Deadwood: The HBO Series Will Return, Sort Of

HBO's Deadwood series will returnCan fans save a show? Well, if they act quickly, try hard enough, and use financial pressure, the answer seems to be “Yes!” When it was announced that HBO would we cutting the wild-west Deadwood series short after three seasons, fans of the HBO series got, well, downright ornery! They signed petitions, took out an ad in Variety (a Hollywood trade paper), sent letters and made calls indicating that they would cancel their HBO subscriptions at the end of Deadwood’s third season (which recently started airing).

As a result, HBO and Deadwood creator David Milch have now come to an agreement. Deadwood will return following the third season… sort-of. Rather than a full-blown 12-episode season to complete the series (which would have been quite costly and now, very difficult to coordinate), HBO and Milch will instead produce a pair of two-hour movies.

But wait, hadn’t HBO previously offered to pay for a six-episode fourth season? How is this better? Milch has said that he wasn’t in favor of doing a six-episode season because each episode of Deadwood has typically represented one day in the lives of the characters and South Dakota area. Shifting to two-hour movies will allow him to break that format and to be able to complete the storytelling he had for the final season. Milch has said that he’s thrilled that they worked out a way to continue Deadwood past the third season.

But what about the series actors that were released from their contracts over a month ago. Can HBO get them back? Though Deadwood cast members have not been signed for the movie projects as yet, it seems clear that HBO intends to do all it can to work out this aspect as well. One source has reported that HBO intends to “make it worth their while.” No doubt. Wouldn’t want to upset these fans . . . TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. henry says

    whoever is resposible for canceling deadwood should be fired. Deadwood and the Sopranoes defined HBO and any feeble attempts to include me in HBO’s future viewer plans died with the show’s cancellation. If HBO is smart they will find a way to bring both back.

  2. mp says

    I love Deadwood. I have all 3 seasons and we watch them all the time. I can’t wait for the movies and hopefully a season 5

  3. Mick, an avid Deadwood fan says

    Deadwood would have to be the BEST TV SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! created. All my mates, (and I ), were hanging on for the next installment of Deadwood, only to be crushed by HBO. HBO must have rocks in their heads to think that something as brilliant as this would go away without anyone kicking up a stink.
    All the actors in the show played their parts to perfection, making me want to go and live in ‘ A Hell Of A Place To Make A Fortune’.
    Ian McShane, John Hawkes, Robin Weigert, Timothy Olyphant, Powers Boothe, Paula Malcomson, Gerald McRaney, Kim Dickens, W. Earl Brown, William Sanderson are all people who brought the whole Deadwood experience alive.
    Living in hope that season 3 won’t be the last.

    Long live Deadwood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Chief Cabioch says

    I am with Judy, no Deadwood, no HBO….you guys are worse than Drug pushers, you get us Hooked then you change everything, I have all 3 seasons, if I dont get more i’ll cut my TV cable and go into rehab……..pffff!

  5. pauline Anderson says

    just finished watching season 3 on dvd can not believe something so good both writing/acting superb beyond any other TV show i have watched …….it was so real you could taste the for the swearing……yes it shocked me in season one,it was beyond anything i had ever seen or heard before,thats what made it so wasen’t sugar coated or white washed like so many other programmes on TV…
    surely something that got people talking/thinking/ looking into the history of your country is worth a 4th season …..
    Pauline UK

  6. Judy says

    No Deadwood…NO HBO!!! Simple as THAT! We have all three of Deadwood season’s and have watched them over and over, and will continue to do so! Every show you put on that is good, i.e., Rome, you cut it. I have never used bad words (much), but your actions show that your CEO’s, or whoever is in charge, are all a bunch of Fuc*** C***S******, if you get my drift.
    And, try as I might, I can’t EVEN get a Deck of Deadwood HBO Cards Anywhere! {unused ofc.} even on e-bay, “watch as i may”. You can’t tell me HBO didn’t prosper from this Series in more ways than one! Stupid C**********! I was in business and know the “no more than 3yr. Rule”…But when you got a good thing you keep going with it…till it starts to pan out, like Gold. OR Money, for those of you at HBO who don”t know the difference! Until we meet again, judy P.S. DEADWOOD FANS:
    Please DISCONTINUE HBO until we have our Beloved C********** BACK!!!

  7. Phil Glad says

    Deadwood was the best series on HBO. I’d come home from work and all I would want to do is sit down with a bag of chips and watch a new episode of Deadwood, but now Im watching re-runs. WE NEED MORE DEADWOOD!!!!………COCKSUCKERS!!!

  8. Georgia says

    I was so hooked on Deadwood I almost felt I was in that town..It just about made me want to kick the tv in and send it to HBO..The only thing that really started making me uncomfortable was how every other word was ****–It didn’t need that many f’s.To tell you the truth I thought it might have been taken off because of that!!!!!!

    • Carol P Marshall says

      Listen Georgia, I have seen many argue about the language on this series and you have to understand something. This show is for the adult audience, and is set in a time of lawlessness, greed, and everyone for themself, and if someone helps you, you are darned lucky. You were lucky to live to 35 then. The writers had to make it real and believable and this is how the old west was…it was cruel and unforgiving, and scary, and you counted your lucky stars if you woke up alive the morning. You have to understand that…they spewed out all the ugliness of the times they lived in…there was no law…there were few manners. That is why the language was so vile. This was truly how it was. If you notice, the only female that got respect was Alma..but only because she was rich and beautiful. Joanie only got respect on the occasion the Cy Toliver was in a good mood, and that was a rarity. Jane got the occasional tip of the hat because they didn’t know what she was…man or woman, she was a scout and best friends with Wild Bill Hickock, and she was a caregiver when needed and took to playing with children…even though she was a drunk, she did make herself useful in areas which suited both a man and a woman. It would not be the realistic “Deadwood” without the cursing. I do know what you mean. It’s rough talk, but it was authentic, and that I applaude the writers for even though some don’t enjoy the language. It was done correctly and authentically, and they could not have written any other way just because some find it offensive to their ears. Those people can just go watch something else. This was a wonderful series that I hated to see come to an end. I feel the writers were forced to make a quick ending as they did not know they would be cancelled so quickly. So it may have lacked a litle something audiences wantedc to see….Hearst being drawn and quarted, Jarry getting his, Bullock and Alma getting back together.{this did not happen in real life though so they could not do it} Maybe Toliver getting someing done to him. Like a wealthy man coming in to lavish Jeannine away and call her sweet names, and dress her beautifully and wish her away. But things don’t always have a Cinderella ending do the? I would have loved for a rich man to come in and take Jeannine {stupid as Toliver horibly called her} away from him. We all have our endings we’d like to see. But I think this ending didn’t seemed finished because HBO just cancelled on the show and the writers, and they had to close shop fast. Non of us knows what they were forced to do. Just think about all of that. This ic a cumulation of sever of the comments I have read. I hope some will read it. Carol P. Marshall

  9. jan kerr says

    We need a Series 4.
    We are just about into the final disc of series 3.
    Het we need moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  10. Lee h says

    I think people should start to cancel there HBO subscriptions until the Deadwood series is completed. After all there are no good shows on HBO now anyway

  11. Frank says

    HBO, I hope this message gets back to the brass, because they need to grow some brass and do what is right. That is to satisfy their customers!!! How about doing business the old fashion way, with spit and a hand shake and get this thing done. HBO has an obligation to its loyal customers. Step up and do what’s right!! Remember, there is something called RESPECT!!!!

  12. says

    I only signed up for hbo because of your series specials . Six feet under,, sopranos,DEADWOOD,Big love. Your network is 3 month old movies after they leave the video store. I have already seen 95 percent of your movies played . Your mini series are the best on the tube. Please don’t stop filming deadwood.

  13. Mike Josephson says

    You already buried your first successful series’Six Feet Under’ go ahead and bury this one too along with your reputation and many subscribers, if you bury it you’re nothing but a bunch of Limberdicked Cocksuckers in my book.

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