Detroit 1-8-7: Will It Be Back or Just Cancelled?

Detroit 1-8-7On Tuesday, ABC pre-empted Detroit 1-8-7 with a special edition of 20/20 in which Diane Sawyer interviewed Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford’s husband about the Tucson shooting. Based on the preliminary ratings for the program, ABC made a good choice. It attracted a 1.3 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 6.18 million total viewers. While those aren’t great numbers, they’re a 30% improvement over last week’s episode of Detroit 1-8-7 (1.0 in the demo with 5.05 million).

Next week, the cop drama will be replaced by the annual State of the Union address. Right now, Detroit 1-8-7 is scheduled to return on February 1st but one has to wonder if that will actually happen. ABC has a track record of pre-empting low-rated shows with the intention of bringing them back but it just never happens.

TV show supportThe network has ordered 18 installments of Detroit 1-8-7 and 12 of those have aired so far. It would seem like a waste not to air the remaining six but the same could be said for the leftover seven episodes of The Whole Truth. If ABC can keep coming up with specials that will perform better, we may likely have seen the last of low-rated Detroit 1-8-7.

What do you think? Will Detroit 1-8-7 return to the regular schedule or lost in hiatus and cancelled?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Ghines says

    i did not watch the series on TV, but i watched it on netflix after the first episode i could not shut it off watched the whole series in three nights. excellent show bring it back for a second season.

  2. T Brown says

    I rented the series from the library. I hated that there were no more episodes. I enjoyed it and would look forward to seeing another season.

  3. Margery says

    I have picked up Detroit 187 from Netflix, and did not really even know about the show for some reason.
    I have mourned for Homicide-Life on the Street for years until I was given the entire set for a gift. No program has ever come close to that program in quality of acting, story lines, personal drama until I watched Detroit 187 hour after fascinated hour recently.

    Well, since I wasn’t an original follower I feel that whatever I say might be taken wrong, but it seems to me that there is more trash on TV than ever before while the things that are good and worth one’ time spent watching get short shrift just because of reasons I’m not sure are fair to those of us who truly do like quality. And another comment writer said that if this were on HBO it would be very well received. Probably because people who have HBO have taste in programming.

  4. Brian says

    I cant believe that the show was canceled after one show. I can honestly say the cast and the production wasnt the reason for the cancellation. I say that ABC is the reason for poor ratings. I would bet my last paycheck if HBO picked up the show It will be different result. Who can we contact so we can express how we love the show and that it should be picked for future seasons.

  5. Rea camp says

    BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!! As a Detroit naitive, all I can say is BOOOO ABC!!! I absolutely loved this show! It was awesome and most deffinately deserves a comeback! Imported From Detroit!!

  6. Maggie says

    PLEASE BRING IT BACK!! I just finished watching the season on Netflix and it was awesome! Bring it back or let it go to cable!!

    • Aud1 says

      I’m up to the last episode on Netflix & I’m quite distressed that this is it! LOVE this show — the actors & the characters they play so well as well as the storylines. Cannot believe it was canceled after one season. :(

  7. Carolyn Krohmer says

    I miss Detroit 1-8-7. I was waiting for season 2 to come, only to be extremely disapointed! This was one of the best cop shows, with the best actors and story lines that has been n TV for a long time. It kept our interest. It was one TV show that if we couldn’t be home, we had to record. Didn’t want to miss one episode! If ABC will not return the program to it’s audiences then another TV network needs to take it and give back to it’s audiences… maybe more carefully run with the right programs. I hope that it is not too late to bring it back. Cancelled? Ridiculous!

  8. Joseph Ermilio says

    ABC, Detroit 187 is an AWESOME show, I have been watching it on Netflix because it was cancelled on TV. I would love to see it back on the air. There are so many OTHER shows that are on the air now that are nowhere NEAR as good as Detroit 187. ABC please bring it backk!!!

  9. says

    I think Detroit 187 was a great show! My husband and I loved it. We are now watching it on Netflix. Bring it back ABC!!! I can think of a ton of shows that need to be cancelled but not this one.

  10. Vicky Brant says

    My husband and I really enjoyed this show. Seemed so real, good story line, interesting and had a great cast. Would love to see it back.

  11. TONY BROOKLYN says


  12. xxxxx says

    It was cancelled because it got too close to the truth the establishment does not want the public to know. It showed the present reality of what was once a huge and important American city. Why should industry and population just leave? It makes no sense unless one considers the possibility of an agenda by the power elite to degrade America. It is part of the UN Agenda 21 and the sustainable development agenda. Tearing down the city, rebuilding it to be “smarter” (more like a prison = smarter), and making it smaller and more centralized so the people can be ruled and controlled, and exterminated eventually. The show nearly came right out and admitted this.

    • Rosa Morgan says

      I think that Detroit 187 should have a season 2. out of all the other shows that I have seen like CSI, NCIS, etc… this show was more interesting and keep us the viewers intrigued with the store line that each episode provided to the viewer. With that if ABC do not want to keep the show on then i hope that another station will. I can’t wait for season 2 to start.

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