Damages: Season or Series Finale? What Would Come Next?

DamagesIt’s no secret that the ratings for Glenn Close and her Damages TV show have not been very good for awhile. If the series hadn’t gotten a two-season renewal, it likely wouldn’t have gotten a third year at all. Tonight’s episode marks the last of the season and very well may be the last of the series — but not if the Sony studio has their way.

There’s been talk of Sony trying to find a partner like DirecTV to share Damages’ production costs with FX. Unfortunately, the series is expensive and the ratings aren’t good so it’s a harder sell than others. It seems hard to imagine that a buyer could be found but Sony says that they’re continuing to try to make it happen.
Sony maintains that international sales of the show will play a key factor in keeping the show going.

According to the NY Times, Sony makes about $2 million an episode from international sales.
Zack Van Amburg, president of programming and production for Sony Pictures Television, said, “International is critical for these shows,” he said. “Five years ago broadcast shows were more valuable. They were thought of as better-produced and of higher quality. Now cable shows have gone out and performed well.” Van Amburg also says that the series has been a labor of love for the studio.

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If Sony isn’t successful, it sounds like Damages fans will be getting some degree of closure. After wondering for an entire season, viewers will find out how Tom Shayes (Tate Donovan) died. Of course, they aren’t the only ones who were kept in the dark. Donovan didn’t find out until shortly before he was to shoot his death scene for the finale.

Damages series co-creator Todd A. Kessler says that, because of the format of the show, the season (or series) finale will have closure. He said, “Each season is one case, so the nature of our storytelling is that the story comes to an end. Tom’s death will forever change Patty Hewes’ life and Ellen Parsons’ life, and in many ways, that is where the emotions of this season end.”

If the show does continue on, Patty will be affected by Tom’s death but, co-creator Daniel Zelman believes, “There’s some question as to whether Patty is capable of taking the full amount of responsibility that she probably should take. Because if she did, she would have to stop. That’s a question we have to answer: Is she capable of taking responsibility or is she stuck in a place where no matter what the consequences are, she has to push forward and hold on to her power?”

What do you think? Would you like to see Damages continue on? If it doesn’t, are you satisfied with tonight’s being the last episode?

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  1. Paul says

    I just checked to see when the show was returning. If what I read here iscorrect, I’m very disappointed. Will I still be interested in 2012? The answer is no. I think that’s what killed “The Soprano’s.” It was so long between seasons, I lost complete interest and didn’t put it on when it returned. Like Rob said, why is it that the good ones always get canned? Probably becasue it’s too good.

  2. Rich Mentzel says

    The best drama on TV says it all that it won’t be back! It’s too good to continue. Shame the best shows never come back so I guess I never watch FX again as I now took ABC out of my remotes for all the good shows they cancel to leave the crap on the air they show.

  3. gene says

    Sad news that Damages, my favorite show, won’t be back on FX. I won’t be getting DirectTV so I guess it’s over for me. Maybe I’ll be able to watch in online… but by 2012, will I still care? What a shame.

  4. rob says

    Today I got online to see when Damages is going to start this fall, only to learn that my show had been on life support and won’t be aired on Direct TV until 2012. OMG , why didn’t anyone tell me – I was nearly put on life support! This has to be a joke…Direct TV!? Jeeeez……..why is it shows I think are the best nearly always get canned. Wow, I’m really disappointed but at least they’ll be back, eventually. I’m going to netflix and register today.
    So let’s see…oh good, Fringe is coming back and they’re still on FOX.

    And another thing, I always thought Damages should have been an HBO show.

  5. emma woodall says

    i will not be happy if damages finishes for good because i really really miss it glenn close is my best actress of all time is really amazing

  6. Carol Hale says

    Hope Damages returns for another season. It’s such a riveting series with stupendous acting and scripts. Can’t believe it didn’t attract more viewers. It’s hard to find quality dramas with all the junk on the air (oh, those dreadful, talentless reality shows!). TV is pretty much a wasteland these days, except for rare gems like Damages.

  7. Marianne says

    Would love to see this series continue. The acting is phenominal, the episodes twisted. You think you know what will happens……and it takes a twist. Intriguing . Very few shows are this caliber.

  8. Anonymous says

    great show – hopefully it will continue – keep this great cast together no matter what wrinkles happen because the show is really liked by the time everyone finally sees it – Glen Close is born to play this great role

  9. KM says

    We truly enjoy Damages – and have many friends who also watch – it’s a smart show with great writing and the actors are all terrific – we will be disappointed to see it cancelled – network tv offers very little of smart adult programs – CA Fans

  10. lc says

    This is one of the finest shows I have seen in a long time. Too many of the shows now a days are the “same old same old”. This show makes you think and keeps you wanting more. I hope they bring on more seasons.

  11. J. E. says

    please, please keep the show going…it’s far more intelligent than the average programme, thereby making for superior television…so lacking on your day to day shows…great cast too!

  12. Derrick Brown says

    I’d like to see it comeback, but I wont lose sleep if it dont

    Its just being left in limbo, with no information about it coming back or not, now that pisses me right off

  13. Marcia Noonan says

    This is one of the finest shows to air in a very, very long time. As I have said before..I will be greatly disappointed if it ends. The writing that made each case a season did take care of providing closure. This is just another example of smart people knowing how to spin a tale but realistically understanding if the show is not renewed it is their obligation to provide a solid ending to satisfy loyal viewers/

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