Day Break: ABC’s Taye Diggs Drama is Gone

cast of Day Break on ABC As you may recall, ABC recently announced that they were reworking their Wednesday night schedule (in preparation for the return of Fox’s American Idol). That left fans of Day Break out in the cold as the Taye Diggs series would be pulled from the schedule after the December 27th episode had aired. There was some hope and speculation that the series would be moved to another night. We now know that’s not going to happen.

The Lost-replacing series Day Break has been pulled from the schedule even earlier than expected. The ratings for Day Break have continued to fall since its debut and the latest was no exception. The sixth episode, entitle “What If They Find Him,” attracted only 3.1 million households. As a result, ABC has yanked the drama effective immediately. Repeats of George Lopez and According to Jim will fill 8-10pm Wednesdays for the next two weeks (both sitcoms begin new seasons in January on Wednesday nights).

Sign the petition!There are seven unaired episodes and, as of now, there are no plans to air them on the network (joining fellow dramas The Nine and Six Degrees). The good news is that ABC has said they will post the remaining episodes online, with a new episode being posted every Thursday for the next seven weeks. They may decide to release the episodes for purchase online via iTunes but I’m guessing that will have a lot to do with viewer demand. TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Anonymous says

    the man at the end of the episode is the dude who bite hopper at the station and was experiencing the same situation as him. He just looks a little different because he finally shaved. The smile on his face signals that his problems are finally over as well! This is just my opinion, but i believe the whole key to the repeating day was his father. When he finally figured out that his father had been murdered, the day stopped repeating and “tomorrow” came.

  2. Wise says

    I work at ABC and was priviledged enough to have seen the pilot for Daybreak last summer and couldn’t wait for it to air. It has become one of my all-time favorites. For those who threaten to never watch ABC again, you’ll be kicking yourself for missing out on another great thriller. Last summer I also saw the pilot for “Traveler” and it was mind-blowing! I saw some promos for it a few months ago and I believe it’s slated to air in a month or so. PLEASE do not confuse me with a higher up here. I’m no executive so my opinion is unbaised. I’m just pleased to see I wasn’t alone in my love and passion for this show and therefore I do not wish for lovers of GREAT writing and dramas to miss out on another great show. When and if it does air, just watch the 1st episode and judge for yourself. You’ll see I’m just looking out for you guys.

  3. Julia says

    Well, that’s real nice! I looked Daybreak up on the internet to see if I could find out when it was coming back on for the rest of it and found out it was canceled and I missed watching the rest of it online! Thanks ABC. Another reason to switch to watching all FOX network shows! I watched the nine too just for your information. Your polls of who views what doesn’t get to everyone you know. I’ll not watch another new program of yours again! I just looked up that this is what happened to Invasion too! Thanks for wasting our time. I’ll even watch my soaps on soapnet. Goodbye ABC! Hey, how come all of your experienced newscasters leave and go to work for other channels too? Whatever you’re doing…’s wrong.

  4. Dodds Delzell says

    Hey I was also one who thought it was a great show. It made me want to come back for more. Kudos to abc for posting the show online. So how do we let them know to keep it up? Thank you for your site.

  5. gdavis says

    The final show is posted and great. I hope they will bring the show back. It was great,the best show in about 3 years.


  6. weona says

    This show was great! It had everything and Taye Diggs, who was great. I love the concept,everyday the same day and you get to do something about your mistakes. It kept you wanting more. I just can not believe it. Now, who was the man in the end looking on with the smile on his face?

  7. JoRo says

    FINALE is finally up. Now we just have to be mad that there is no more episodes, and the end make you wish there was. AWSOME SHOW!!!

  8. teevoz says

    uh, yeah, I watched the finale on late last night and it clearly was written for a show that is continuing. No answers or even hints at answers to the big question of what was making the day repeat; a couple of characters who should be neutralized or dead are not, presumably getting away to do some more damage to Hopper later on if there was a later on; and they end with a shot of some dude staring knowingly at Hopper and friends… except that I don’t think we’ve ever seen said dude before. So WTF??

  9. ts says

    MARKETING EXECS reading this:

    Daybreak was a wonderful show … all of us loved it.

    you did not promote it. You missed the chance to make a mega-hit that plays into just about every strong emotion we have

    with a bit of depth and rigor, as well.

    Good job to cast, crew, production, etc. Marketing, you dropped the ball.

  10. Milagros Cruz- Dixon says

    What a disappointment :( All the other shows on ABC that are not that great, you take away one that had potential. ABC could have at least given the show a chance on a different day to see what type of response they would have gotten, instead of pulling the plug. Who puts a show on TV when there are other shows that have a little more popularity, after all LOST was showing at 10:00p.m instead of the same time as American Idol. I think Saturday would have been a good night or even Sunday, after Desperate Housewives. So many options and so little effort it seems.

  11. broilern says

    well, according to their website it is supposed to air 3/3, today that is so lets hope so…. or else i am gonna kill someone!!! :p

    Greeting from norwegian fan..

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