Dallas: Should the TNT Series Be Renewed for Season Three?

Dallas cancel or renewed for season 3?This evening, TNT airs the final two episodes of Dallas’ second season and, unlike the price of oil, the ratings have been down. Will the TV series return for a third season or will it be cancelled instead?

The new Dallas picks up several years after the original show ended. Time has passed but the Ewings and the Barnes are still at each others’ throats. And, though Larry Hagman passed away, there’s still plenty of drama at Southfork. The cast includes Patrick Duffy, Linda Gray, Josh Henderson, Jesse Metcalfe, Jordana Brewster, Julie Gonzalo, Brenda Strong, Mitch Pileggi, Emma Bell, Kuno Becker, and Judith Light.

Last season, the new Dallas was one of TNT’s most-watched dramas, averaging 4.42 million viewers and a 1.1 rating in the 18-49 demographic.

This time around, the ratings weren’t so hot. The second season has averaged 2.64 million with a 0.8 demo rating. The numbers spiked for the JR Ewing funeral episode but they went back down the following week.

While the ratings admittedly haven’t been as strong this time around, Dallas is still TNT’s best performing show right now. Both Monday Mornings and Southland have only been averaging about 1.4 million viewers.

The cable channel also knows that the show is facing a lot more competition at this time of year — compared to when the first season aired last summer.

While TNT hasn’t cancelled or renewed Dallas yet, it seems very likely that the Ewings will return for another round of in-fighting and deception.

What do you think? Would you like to see Dallas return? Is the show as enjoyable as it once was? Should TNT move it back to summer?

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  1. Dee says

    For me it is the best on TV, to cancel it now would be crazy…and quite honestly an insult to all those who’ve done such a great job bringing Dallas so successfully into the 21st Century, not to mention to Larry Hagman’s memory, he woud have wanted to see it carry on.

  2. Jeannie says

    PLEASE bring Dallas back!!! Although Larry is greatly missed Dallas is by far the best show right now. I love the show now as much as I did back when the old one showed and Linda Gray and Patrick Duffy are loved just as much as the new actors. Please give the show a chance to prove their potential.

  3. Patti says

    Yes, absolutely renew Dallas Season 3! Great show, moves quickly and love all the characters, Bobby, Ann, Sue Ellen, John Ross and Christoper, love Pam’s character, Elena has been weak, but I heard she was filming Fast and Furious this season…. They are doing a great job and Harris Ryland and Cliff are good enemies. Love Southfork and John Ross and Christopher were better this season and stepping into their roles. Bring um back!!! (Miss you J.R..RIP)

  4. Deb says

    I really liked it! It’s sophisticated and fun… I see JR in John Ross and Bobby in Christopher. I’m really hoping there will be a season 3. Please give us season three!

  5. Carolyn says

    I was a huge fan of the first Dallas (I even own the whole series and watched it again a few months before the new Dallas was set to air for season 1). I love the new Dallas just as much as the old one (even without JR, although I miss him). I think the only reason the ratings slipped was because it is on opposite “Dancing with the Stars” and “The Voice”. I have to admit I had to go to VOD for The Voice because I will not miss Dallas. Please bring it back. The worst thing in the world for a TV series (in my opinion) is when they end the series with not “ending.” I would love to see Dallas continue for many more seasons. I will watch no matter when they put it on, but if they are looking for the audience they better check out what they are up against. PLEASE KEEP DALLAS!

  6. Donna mcintre says

    I was a huge fan of the original, the first season of the new Dallas actually got boring, but the second season was great, give it a chance to prove itself

  7. Caleigh Martin says

    Please have a season 3!!! I love this show and I never know what’s going to happen next! I don’t watch it the night new episodes air but I watch it on demand!!! I have to know what their lives are like after all this!!! I love every actor and actress in the show and I just love it!

  8. Christine says

    Please let there be a season 3. We need a few more years of this great series. Here is how I think would make an EXCELLENT season three is as follows: First they should have that Pam is alive after all. I think VP or Margret Michaels should come back a Pam for a few episodes (Since VP has no desire to reprise her roll). It should come out that the doctor and his wife lied to Christopher. Katherine needs to be the guilty party here. Pam then finally make peace with Bobby and Christopher on her deathbed. She should have a heart to heart with Ann and have her promise to ALWAYS look after Christopher and Bobby. Then she needs to denounce Cliff as her brother and have a heart to heart with her niece Pamela Rebecca. She should tell her niece to rethink her decision about her marriage to John Ross since he is so much like his father. John Ross’s affair with Emma then needs to be exposed and then Bobby, Ann, Christopher, and even Sue Ellen need to kick John Ross’s ass. Then Sue Ellen needs to give John Ross and ultimatum saying if he continues to cheat on his wife she will get him kicked out of Ewing Energies. Elena needs to forgive and forget what happened with her father and JR years ago and reconcile with Christopher. Then she and Christopher get married and she gets pregnant and start a family. I am also for bringing Jenna and Ray back along with Charlie and Lucas. They need to portray Charlie as a messed up person with three children of her own who is very bitter against Jenna and Ray. I will add more later

  9. Patsy Newberry says

    Dallas is by far the best show on TV. The actors are outstanding and play their roles believeably. The mix of the “old” and the “new” works well. Picking up the pieces from J.R.’s death and creating a masterpiece of tying the loose ends and keeping the story lines going forward is a tremendous credit to the writers and producers. TNT failed to adequately promote the show this year. Showing it on Monday nights against the major network’s big offerings was also a mistake. Thursday nights would have been a much better choice, although I will admit it made Mondays more bearable to know that Dallas was waiting that night. I sincerely hope you can keep the team intact and provide us the pleasure of another season of the ONLY show I care to DVR and watch again and again.

  10. Lydianne says

    Please bring this fantastic show back for many more years! I agree with everyone else, this is the best show on TV. I too watched the old show and can’t wait for Monday night. I would love to see it on every night! I am so disgusted with reality TV or talk shows! What happened to quality TV?

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