Derek: Season Two Renewal for Ricky Gervais comedy

Derek TV showThe new Ricky Gervais comedy, Derek, has been renewed for a second season by Channel Four in the UK, reports The Telegraph.

Derek revolves around a simple-minded character who works in a retirement home. Gervais writes and stars in the show, along with Karl Pilkington, Kerry Godliman, and David Earl.

The TV series’ pilot aired in April 2012 and was ordered to series soonafter. The six episodes began running on January 30th and will finish this evening.

Of the Derek series, Gervais said: “Derek is probably my favourite thing of everything I’ve done, so I can’t wait to start thinking up some new adventures for the gang.”

Back in September, Netflix announced that they had picked up the show for US distribution. It will become available for streaming in April.

What do you think? Have you seen Derek? Are you looking forward to watching it?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Terrible Toad says

    Came across it on Netflix and had an unscheduled Derek Marathon. Wasn’t expecting this type of show from Gervais….this is his best work! Don’t get me wrong he, Merchant, and Pilkington are probably the funniest trio on the planet. Woke my husband up, laughing uncontrollably when I found “An Idiot Abroad”. But this was moving, insightful and told a story that we don’t hear often….”kindness” and caring but not schmaltzy.
    Could cut Kev’s filth out completely, in my opinion. The raunch contributes nothing to the quality of the show. Playing up the other characteristics that Kev has revealed in his personality and life would make for much better story telling. Featuring his new found/revealed artistic ability and where that could take his character would add a depth and perhaps a likability to Kev. It’s as if the purity and innocence of Derek’s character is being molested by Kevin’s gross inappropriate talk, ideas and perversions. Almost like child molestation. Enjoyed the moving content of the story telling.

  2. Morwalk says

    Derek is a much different character than I’ve seen Gervais play. At first he seems simple, but on further inspection, he shows himself to have wisdom and compassion beyond the typical human. The show has a lot of heart and depth. I’m very much looking forward to the second season. Those of you who won’t watch the show because you are boycotting Ricky Gervais are missing out.

  3. Steve says

    Just started watching this show and it is hilarious to me, a bit sad but definitely has me laughing out loud. Ricky Gervais is a genius in comedy and the fact that he brought his buddy ol’ pal Karl Pilkington along makes this Show even greater.

  4. One Eyed Jack says

    Just discovered this on Netflix. Was very unsure how to take it at first. After a few episodes, I got it. Derek is a very endearing character and centers the show. Other characters are extremes of good, bad, and in between. Dereks simple innocence shows that life is all about how you choose to see it.

    With each episode I’m left sad and smiling at the same time. Those that have spanned this show, saying it pokes fun at Derek, didn’t see what I saw.

  5. 1LURCH1 says

    Seemingly Brits still adore this one trick pony. We stopped watching anything he was in after Extras. All the same humor you can see on PBS UK shows on the weekends!!!

    • TheVictor says

      I’m not saying I think you’re wrong (or right), obviously it’s a matter of opinion, but I do think it’s easy to call a lot of successful people/projects in show business “one-trick ponies.” Even when that’s accurate, though, if it’s a trick someone enjoys, they’re likely to enjoy it repeatedly, in all its (perhaps only very slight) variations. On the production end, people probably resist risking a new path when their audiences seem to enjoy what they’re already doing. Cha-ching!

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