Detroit 1-8-7: ABC Cop Series Cancelled; No Season Two

Detroit 187 canceled season twoOn Detroit 1-8-7, a dedicated group of detectives fight hard to keep their city safe. Unfortunately, not enough people were interested in watching that battle. ABC has cancelled the TV series after just one season.

Detroit 1-8-7 follows a group of tough homicide detectives who work on the streets of one of the toughest cities of America. The TV series stars Michael Imperioli, Aisha Hinds, D.J. Cotrona, Erin Cummings, James McDaniel, Jon Michael Hill, Natalie Martinez, and Shaun Majumder.

Though many felt that the series was one of the strongest cop dramas to come to network TV in years, most of the general public wasn’t that interested. It stumbled right out of the gate when the premiere attracted just a 2.3 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 9.342 million total viewers.

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The numbers dropped from there, losing 9% of the demo in week two and then 19% in week three. The ratings kept dwindling down and fell as a low as a 1.0 rating and 5.05 million viewers. It was clear pretty early on that Detroit 1-8-7 was doomed.

TV show supportThe cop series became the third lowest-rated scripted series on the network. Only My Generation and The Whole Truth performed worse and they were both cancelled early into the season.

ABC has now made it official and cancelled Detroit 1-8-7 after a single season of 18 episodes. The series finale aired on March 20th.

What do you think? Are you sorry that there won’t be a second season of Detroit 1-8-7? Why do you think it didn’t catch on?

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  1. Anonymous says

    This was such a great show and it was so honest and well-written. I am so sad that the network made such a poor decision. I just learned that it was cancelled. My friends and I were waiting to hear when it would return. I think it was a thinking man’s show and perhaps that may be why it did not have high ratings. I wish that the producers would have been able to give it more hype and then the show might have made it. The acting was also great.

  2. Raymond says

    I have always wondered what criteria the networks use for deciding which series to keep and which to cancel. I think I have finally discovered the answer – if the show appeals to adults with an IQ over 90, cancel it! I am a retired police officer and greatly enjoyed Detroit 1-8-7. I will greatly miss this show.

  3. Tammy says

    WOW – What a disappointment!!!! A great, great show – a great, great cast – ABC could have tried a different time slot or something!! I am really, really sad about this!! I don’t sit in front of the TV much – now it will be close to never. Too Bad!!

  4. Carrie says

    What a disappointment! Detroit 1-8-7 was a really good show. Excellent acting, great cast. It was unique and interesting. I guess that’s too uncomfortable for the TV executives. With all the garbage reality television, it’s such a shame that good shows like this are tossed aside.

  5. erc jessie says

    i’m suprised that they cancelled Detroit 1-8-7. I loved Detroit 1-8-7 and My family loves

    it too.

  6. Jaysean says

    First Life on mars and Now this. ABC and these Tv people are not to smart. A show gets 2 million viewers and that is not enough. What do u what ratings from the 80’s. when there were about 7 channels. Don’t they know there are 200 channels now . Expect 2 mill to be great… but noooooo They don’t get it. It is sicking ….. Starz cancelled Camelot not enough viewers.. Well dummies u put it on a Friday in summer ..people are not home. I am almost done with T.V

  7. nimpa says

    one of the best tv shows i’ve seen so far, great actors! i’ve noticed that this network have canceled a lot of good shows… it’s so disappointing!

  8. George Klein says

    I can’t believe that the fools at ABC cancelled the best new show they had put on TV ibn years! Detroit 1-8-7 had an excellent ensemble cast with star power in Michael Imperioli. Insterad, you ABC programing idiots give us a bunch of drivel like Charlie’s Angels. Where did you get your degree? University of Failure? No wonder ABC is consistently last in ratings. And your so-called “reality” shows. Nobody in their right mind watches that crap! You continue to push me towards TNT and HBO, which give new concepts or new versions of classic shows a chance to develop their audience. You can’t give a quality program any time at all, particuloarly after giving it a killer spot on the schedule. Get real!!

  9. julie says

    Well, once again another GREAT TV show has been canceled while the networks (and I find them all at fault – years ago NBC for Boomtown) and now ABC for Detroit 187….and there are many others in between that are too countless to list here. I can only deduct from this that the cable networks are whipping your butts. As a prior poster said Southland on TNT is great, and it is – one of the ones I watch and was so looking forward to a return of Detroit 187. Every cast member was EXCELLENT. Now I am hooked on The Killing on AMC. Hopefully that will stay for a while. Damages was moved to DISH TV for Pete’s Sake!! Damages was GREAT! Loved it too, but that network let it go. Will have to wait for the DVD set to see how Glen Close continues to be evil. If the networks would just cancel EVERY reality show, they would have a lot more money to do all they really good shows, AND the TV viewers would once again get used to watching REAL TV, not REALITY TV… which I believe has really made people dumb. But then again…I am not in the demographic set they are trying to reach, I am over 40.

  10. says

    Once again another show I like gets cancelled while junk continues to get renewed. Guess Detroit continues to be a city nobody cares about. I get tired of shows taking place in the same city over and over, Detroit was something new. Have to disagree with Douglas Dostal, Southland is superior to Detroit though I like both. I was so happy when TNT snagged Southland.

  11. Tim says

    Nice job ABC. Just when the show gets going you pull the plug. 187 was a great show and I will miss it a great deal.
    And what do you give us instead? Mindless drivel…Body of proof?..PLEASE..Charlies freaking angels..are you serious?

    ABC….you did not give 187 a chance.
    What a bunch of stoops…

  12. Douglas Dostal says

    ABC had one decent show and they canceled it after not promoting it and messing with its schedule . Meanwhile TNT promotes and supports Southland a similar, though not quite as good, show. Do the execs at ABC wonder why there market shares are falling and the cable networks shares are rising?

  13. Edward says

    Well, great job ABC! Another excellent show cancelled by you idiots! Last year you cancelled Life on Mars and now this. It’s no wonder you are consistently last in ratings. Why don’t you just continue to put more crap reality shows on that no one cares about. Talk about brainless empty television. My family is done with ABC. Do yourselves a favor and get another program director or someone who can make better decisions about what to air. The current decision maker is doing an exceptionally lousy job and should be fired!

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