Deception: Meagan Good on NBC Cancellation

Deception cancelled by NBCWhile the news that Deception had been cancelled by NBC was breaking, the show’s star, Meagan Good, posted a bittersweet message to her fans.

May 8, 2013
I’m sorry everyone… I just wanted to let you know that NBC has decided not to renew DECEPTION… and I just wanted you guys to hear from me first… I am so thankful …and humbled ..and blessed by the out pour of love and support -to see it come back.. and saddened that it is not… Thank you so much for supporting me :) means so much… Well as I can before :) …Daddy always does best onward and upward :) … Thank you NBC for the Opportunity- I’m definitely better for it ! … Lego ..

NBC has decided to cancel Deception after one season of 11 low-rated episodes. The series finale aired in march and left viewers with a lot of unanswered questions.

What do you think? Are you a fan of Good’s? Do you plan on keeping an eye out for her next project?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. DB says

    Given all the time that has past is there a way to get the show on the air maybe even pickup by the streaming companies like Hulu,Amazon etc

  2. Stacy says

    Please bring deception back… It was really a great show It’s too many unanswered questions that needs to be answered. This cast were awesome.

  3. Anonymous says

    I can’t believe there is no deception on NBC this show was phenomenal
    The story line the actors suited each role they were given. NBC you made a bad move on cancelling. This show was like eating something so tasty which is bad for your health but you just can’t get enough.

  4. HP says

    I just want to say one more thing.
    NBC has made a big mistake by cancelling this series. This show had great acting, a great cast, and many questions left unanswered. I don’t even know if Robert is the real killer. What’s going to happened with Edward. Who did kill that girl that he was accused of murdering? Who and how will Mia be saved? What the heck will happen once the family knows that Robert killed his wife, if he did. How will Julian react once he finds out that Joanne is a cop! And…above all odds, these two HAVE TO STAY TOGETHER, even if Will tries to sabotage their relationship!


    Smallville started off slow but the CW stuck with it and it had what, 7 great seasons. Why can’t you be loyal to your audience AND YOUR SHOWS, and give them time and exposure to build up the numbers that you want? I really wish that NBC would read this message. I can’t say farewell because this series has to be brought back. How about January, 2014?


  5. HP says



  6. Debbie says

    NBC has made a bad decision in canceling deception. This is not the first time they give you the taste of something good and then take it away from you. Deception was not advertised as much as it could have been,I did not even know about the show until a co worker brought it to my attention and I went online to watch every single episode I had missed up until the very end. I was so hoping that this September would bring me the answers I was looking for but I guess NBC has struck again. Lets get it together guys or your going to be losing a lot of viewers.

  7. Cd branch says

    Wow they never even gave the show a chance. Hopefully a cable station will pick it up because I believe that it is a really good show, thank you Megan Good, God has a plan for you.

  8. Aly says

    I am thoroughly disappointed that they canceled Deception. The series had a great storyline and there was alot of unanswered questions in the season finale. NBC made a horrible call :(

  9. Carolann1954 says

    Amen to that Leigh, so would I! In my personal opinion NBC should try getting rid of major problems such as Matt Lauer. Then maybe the ratings would raise upward for the Today show, kmsl!!! Seriuosly. No Deception, awwwhhh shucks… Fairwell cast & crew. This is a cruel world we live in!

  10. Esmeralda says

    I think it’s disappointing to know that NBC cancelled Deception.. That was a great show that I thought had a great future of seasons. I hope that another show comes out just like that one..

  11. Georgia says

    Sorry to hear Deception has been cancelled. Really liked this show. But as usual, NBC never gives their shows a chance.

  12. says

    this was a great show what is wrong with NBC I agree with Leigh this was a great series I tuned in every Mon without fail , sorry to hear that

  13. Leigh Ann von Hoelle says

    I think NBC ratings reflect their hasty decisions on getting rid of shows before giving them a chance. Deception was a great show. I think it would have picked up more people in the 2nd season. NBC never gave it a chance. Bring it back in the summer and reshow the season, see if it does better. I would watch it again!

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