Damages: Not Cancelled; Renewed for Seasons Four and Five

DamagesGood news! Damages has been saved from cancellation and there will be a fourth and fifth seasons. Unfortunately, not all of the show’s fans will be able to see the new episodes.

Damages revolves around Patty Hewes (Glenn Close), a tough New York attorney. She takes on tough cases and will do just about anything to make sure her clients come out on top. Prominent castmembers have included Rose Byrne, Tate Donovan, Ted Danson, Zeljko Ivanek, Noah Bean, Anastasia Griffith, and Philip Bosco.

The FX series has been declining in the ratings for some time and the third season finale only drew 925,000 viewers. The cable channel said that they couldn’t afford to keep broadcasting the show based on those numbers. They also said they’d be open to some sort of partnership deal if Sony could find another buyer (ala the shared airings of Friday Night Lights between NBC and DirecTV).

DirecTV has come to the show’s rescue but is financing new episodes for exclusive airings, in a similar vein to the deal they made for Passions a couple years back. This means that viewers who don’t have DirecTV won’t be able to see the episodes.

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“FX was very proud to have developed one of the best scripted series on television, but, in order to have a future, the show needed DirecTV and we are thrilled they stepped in,” said John Landgraf, President & General Manager, FX Networks. “Sony Pictures Television is a great production partner and we at FX Productions are excited for these next two seasons.”

Under the exclusive deal, DirecTV has ordered 20 new episodes of Damages that will play out over the course of two seasons. They’ll air on DirecTV’s exclusive 101 channel in 2011 and 2012. The satellite provider has also acquired the rights to rerun the first three seasons of Damages.

For those without DirecTV, the episodes will surely be released on DVD at some point.

What do you think? Are you glad to hear that Damages has been saved? If you don’t already subscribe, would this news make you consider ordering DirecTV?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    I think Damages is the best thing on TV since The Sopranos. Luckily, I have Dirctv and no plans to change providers. It appears that there are cheaper providers ou there so I’ll definitely have to check them out. In the meantime, I’m hanging in ther nd enjoying Damages. Can’t wait for season 5.

  2. james says

    i don’t understand why everyone is complaining about FX “letting us down”. the show did not bring in enough ratings to afford to continue producing it on FX. that is a shame, but it doesn’t mean they don’t care about damages fans. i doubt FX was happy to let damages go, but all they can do is try to produce shows that get good ratings so they can justify the production budget. that’s business guys.

  3. CHUCK CLINE says

    I do hope to catch up on season 3 and eventually see 4 and 5 when the DVDs come out….

    Super story line with surprises at every turn. Excellent character development and cinematography.
    The pacing changed a little from season 1 to 2, but the story kept me interested. I hope the writing and production values stay consistent.

    Great program!

  4. Darlene Clark says

    I LOVE “Damages”! I can not wait until the series begins again. It is a shame that those without Directv will not be able to watch such a great show! I have been a Directv person for over 15 years and I see no reason to change. But, I do hope that other networks will pick up this show so that my kids and friends can view it!!

  5. sara serenity says

    Love the show Damages. Great writing, great acting but can’t go with Direct TV…. too expensive and too complicated to deal with each month’s bill. Always changes and always increasing in price. Will have to wait for the DVD version.

  6. says

    Loved waiting for Damages every week. So sorry picked up by Direct TV
    I do not have nor will I get this service but wish the cast well.
    Am disappointed to say the least….

  7. psr1lady says

    Directv can’t even lure me back with one of our favorite dramas which will air exclusively on their programming! We are happy with DISH. Directv lost us as customers due to poor customer service representatives at the time. That was 3 years ago and they keep sending me junk mail to ask me to come back. Not gonna happen. HOWEVER, on the Damages note…. I’ll wait for DVD!!!

  8. Sharon says

    I LOVE Damages, we have watched from the very first episode. We are so disappointed that we will not be able to watch it any longer. We are not switching to Direct TV. Thanks a lot FX.

  9. judith says

    “Damages” was a favorite show for me, but no, would not pay for direct tv in order to see it.

  10. Niki Krebs says

    I have been an avid viewer of Damages since day one. It is, BY FAR, one of the best series ever! I agree w/Nancy’s comments above in that most shows are an insult to our intelligence. Everyone needs to “Just Say No” to the “no brain required” shows and join in to save Damages for mainstream television. I just happen to have DirecTV but have a friend at work that doesn’t and she also loves the show. What can we do to resurrect/get the word out about this stellar series?

  11. Diane says

    Really? DirecTV? Come on, folks! WHY can’t we just leave our fave shows where they were? Speaking of ‘Damages’… Whaddaya think you’re doing to the fans? Sorry, but no plans to pick up DirecTV! Many of the better shows have either been cancelled (case in point… Worst Week… one of the funniest shows EVER)… or redirected… and we’re simply left with one juvenile and/or reality show after another… BOR-ING!

  12. Lee says

    Love FX, disappointed to hear it won’t be on cable. Damages was one of my favorite shows. No plans to which providers

  13. kevin says

    I have just stumbled across this series after finishing several others and have noy been disapointed. I too am doing marathons of the first 3 seasons and am glad to hear the show won’t be cacelled. I have direct T.V. and this just backs my decision to switch providers a few years back….have not been let down yet.

  14. Nancy says

    We love damages… Direct TV’s prices have gone through the roof – we were thinking
    of switching to another provider… now.. we feel cheated that we can’t watch our
    favorite show… It is a great show – one of the best on TV… what is up? Doesn’t FX
    care about the viewers? Unfortunately we are going to give up Direct TV due to
    constantly increasing prices – and therefore will not get to watch Damages……..
    very unfair. There is too much crap on TV – how many 3rd grade shows do you
    think we will watch? More hospital shows, more crime shows, — come on —
    support this exceptional program by making it available on other networks.

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