Detroit 1-8-7: Charlie Sheen Pre-empts Next Episode

Detroit 1-8-7Charlie Sheen and CBS’ Two and a Half Men have played havoc with the other network’s schedules for years. The sitcom is one of the top-rated shows on television and sometimes reruns outperform the competition. Now, Sheen is helping ABC for a change.

ABC News has landed an exclusive interview with the troubled actor and will air it on Tuesday night on a special edition of 20/20. The special edition will no doubt get huge ratings.

To make room for the interview, ABC has once again pre-empted Detroit 1-8-7, the network’s lowest-rated scripted series. From a ratings standpoint, just about anything they can put in that timeslot will perform as well or better than Detroit 1-8-7. Last week’s special edition of Primetime garnered a 1.4 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 4.14 million viewers. That’s certainly not a great performance but it is 14% better than the previous episode of Detroit 1-8-7.

TV show supportAs frustrating as this may be to fans of the crime drama, ABC isn’t likely to stop pre-empting it. On the positive side, Detroit 1-8-7 remains on next week’s schedule, for now at least. At this point, the show is all but cancelled and the network is essentially burning off the remaining episodes. There are three episodes left in this season and there’s no way that its coming back for season two.

What do you think? Will ABC get around to airing the three remaining episodes of Detroit 1-8-7?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    The only TV show ABC has besides Castle is Detroil 187. Of course it’s going to get axed. It’s seems everytime a good TV show comes out the networks drop it. My father was a cop in Newark, NJ and this is the first cop show he has ever watch. I really enjoy this show, no one shows up at the crimes scenes with 3 inch heels or white suits digging for evidence like the CSI shows. This show has more reality than the overbloated flood of reality shows on TV.

  2. Beth Olson says

    PLEASE do not cancel this show – !!! The characters are great – has that Hill Street Blue thing going on – keep it! Keep it!!

  3. 2dimplzs says

    It will be a travesty if this show is cancelled. I never watch network television because it’s full of GARBAGE, but this show made me a believer and a loyal viewer. If ABC drops this show I hope it gets picked up by TNT or USA the way TNT picked up Southland because NBC STUPIDLY dropped it!

    I love the cast and like the previous poster said it’s full of believable story lines, it’s not a digusting soap opera full of sex and flings just for the sake of having them! Those of us who like this show and appreciate what it brings must be in the minority who appreciate good, quality, well written, shows with brilliant cast members. It’s a shame, it really is. KEEP THIS SHOW ON THE AIR!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Donna B says

    Stop making a big deal over 2and half men and show the good shows like Detroit 187. If the network would leave this show alone people would watch it. I really enjoy watching this storyline and would like to see a lot more. If you (the network) do not want to watch don’t but leave the viewers that do have their time.

  5. Charlotte says

    Please, please keep Detroil 187. Love, love, love it. My son and I look forward to it every week.

  6. Dois S. says

    How is anyone supposed to keep watching something when you pre-empt constantly. detroit 1-8-7 is one of the best police dramas written. It is so real and the actors are great. Half of the programs you sponsor are garbage and when you finally get one that is excellent you go out of your way to kill it. The lead in from V is terrrible and you are up against The Good Wife. Why don’t you put this great drama in a different spot on a different day and advertise it a little more. How a about with the new Body of Proof. Those two shows would compliment each other and I think you would have a winner. Please don’t cancel Detroit 1-8-7. I’d love to see Detroit 1-8-7 followed by Body of Proof and get rid V. Stop pre-empting because you are going to lose the following for any of these shows if you don’t stop pre-empting.

  7. Janis says

    Forget Charlie, he is a sick man. I love Detroit 187, do not cancel it. Michael Imperioli is a great actor. Finally a new show we love, and as usual you are thinking of cancelling it. Please please keep it….

  8. Fanny K. says

    Not since NYPD Blue has there been a cop show as good as Detroit 1-8-7. Great ensemble acting which makes you really care about the characters and not a lot of soap or sex. Excellent writing and storylines. Just good TV for intelligent folks. Unbelievable that its going to be cancelled while all the mindless crap goes on and on……

  9. dee fed says

    Please do not cancel Detroit 187. it is one of the best shows on TV. the ratings are low because it is constantly being pre-empted. why can’t you advertise this show the way you do other shows. The characters are great and each storyline is touching. please give it a chance, advertise it a little and stop pre-empting it and maybe it will do better.

  10. BOB says

    Please KEEP DETROIT 1-8-7
    Being 88 and living in a family of Police & Firemen in D etroit,and Highland Park,during
    the 20s & 30s with the Purplel Gang,alwas close by.Blind PIGS in back of Marx,s coal yard,next to the,”HPFD Engine House more in large hous’s and up over stores.I was taken to a few of these places,and remember them well.
    DETROIT 1-8-7 is much more real,then any CSI !
    Because of hearing all kinds of tails of life in the streets of Detroit and HP,during that

  11. Betsy Smith says

    I love Detroit 187. One reason the ratings are probably low is that people can’t find it because it is constantly pre-empted —- usually by hype or some ABC news re-work from the earlier news shows. Please don’t cancel this show. It is the best most realistic cop show in a long time.

  12. says

    I think Detroit 1-8-7 is one of the best shows you have on ABC, another is Castle. Hoping you will keep both of these on the air. I was very disappointed that you chose to interview that jerk Charlie Sheen instead of running the show. Most people do not care one way or the other what he does, how he does it or when.
    Of course his father Martin Sheen never set a good example for either son.
    Remember all his protesting this, protesting that.
    Just don’t take the show off the air. It is great.

  13. Joe says

    PLEASE do not mess with DEtroit 187!!! It’s a GREAT show…..and NOT full of unbelievable hi tech nonsence!!!! IT is wayyy better than alot of the police / detective shows!!!! Feels like real life..not hyped-up hi tech nonsense! For gods sake…give it another season!!!! Thanks

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