Dallas: Is the New TNT Series Worth Watching?

Dallas TV show on TNTThe big night is finally here. The Ewings of Dallas are back on the air after 14 years away. Will this new series outlast the original or does it deserve to be quickly cancelled instead?

The new Dallas on TNT is a continuation of the primetime soap opera that began in 1978. John Ross (Josh Henderson) and Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) are fighting over Southfork, just like their fathers (Larry Hagman and Patrick Duffy) did back in the CBS days. Others in the cast include Linda Gray, Brenda Strong, Jordana Brewster, and Julie Gonzalo.

Is the new Dallas worth your time? Here’s what some of the critics are saying:

NY Daily News: “So we’ve got love and money both in play here, and soon they swirl together into a tale that’s got more kick than Texas chili made with live rattlesnakes. It’s also soapy, of course, not to mention campy. Hagman in particular hasn’t lost an ounce of his villainous sleaze. No one expects Dallas to have the kind of reach now that it had three decades ago. But between old fans who will enjoy a revisit and young folks who never even heard of Miss Ellie, TNT is placing a sound bet.”

TV Guide: “Unfortunately, these young ‘uns are not larger than life, paling next to the icons that bore them, buzzing around like gnats in the shadow of legends. Still, the comfort level in the new/old Dallas is considerable, as we gawk at which of the old-timers is still on their game and who are the worse for wear. (Linda Gray’s Sue Ellen seems especially mummified, given no help by the writers turning her into a most improbable politician and professional wet blanket. She was more fun when she drank.) The show’s predictably melodramatic rhythms and telegraphed twists will be like nectar to those still pining for this old-school style of skullduggery.”

USA Today: “Forget Dallas; they should have called it Thebes. You can find mummies who look fresher than this mold-encrusted relic, and who have newer ideas in their empty, embalmed heads. Not, of course, that this embarrassing throwback has any idea to offer beyond a desire to cash in on the standard-setting success of the CBS original in the 1980s… There will no doubt be some out there who so loved the original Dallas, they’ll still find this little “D” enchanting. There will be others who come for the camp value alone, from the wooden performances to the often risible dialogue. As for the rest of us, we can be grateful that a busy TV summer offers plenty of other choices.”

LA Times: “Then as now — and acknowledging some good work among the younger set, especially the Texas-born Henderson — it is Hagman’s show. To say there is no series here that would be worth watching without him is indeed only to point out another way in which the new Dallas is very much like the old… The pilot dawdles until the right word rouses [JR] back to action like a demon from his thousand-year sleep. His eyes light up, and the party starts.”

Hollywood Reporter: “The writing is not there. Neither is the acting. And the plot -– well, it’s not like that was a strong point of the original version anyway. But none of the elements is present, just soap bubbles and silliness. This is a remake that should never have been remade.”

STL Today: “TNT has wisely scheduled Dallas for 10 episodes, all completed before the premiere. More could be ordered, but at least the audience can be assured of one complete story arc. Executive producer Cynthia Cidre (Cane) and her team have provided many entry points for new viewers, and references they may not get are either explained or expendable. The young cast, especially the male leads, is appealing, and the show looks good, benefiting from shooting on location in Dallas. The storytelling was compelling enough to lead me to watch three episodes (TNT provided all 10) in a row.”

Tampa Bay Times: “Filmed for the HD world with better landscapes, better acting and slightly better writing, this newly retooled Dallas feels upgraded from the early, fumbling pace of the original series’ early days… I’m probably in the minority, but for me a world of oil leases, adultery and methane gas wasn’t quite enough to snare the attention of the iPad generation, anymore.”

So, the critics are quite mixed on the new Dallas series to say the least.

What do you think? Are you a fan of the original? Have you watched the new series? Will you go back to watch again?

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  1. Denise says

    I loved the old show in the 80’s and I like this
    new one also, I really hope they keep this series
    going for quit awhile.

  2. Brittany says

    The Hollywood Reporters review of the show made me laugh. It amazes me that there are people in the entertainment industry not realizing they’re reviewing a soap opera and expecting grade A acting. Come on now! This show is delightful. It is a wonderful change of pace from any of the cheap, overrated reality shows out there and offers a great deal more drama and good talent. If you haven’t given it a chance you need to, you’ll be so sucked up into old man drama you wont believe it happened. Love it!

  3. Ken says

    My wife and I are in LOVE with this new show. In fact, I am an actor in the Jacksonville, FL market and I would give my eyeteeth to just audition for a walk on role on Dallas. Just to be in the same room with the legendary Patrick Duffy and Larry Hagman and Linda Grey…man!!! I grew up with that “DALLAS” theme song being played in my living room every Friday Night. When it came on it was time to go to bed…but I always watched it from behind my mom and dad….ssssshhhhh….they don’t know. (Of course they do now!! – They are with God!) Anyway…..SO GLAD to have a cool show to watch…and this FINALE of the first season…..WOAH!!!!! HIS COUSIN???!!!!! Really?? What is Cliff Barnes up to?

  4. Marilyn says

    Keep Dallas coming! I love it! I watch very few shows on T V so I am glad there is a show I enjoy. The story is great and the new actors fit right in. I love to see the actors from old Dallas mixing with the new to extend the story. Thanks for a show I can enjoy kudos to TNT!

  5. big fan of dallas says

    From Doreen to another (Doreen), I totally agree with you. I love the new show. I think everyone is doing a great job. I was very happy that Rebecca turned out to be Cliff Barnes daughter so the feud can live on. I also hope the writers don’t mess up and let Rebecca lose the babies. It would be interesting for Rebecca and Chris to fight over the babies. Every time JR says one of those famous one liners, I LOVE IT!!!! Jesse Metcalfe and Josh Henderson are good eye candy. I like Rebecca and Elena too. Its nice seeing the new cast interacting with the old. I have no complaints about any of the cast…… TNT thanks for picking up my all time favorite soap. looking forward to the new season in January.

  6. MsMag says

    With all the total garbage on the boob tube, Dallas is definitely worth watching. I anticipate Wednesday night, since I do not watch much anyway. Dallas is one of two or three shows that I watch. Great job and story line!

  7. anthony says

    i love the show. Just hope they can continue with original characters for a long time. Lets face it Hagman is old . He makes the show. It has been a long time coming and wish the would just get on with the story so we dont end up with a lost season or a series that just suddenly dies ! I grew up watching the show and this is not a remake. Cootoz for the people who had the balls to bring it back with so much of the original cast!

  8. Debbie Elsberry says

    I loved it just like I did the original . I pray they come back for more epiosodes. Jr And bobby were wonderful and so was cliff Barnes and wow cliff I thought was better than ever and he’s getting back at JR finally too woohoo and yes Keep this show on please

  9. JT says

    They have the legend himself Larry Hagman. That there is more than most shows. I thought most of the young cast grew on me as the season wore on. I didn’t like John Ross at first but he is a chip off the old block. Annie (Brenda Strong) kicked serious butt and her ex-husband was deliciously wicked. Sue Ellen Bobby and Cliff had their moments. Cliff’s right hand man is an intriguing character in development. Julie Gonzalo had some depth. The weakest link was Jordanna Brewster and the Christopher character could get whiny at times. It works for Cliff because he can be a loser and sympathetic but with Christopher it may get old fast. A solid 9 out of 10 for season one. I hope they don’t orerdo it by bringing back too many old characters like Victoria Principal. Her character grew stale fast. I cannot wait for season 2.

  10. Doreen says

    I love the new Dallas! I look forward to Wednesday night just as much as I looked forward to Friday night when the old Dallas was on. Every week the story line gets better and better and I cant wait for the next episode. I am so disappointed that the first season is almost over. I really hope that TNT plans to run more seasons.This is finally a “tv show” that is worth watching. The reality shows are getting old and boring. Please TNT – keep Dallas coming!

    • Linda says

      I agree with Doreen, I love the new Dallas! They didn’t try to change it into something it wasn’t, they kept with the theme of the show, and that’s what makes it great. I always look forward to Wednesday nights now!

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