Deadwood: Are the Two Wrap-up Movies Dead?

DeadwoodLast May, it was leaked that HBO would not be renewing the Deadwood series for a fourth season. It looked like the rough language western series was headed into the sunset until fans caught wind of the idea. They put together a major campaign that flooded HBO with letters, petitions and angry calls. They even took out a full-page ad in the Hollywood trade-paper Variety indicating that they would be cancelling their HBO subscriptions if Deadwood didn’t return.

Shortly thereafter, Deadwood creator David Milch and HBO worked out a deal for a pair of two-hour movies that would resolve the series’ storylines. At the time, it was expected that the movies would air in 2007. In January, it was said that Milch was excited about his script ideas and production was expected to start shooting in June or July. That hasn’t happened and to date none of the series’ actors have indicated that they’ve been signed to the project. But, HBO is committed to making them eventually, right?

Apparently not. Michael Lombardo, HBO president of programming group and West Coast Operations, said yesterday that they “haven’t had a conversation” with Milch about the Deadwood movies. Though the movies looked like a sure thing last Spring, the exec only said, “It’s certainly on our books as something we’re still interested in.”

Lombardi indicated that it would be very difficult to pull the project together. Milch is exhausted from making his new series John in Cincinnati and it would also be difficult to round up the large cast of series actors (many of whom have moved onto other shows and projects). On top of that, if John is picked up for another year, Milch would be expected to start writing for the second season almost immediately. (The fate of John won’t be decided until the end of season one.)

Though HBO once placated outraged viewers with the movie plans, they hardly seem to be a priority any longer. When asked about the chances of the Deadwood films being made, sadly HBO Co-President Richard Plepler puts the odds at only “50-50.” Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. avataricfugazie says

    Although the cancellation of the HBO original series Carnivale was the biggest disappointment I ever suffered from a television show termination, I was able to kind of see the reasoning behind the decision. It was created to run six seasons, needing all the episodes to properly tell the ingenious story created by Daniel Knauf. On the other hand the suites at HBO dumping Deadwood with one season remaining baffles me. Why not finish the story, fellow show Six Feet Under was granted a fifth and final series after posting dismal ratings in the previous season. It can’t be money; Rome ran about 100 million a season that garnered similar ratings to Deadwood. All I can think of as the main reason(after seeing previews for upcoming series) is that the relatively new leadership is steering towards more human emotional shows dealing with characters that possess less depth and intrigue than ones on period dramas Carnivale, Deadwood, eh possibly Rome too. They want shows filled with gratuitous sex (Tell Me You Love Me) as not to challenge the viewer with anything creative or anything. John from Cincinnati is done, a decision I’m not really upset at, while Big Love gets a third season.

  2. P. Mazuchowski says

    I am so mad and frustrated HBO cancelled this show. Best show i have seen. What a shame! The hell u thinking HBO?, u bunch of cocksuckers!!!!

  3. c denton says

    I to cant believe that they (HBO) is not going to put Deadwood back on or allow the movie to be made. I agree with flooding them with questions and I will be cancelling HBO at least til they put it back on.

  4. E. Eibren says

    I think they will be sorry they cancelled this. I bought the series and showed it to my 89 y.o. mother. At first she was startled by the language, but then she became really hooked by the plot and characters. Now every time I talk to her she asks me about a follow-up movie or series.

    Deadwood has its raw points, but the human motivation is understandable and well developed. It is a show that gives some different insights about places where the law is failing (like Iraq, which people in the USA could greatly benefit from better understanding right now).

    It’s too bad they took it off. I wonder if one of the other networks could legally pick it up?

  5. says

    Very sad… I just finished watching the last episode of the last season and can only hope that the two movies are made! Otherwise, it will be one more of HBO’s crazy decisions in the past few years.

  6. Cliff says

    Just finished watching the last episode on DVD. Deadwood was the best TV series I’ve ever seen. Although it may be difficult to get the cast together, it would be in Milch’s (and HBO’s) best interest to give us more. PLEASE!!!

  7. Remm says

    We need to campaign again! Fans of Deadwood need to unite and flood their offices like we did when they canceled the show. I can’t believe they canceled the best show on TV to make that John series! And they think fans are going to just roll over when they screw us over? It’s really ungrateful to do a series and not end it properly for the fans.

  8. big C says

    I enjoyed Sopranos.
    Deadwood and Carnival were the 2 other best shows on HBO. Now that John from cincinati is gone may be deadwood will be resurrected

  9. says

    This is one of the best shows ever on TV. Why would HBO quit when they have such a winner?? Everyone I know loves the show and all were guessing what was going to happen next—a big war between Woo and the San Francisco C———-? So many story lines to work on. Resurrect the show–a guaranteed winner!!

  10. Shelroy says

    I’m glad I’m not the only one out here that would like to see more of Deadwood, The Wire, Rome and Carnivale. These shows are great while John from Cincinnati is the one that needs to be cancelled. It is just stupid.

  11. Rob Schaake says

    Deadwood and Rome, the 2 best series on TV are gone. What a shame! Now it looks like the Deadwood movies won’t happen?!!! If it weren’t for Entourage HBO would be kicked to the curb like, well, the 2 best series on TV.

  12. George says

    I just knew HBO was going to do this to us. I’m glad I cancelled it when I did. They’re not getting any more of my money.

  13. rrt says


    what’s wrong with HBO?
    they make such great shows (like deadwood, rome, carnivale) and didn’t finish them??


  14. No1Dad says

    That too bad. Deadwood and The Wire were the best shows on HBO. I love David Milch but John From Cincinatti is just painful to watch.

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