Detroit 1-8-7: New ABC Cop Series; Cancel or Keep It?

Detroit 1-8-7ABC has unveiled yet another cop series, Detroit 1-8-7. This one stars Michael Imperioli who, as you may recall, co-starred on ABC’s Life on Mars a couple seasons ago. That one was cancelled after 17 episodes. Will his new show last any longer?

Detroit 1-8-7 follows a group of homicide detectives working on the tough streets of Detroit, Michigan. The ABC series stars Imperioli as well as Aisha Hinds, D.J. Cotrona, Erin Cummings, James McDaniel, Jon Michael Hill, Natalie Martinez, and Shaun Majumder.

In its premiere, the series attracted a lackluster 2.3 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 9.342 million total viewers. For the timeslot, it was in third (last) place for the all-important demo and in second place for total viewers (beating Parenthood).

What do you think of Detroit 1-8-7?

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The series premiere lost nearly half of its lead-in audience from Dancing with the Stars. Not good.

TV show supportOn top of that, Detroit 1-8-7 continued to lose viewers as the hour progressed. That’s a pretty good indicator that those viewers won’t be back next week.

Detroit 1-8-7 will likely lose viewers in week two, as most shows do. It won’t have to lose many to be in serious trouble.

But, what do you think? Is Detroit 1-8-7 worth watching? Will you make a point to tune in or should it be cancelled already?

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  1. Colleen says

    I have really enjoyed this show and look forward to it weekly. I like the cast and its gritty reality. the only other show in this lineup that I watch is Modern family. Would hate to see 187 cancelled. How about another time slot?

  2. d renaud says

    it grows on you .the writing is really good and i now look forward to every episode.any one who says it should be cancelled is not in touch with reality !! keep up the good work. for a while i had just about given up on watching t.v. but this show is reafferming my confidence as a viewer

  3. tom says

    I know it’s to late, but 187 is one of the best shows on TV. It has the problem of being in a terrible time slot against popular shows. DON’T cancel it just move it.
    The cast is great the story line is great and just as good if not better than other shows that have not been cancelled.

  4. Ronald Piper says

    Detroit 187 is possibly the best new show to come on TV in the last few years. The stories are believable and well acted. We are so tired of the stupid unreal shows like dancing with the stars. No one dances that way in real life. Keep the realistic shows like Detroit 187

    Ron & Barbara Piper

  5. john says

    This show continues to improve and should be allowed to stick around for awhile. It seems like it gets more exciting as the episodes go. ABC should allow the show to hit its stride, which is seems to be doing.

  6. Sam says

    Fitch is simply the coolest cop on TV – and nice way to show the good, bad & ugly of Detroit (we usually only get tthe bad & ugly)

  7. Marlena Subia says

    Please do not cancel this show! I beg of you! I am 16 years old, and just started watching this series. I fell instantly in love with the characters and the drama and the setting. It gives me a whole new view of Detroit. My grandmother was watching it when I happened to also watch, and I found myself watching the next episode and the next. All I could ask was, “When will Detroit be on again?” So please, don’t get rid of something I have only recently discovered!

  8. vince says

    i like the show,it was a littel so at first but seems to be getting somewhat better.I do hope they give it another try.

  9. says

    This is a wonderful show. My 17, 19, and my husband all watch this show. They haven’t agreed to watch a TV show together since Mr. Rodgers… We all get to sit down together; I love it. PLEASE DON’T CANCEL THIS SHOW. It’s one of the best series on TV right now.

  10. says

    Keep Detroit 187 ON. Finally ABC put on a show that my husband and I can sit and enjoy together. I do not watch the same programs as him, but then came Detroit 187. Ever Tuesday that is our date with sharing the same television. We are in our late 50’s and love to see Detroit in a way never seen in our eyes before, Getting cleaned up, not Talked down. Since we live in the downriver area we don’t get to Detroit unless its business, get in get out. But now seeing the things we are missing is showing us just what we are missing. Like a recent show with Cobo Hall in it, I then realized I miss Cobo Hall ECT.. ECT… Get the Meaning…Keep the SHOW

  11. Jo-Ann Mead says

    This is a great show, its the only show that my husband watches on TV. we always watch it together. Please don’t cancel it.

    • M. Cunningham says

      DETROIT 187 is a great show with superb acting, casting of characters, storylines, drama, humor and a hint of mystery and romance. Why does ABC constantly tease us with a great series such as this and then just as we get really into it, they cancel it!!?? Where the hell has this show gone to? It has completely vanished from the radar to be substituted with 20/20 or What Would You Do? Both very sublime shows and I am turning them off! What is the matter with the execs at ABC? Do you not care about QUALITY PROGRAMMING????? No….you ‘d rather air these ridiculous inane and crude shows that only cater to the viewers who have less than a grade school education. This crap insults those of us who have a sense of education and ethics. We are the ones who your sponsors want to target, the ones with “spendable income” for their products. Not the mental midgets that watch that other crap. BRING BACK DETROIT 187 or I for one, will be no longer be watching ANY ABC programming! My friends and family (a very big one) agree with me.

      • tom says

        Well said, tonights show was one of the best, as we get to know the characters, the show just keeps getting better. What can be done to save it?

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