Days of Our Lives: Are the Hours Numbered for the NBC Soap?

Days of Our Lives May EndHang onto your seats soap fans! Dr. Marlena Evans and the Brady and Horton families may be in trouble again — and this time, there may not be an escape!

An industry source has recently reported that NBC is considering canceling the long-running soap opera, Days of Our Lives. NBC has aired the soap for all of its incredible 40+ year run but does not actually own the series.

Word is that NBC feels that the licensing fee it pays to the production company is too high (based on the show’s ratings). If a lower fee can’t be negotiated, the series may end at the end. One source has said that the current contract runs until 2009 but there is a clause in it that would allow NBC to terminate the show as early as the Spring of 2007.

I’ll be on the lookout for new developments. Stay tuned . . .TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. sheree says

    Please Don’t End my Favorite Show I am in love with it. Keep Sami And Lucas And Kate They keep it alive. Who cares if Doc is gone she got annoying and her acting skills decreased majorly over the years so unbelievable. I love you sami! Your a great actress. Good luck on Maternity leave..

    Sheree Spindel

  2. says

    Please don’t take day’s off the air. I’ve been watchint it since I was 15yrs old and I am now 60. When my children were small the show would air at 9am. My kids and all the neighborhood kids would have to watch it with me back then it was an hail hour show. After the show I would pack up all the kids in the car in the summer months and take them to the beach. my son and his buddies are all now 38yrs old my daughter is 34 yrs old My daughter still watches the show or records it. Every time the neighborhoodkids drop by to visit [they all live in different areas now] they all ask SOO Jack, What’s going on with Days/???? It would be such an injustice to end the show.

  3. kk says

    My mom watched this show from like 15 years old to about 30. She stopped watching when it got to weird, my grandmom watches the show everyday, has since it started and she is so confused by it. So it’s a tradition to watch Days, but after all the confusion and going to school everyday, I just can’t anymore, almost everyone has “died” and came back, it’s getting old, they are repeating the drama it’s stupid, it needs a good end.

  4. Zarina says

    I’ve been watching Days at a very young age. Its part of my daily life, please don’t take it away! There are millions of viewers here in South Africa and worldwide that would agree – please don’t cancel this show!!

  5. Stefanie says

    I have been watching Days of our Lives since I was 13. I have seen many people grow up on Days. Hope was so young when I started watching it. I was watching when McDonald Carey was on(miss him). I have seen Samy grow up. Nemorous others have come and gone that we either miss a lot or loved seeing go. My Grandmother used to watch Days and got me watching it too. Im now 38 years old and have a 10 month old and a new baby on the way. My one hour of days a day is my relax time. Please don’t cancel the show!

  6. Barbara Johnson says

    I have been wathcing Days Of Our Lives for over 30 years PLEASE do not terminate this show, we have all watched Sammy grow up and seen many others come and go, this show has been around too long to just kiss it goodbye toomany of the other shows have been terminated and i truly hope this one will not go. Days has been wathced by everyone in my family ever since i can remeber.

  7. Anonymous says

    Please dont terminate days of our lives I have been watching it from australia for such a long time now 27 years to be infact

  8. Dana says

    Oh I cant imagine my Days without Days! Ive been watching it for 30 years. It would be a shame to cancel it. I dont watch any other soaps…i enjoy the characters and their day to day adventures…makes my life seem less boring!! haha. Days has to stay!!!

  9. Wanda says

    Please do not take off Days of Our Lives. We are living in turbulant times and need some since of “home” in our lives. How can I explain to someone that these characters are our family. We love on the air and in their personal lives. I believe this will be icing on the cake for the shape our country is in.

  10. Sheilen says

    I like Cloe alot ever since i was 14 years of age so big up 2 u cloe and Days of our lives. Frm big fan South Africa

  11. Patrice Flores says


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