Damages: Will the FX Series Be Cancelled or Saved?

DamagesIf you follow the ratings, you know that FX’s Damages is in big trouble. There’s been a lot of talk online that the show might be saved by DirecTV or another buyer. Is that a realistic possibility?

Damages revolves around a tough-as-nails NYC attorney, Patty Hewes (Glenn Close). She takes on tough cases and will do just about anything to make sure her clients come out on top. Prominent castmembers have included Rose Byrne, Tate Donovan, Ted Danson, Zeljko Ivanek, Noah Bean, Anastasia Griffith, and Philip Bosco.

The show’s been running for three seasons on FX and has garnered its share of critical praise. Unfortunately, the ratings have diminished over time. The series premiere drew 3.7 million viewers and FX renewed it for two seasons. They likely regretted that decision since the second season’s debut attracted less than half of the first, with 1.7 million.

Season three kicked off with just 1.5 million and viewership has been much dropping lower. This week’s episode attracted only half as many viewers and that was an increase from last week’s. With numbers like these, it’s no surprise that the show is headed for cancellation.

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However, Sony isn’t ready to give up on the show and is trying to find another outlet to share the costs with USA. One of the possible buyers being courted is DirecTV who, by partnering with NBC, has helped to prolong the life of Friday Night Lights.

At the recent advertiser upfronts, FX wasn’t promoting the show. However, FX President John Laundgraf confirmed that talks were indeed taking place between Sony and DirecTV. He said that, though they’re pleased with the show creatively, the show isn’t cheap. He hopes that the studio succeeds and said, “If Sony can find the right partner, we’ll be happy. There’s no question — we love it. It brings a lot of cache to our network.”

Unfortunately, if you look at the numbers, the deal doesn’t make much sense for DirecTV. Friday Night Lights, which has always been touted as being a fairly economical series to produce, was attracting more than six million viewers on NBC before the DirecTV deal.

Damages is regarded as expensive and attracts much fewer viewers. On top of that, Damages’ numbers are dropping nearly every week. Doesn’t seem like a very promising prospect does it?

What do you think? Is it realistic to expect that Sony and FX will be able to find a way to renew Damages for season four? Should they?

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  1. says

    damages is the greatest we have been waiting all 2011 for its return,love, love, love it. I dont know how anyone wouldnt win picking up this on any network…Please bring back…

  2. says

    The is one of the best shows on TV. We have been waiting for Damages to view which is usually Jan/Feb, but have been disappointed and now even more that it won’t be showing until July 2011. We love the show and think the writing is fabulous as are the actors. We would hate to lose this show…it’s one of our very favorites!

  3. Toni says

    We have been waiting for Damages to view, but have been disappointed and now even more that it won’t be showing until July 2011. We love the show and think the writing is fabulous as is the actors. We would hate to lose this show…one of our very favorites

  4. LadyD says

    I hope they DON’T cancel my favorite show…One of my other show was flashfoward and then &^*(* canceled it after getting everyone hooked..
    Its the same here hook you and then cancel…..wth even have shows?

  5. Rachel says

    I agree with all of you, if they have more advertisement of the when the show would be on and if there was a way to catch up on line or netflix, I think it would get more viewers. Please Direct TV save our show!

  6. Christine Dowling says

    I like the show Damages and I know it was picked up by DirectTV but it is showing reruns, is there not going to be a season 4?

  7. says

    I love Damages. I am really sad about the ratings but what can we do? The show is great and it’s true we should be able to catch up easily. G. Close is fantastic and last season was terrific I can’t wait. Hey producers you should also read people’s comments you know…

  8. Chris & Susan Pirie says

    Damages, compexity of plot notwithstanding, is one of the most fascinating and worthwhile TV Series ever. Viewing figures might reflect the aforementioned complexity of plot but isn`t that the truth when a show like BBC`s “Strictly Come Dancing” achieves public acclamation for a “show” that has two sets of “judges” – one professionally qualified, the other” the public”. Damages surely is so well acted and absorbing that if Reason operates anywhere in the TV executive mind it must be allowed to continue into further series way beyond Four and Five. Horray for Damages. Thank you.

  9. Sue says

    It has been my favorite show that I look forward to to get me thru the winter. I hope they do not cancel. I love Glenn Close and all the actors. The plots are complicated and sometimes hard to follow especially if someone doesn’t watch it regularly. I love the suspense.

  10. Dave says

    I would hate to see it cancelled. Agreat show with complicated plots and very relevant. Put it on HBO if Fx can’t afford to keep it. It needs to be seen!

  11. Susie says

    Damages is a wonderful show and it really should be saved. The quality of the writing and acting proves that TV programs can be as good as a major motion picture. It will be a shame if it is canceled.

  12. jimmy says

    Damages is a hot and exciting program. Strong storyline and very strong actors. I don’t understand the low ratings. Time slot maybe? I would love to see this show continue. It keeps me on edge wondering what will happen next. Please do not cancel. There must be an audience for this show.

  13. HC says

    Damages was an amazing show. I watched every season 1 episode. The problem was when I missed a portion of season 2. It was not available online, to catch up. We even looked for it on DVD, but by that time season 3 was already playing. The show is written so that it is difficult to follow when watched out of order. I just gave up on the whole thing. I think the show would have greater success if it was available for people to catch up and follow. Also, advertising was mediocre. It was difficult to follow what day/time the show was going to air. I hope they don’t cancel it, as I’d like to watch the entire series.

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