Dawson’s Creek: Joshua Jackson Holds Pacey-Con, Shut Out of Comic-Con

Joshua JacksonBecause of all the hoopla surrounding the International Comic-Con this weekend, it seems that most people missed the other big San Diego convention. Pacey-Con 2010, devoted exclusively to Joshua Jackson’s character from Dawson’s Creek, was also in town.

Put on by Jackson himself, Pacey-Con 2010 was held on a grassy area near the convention center and as many as one or two dozen people stopped by to attend the “event.” With the Dawson’s Creek theme playing on a portable boom-box, Jackson read some Pacey Witter fan fiction that he’d written. Copies were available for $10.

Jackson also posed for pictures with fans that just happened to stumble onto the event. Unfortunately, fellow Dawson’s Creek alumnae like James Van Der Beek, Katie Holmes, Michelle Williams or Kerr Smith weren’t on hand to take part in the “festivities.”

Though Pacey-Con 2010 was obviously a bit of a joke (for a new Funny or Die video?), some of the folks at Comic-Con may not have been amused. Jackson had a hard time getting into the big convention in time for the Fringe panel.

According to a report on SanDiego.com, Jackson was stopped by a security guard while trying to get into the convention around 1:30pm on Saturday. After explaining who he was several times to the guard, he wasn’t getting anywhere.

At one point, Jackson threw up his hands and said, “I’m supposed to be in there. I’m not one of the fans, I’m supposed to talk about the show.”

Joshua JacksonJackson then tried explaining his situation to another security guard. He didn’t recognize the actor either and wasn’t budging. Meanwhile, about 50 people gathered outside and took pictures while a film crew tried to get their equipment out to film it.

Finally, a third security guard came to the door, waved to the actor and said, “I recognize you. Come on in.” Jackson turned to the second guard and said, “See. He knew who I was!” The crowd applauded and Jackson had enough time to change his shirt and take part in the 3:30pm Fringe panel.

Disaster was averted but I suspect Jackson learned his lesson. I doubt he’ll try to compete with the Comic-Con folks again.

UPDATE: As suspected, it was all part of plans for a Funny or Die video. Here’s the end result:

What do you think? Would you like to attend Pacey-Con 2011?

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  1. Rachel says

    TOTALLY!! But Pacey-Con 2011 should be in Wilmington, NC where the show was originally filmed. Here we still remember the great man who is Pacey Witter and the turn out would be amazing!!

  2. Naomi says

    Yes, I would go and see Joshua any day specially at Pacey-Con I loved Pacey! I am glad he holds Pacey close it his heart!

  3. Catherine says

    Even the “Shut out of Comic Con” aspect was part of the Funny or Die gag. The video is now available all over the web. It’s so funny, especially for people familiar with Dawson’s Creek fever and Comic Con Madness.

  4. runpaceyrun says

    Would i attend Pacey-Con…….absolutely. Josh is the hottest man on the planet and is currently working on the most BRILLIANT show on tv. I agree with JVC…….no-one messes with the Fringe division!!! Those security guards should have known who he was…….even the 8 year olds that i teach know who he is……and we all live in Australia! I may have brainwashed them……but they still recognise him. Roll on Comic-Con 2011…i hope Pacey-Con is there too! I’ll be in the front row.

  5. JVC says

    I missed the point. You said Jackson learned a lesson. The lesson is Comic-Con should have security guards who know what they’re doing including how to verify someone’s identity. Don’t f**k with Fringe man!!!

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