Day Break: A Petition and Online Episode Update

Taye Diggs of Day Break on ABCThe Taye Diggs series Day Break was cancelled and pulled from the ABC schedule in December. Viewers were left hanging after just six episodes and with seven left unaired. At the time, the network had said that the remaining episodes would be released online on a weekly schedule. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

We learned later that ABC claimed that music licensing rights issues were holding up the online episodes release. Quite honestly, that doesn’t make a lot of sense. The seventh episode had been scheduled to air in late December and all of the episodes had been released online the day after they’d aired on primetime. Why would this one be any different? No one knows — or at least they’re not saying. The end result: no Day Break.

Now, at the annual Television Critics Association (TCA) press tour in Pasadena, ABC entertainment president Stephen McPherson has addressed the issue. He told reporters that the remaining seven episodes would be released online by the end of February at the latest. McPherson said of the delay, “It was an unfortunate situation.”

Sign the petition!What’s really unfortunate is that a lot of fans still won’t be able to see the remaining seven episodes. Lots of people aren’t able to view episodes online for a variety of reasons — older computers, slow Internet connections, they live outside the U.S., etc.

Back in December, we started an online petition to get Day Break back on the air and to hopefully motivate a continuation of Detective Hopper’s story — for another season or perhaps even a movie. At the end of five weeks, the petition will be sent to ABC, Gross Entertainment, Touchstone Television and to Taye Diggs, so he knows about the show’s support.

If you’d like to sign it, please do so today. The petition has almost 4,000 signatures and the cut-off date is Thursday, January 25th. Frankly, the timing is perfect. The episodes won’t have been released online — leaving them “fresh” for a return to primetime — and ABC will be able to see how devoted the fans of the show truly are. Hopefully, they’ll be convinced to give Day Break one more chance. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Jude says

    Well, the last episode was available.

    I’ll miss the show. It was the most refreshing and smart show in the last 7 years.

  2. Karen J says

    Does anyone know when ABC will post the last episode of Day Break on their website? The last one is dated 2/12/07. Waiting to see how everything gets wrapped up.

  3. WyldeFlyer says

    This is why things such as bootlegging are necessary. Hopefully SOMEONE can download and/or record all of the episodes, burn them to DVD and then from the bootleg master they can be sold underground online or right on the damn street, with washed-out color-copied jackets et al. If ABC doesn’t release the series on DVD and SOON, then ABC doesn’t deserve to profit from the show, and this is what needs to happen. At least, that’s what G-d told me when I asked, so G-d BLESS ME for saying it. AMEN.


  4. matt b says

    what a let down. Im really finding it hard to invest my emotions in tv, such let downs as HBO’s carnivale, dead wood, and now day break this crap really sux

  5. Kenneth Hawk says

    This show has been awesome from start to finish. After watching the episodes on TV and those made available on the internet, I am as hooked on this show as I became to “24” after catching up on 24’s previous seasons. I don’t miss one episode. This show should be brought back. Brilliant writing and ditto for the actors in this show.


  6. Angie says

    It’ really sad the Day Break was cancelled that show was very interesting and I enjoyed very much…..I saw the first six chapters and I want to see the conclution…please….bring back the show…

  7. Jantje says

    To be honest, I doubt 4,000 signatures will be anywhere close to the amount needed to get this show aired again. I mean shows get canceled when ‘only’ 4 million viewers watch it.

  8. alexander says

    Air the show back again!!!!
    Do not put it on ABCs website.
    You can t do this to the international fans!!!!!!!!
    Please youtube the episodes!!!!

  9. deeporter29 says

    Very sad Day Break was cancelled.
    This was the only show that my husband and I enjoyed watching together.
    This was original and kept you spell bound until the next episode.
    I feel that this is a travesty to have cancelled the show.
    There are not a lot of television shows that we like but you had a ringer here with Day Break.
    I would hope that others would write in and express their dismay with the show being cancelled. I would like to see the show re-air on ABC.

  10. Jack says

    I hardly watch any TV, but I was tuning in to ABC to watch Day break. I will not be tuning into to ABC EVER AGAIN. They obviously can’t commit to their programming or their viewers!!!!!!

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