that should be grown by now and a daughter – they were twins) anyway, bring them in wanting a piece of the family business. Either have John Ross and Christopher put aside their differences to break their “weakling cousin” or have Gary’s son come a nd join Christopher to bring John Ross down (and even a suprise visit from Gary who is on Young and the Restless now). LOTS OF POTENTIAL – grab it writers!

  12. Dan says

    I’d like to see Gary’s kids reconnect with the family as well as Callie/JR’s son. The James Beaumont storyline played itself out nicely but I don’t see JR completely letting Callie’s son go forever. Leave Pam out– too long ago and no need to resurrect the story line. However, Christopher becoming the dark family element has potential due to potential abandonment issues with Pam, adoption issues developing as he got older (especially learning of Sue Ellen’s relationship), and having so many key people in his life leave him at a young age have definite potential. I’d like to see Bobby & Christopher retain ownership of South Fork and JR and John Ross trying to win it from them as an ongoing struggle. I love the new concept of Ewing Energy, which I proposed on a discussion board a decade ago. How timely! Think of the backroom/bedroom deals needed to approve a nuclear plant, drilling, and large contracts today! Lots of potential!

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