Desperate Housewives: ABC TV Series Ending; No Season Nine

Desperate Housewives ending , no season nineIt had to happen some time and it looks like this season will be the last for Desperate Housewives. Confirmation is expected to be reported tomorrow at ABC presentation for the TCA press tour.

Season eight, which kicks off on September 25th, will be the first without creator Marc Cherry at the reins as executive producer. Cherry stepped down at the end of season seven to devote more time to other projects. He recently developed a drama called Hallelujah but it wasn’t picked up for the fall. He’s now rewriting the high-concept series idea about a southern town that’s being torn apart by forces of good and evil. He’s also in the middle of a battery and wrongful termination lawsuit from Nicollette Sheridan.

The four main stars of Desperate Housewives — Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman, Marcia Cross and Eva Longoria — recently went through big salary renegotiations for season eight that supposedly would bring each more than $400,000 per episode. Their new contracts included options for a ninth season but, with sagging ratings, it seems like the network doesn’t feel like it’s worth it.

Last season, Desperate Housewives averaged a 3.5 rating in the coveted 18-49 demographic and 11.17 million viewers. It was the third-highest rated scripted series on the network, right behind also-aging Grey’s Anatomy.

While the numbers for Housewives are still quite healthy, they have been declining over the years. For the 2009-10 season, the dramady averaged a 4.25 in the demo and 12.81 million, a year-to-year decline of 18% in the 18-49 age group.

What do you think? Is it time to say goodbye to Desperate Housewives or would you rather see it continue into season nine?

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  1. Lisa says

    Sorry about your ratings… but didn’t you check the pirates downloading the shows? They’re people too even if they hate the stupid publicity and prefer to download the show on their computer crap free…

    Maybe the rating didn’t go down, maybe piracy went up… and the ratings went even more up than in 1st season…

  2. Marilyn says

    Why is that a few people in hollywood decide to cancel when there are still good numbers on a show. Stop, we love desperate housewives and will boycott anything put in that time slot. the show is great what is wrong with you people are you putting some stupid reality show on?

  3. Anastazia says

    I truly do not understand how you could possibly end such a thrilling, edgy, clever, unpredictable, addictive show such as Desperate Housewives!!! This show is so exhilarating that my husband became addicted to the ‘edge of your seat’ plots of this exciting TV series. (Which is saying ALOT…and would be embarrassed to me revealing his guilty TV pleasure!) SAVVE DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES PLEASSSEEEEEE!

  4. verne says

    “Ow! My Balls! Networks listen: Watching LIVE TV is something our GRANDPARENTS DID!!!!
    Duh! Dudes’ Mindless Reality not going to save your networks. Someday, someone like Netflix would bring back series shows and leave Network further in the dust . Advertising will follow and learn to adapt and maybe even merge making the advertizing inside series. Then putting series onto DVD’s and steam the series into our homes. If this happen if sport find new how and let you carry on with your trash TV.
    It was so clever for networks to combine Wrestling and Jackass and call it Reality . Networks are like an attack of Zombies and they’re eating away our brains. Reality show Infiltrate the networks and and making a dysfunctional a family show. It reeking havoc and spilling out into our lives lives..
    Why are you guys are flooding the air ways with more of Those ZOMBIES BRAIN EATTING REALITY SHOW. Trust me DUDE its not going save your networks
    People beginning to realizes Reality shows are Masquerading as entertainment. They’re only a script authoritarian, theatrical stage, plays. While networks are hoping Americans will stay hypnotizing mesmerizing and drawing influence from your Reality shows so much so, that the viewer will even watch these shows ‘live”. If you have viewers still watching these Reality shows live then Plausible exclamation for such action is, Reality show so much like the Zombies and ate their viewers brains and they no longer can operate a their DVR.
    The networks are still hoping These Reality scripted shows have biology taken root and lowers the viewers IQ .while replacing series shows with such Idiocracy has been devastating to the viewers mind. Networks you maybe putting all your eggs in the Reality basket making us wonder has the Reality Zombie ATE YOUR BRAINS !!!!!!

  5. Jaanika says

    You can’t do this!!! Desperate Housewives is something that keeps me alive!! I mean it. When i have a bad day, I wach DH and i forget all the bad things that are in my life because all i have to do is think the broblems of there caracters. But what am i gonna do now??? WE MUST SAVE DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES! WHO’S WITH ME?

  6. marie ciarlo says

    i cant believe your canceling desperate house wife!!! u take all the good shows off and replace them with ones that suck!!! oh well ill find something else to watch when its over on another chanel!!!

  7. says

    This is so typical of ABC. They cancel all the great shows for stupid a** ones. Except for my two SOAPS I don’t watch ABC anymore. I will be done completely done with them in January.

  8. Meredith says

    It’s better to let a show leave on top than have it fizzle out. Gives the viewers some closure. It’s time to just say buh-bye Housewives. Thanks for the crazy shenanigans. :-)

  9. says

    I know this comment will make some people mad and I do apologize in advance, this is only my opinion and does not reflect the viewership of this series nor is it intended to offend any fan of it directly or indirectly.

    Personally I think it is a good time for this show to come to an end. It was starting to get somewhat dull, no offense to the writers as each story was interesting but after all this time there just isn’t enough in the stories to keep a viewer interested as they were from the beginning. I stopped watching it the last couple of years because it was just getting to the point where every episode was just little fights and disagreements over petty things. After a long week working and going to school I didn’t like having to sit down to the melodrama without some strong content and in-depth story. Often we’d find something else to watch until Brother’s & Sister’s came on.

    To me they would have a big draw in the season start and then fade off for a while, yes eventually they ended up with a good plot mid-season leading to a grand finale but that wasn’t enough to draw me back into the show. I like individual character development throughout a series as it scales with each season aiding them to become something more suited to the story. However not every character fit this mold perfectly and some never seem to have move on from the past, a brief moment in the later seasons but then they’d revert right back where they began as if time never happened.

    Speaking of time, it’s always a gamble in any series to do a time-jump as it can either be a really big hit or a grand miss. Personally I found the changes after the jump to be a bit much. Yes it was a good discrepancy, about 5 or so years I think? In real life changes like that do happen all the time but I felt that it was a bit excessive amount of time, 2 years might have been better. You might be asking “how is a time-jump a risk?”, when a series decides to alter time in a way to give the viewer a future scenario it often can look like the writers have run out of ideas and decided to skip forward to cover any gaps in the current or past seasons so they can be addressed at a later date via flashbacks or special episodes. Most people find this a lazy step if it’s not done correctly.

    I found it more unique on their part to use a time-jump to uncover new stories from the past that were not included in the original seasons. Sadly though after only a few episodes they started to revert the story back the flighty nature phase and I lost interest. Now don’t let my comment discourage you in anyway, this series was great and it’s more than worth watching but for me it’s the older seasons that were better. I will miss not being able to see Terri Hatcher but hopefully she’ll be on some other show or movie in the near future. I might even watch this season just to see the end of wrap up.

  10. Johnathan says

    NOOOOO!!! This can not happen! This show is so smart, funny, and sexy. ABC already ruined my Sunday night by cancelling Brothers and Sisters. If it ruins it by cancelling DH I will have nothing to watch!

  11. billy martins says

    i knew it was coming to this decision about the future of desperate housewives the season has’nt started and they are already talking about canceling it what abc should do is wait til they new season start and see how it will do then make an decision about it “not canceling’ it cause it has’nt have quite started yet.i hope they will make time to shift it around to see if they ratings will improve so they will see another season.c’mon abc u give it another noche u invest money to these shows and can not renew for ninth season c’mon i won’t see any of your others shows on your network if u cancel my favourite show so make this decision now . PLEASE ANY FANS OUTTHERE LET’S SAVE DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES LET THERE BE ANOTHER SEASON AT LEAST FOR ONE MORE SEASON PLEASE……………………………………………………..

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